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  1. TYVM for the heads up. We were able to save another almost $900 and so were our friends. 🍹😁 OK I had to give up $100 TA OBC but the deal is still better cause that's not out of pocket.
  2. Did they ask what your bank account number and password was?
  3. Mechanics didn't need water to clean their hands. Those were in the days of the "shade tree" mechanics. For you Gen Xers, they were called that because they pulled the car under a tree to fix it so they would be out of the sun.
  4. Bo, I believe you are correct pre Covid and pre always included. However Celebrity has apparently changed how they now do business where two year olds are involved. Keysey222 said they want $3,500 to bring her 2 year old. That's how they're being anti children. It has nothing to do with the club.
  5. This is the Solstice aft. It could give you a good perspective of the balcony sizes. You can see the larger center cabin balcony on each deck. It appears the cabin to the port is a little smaller. Then the three on each side of those two appear a little smaller. By comparison, here is a shot of the Summit aft cabins. I'm sorry that I don't recall who posted these years ago or I would credit them.
  6. You mean they're not using punch cards any longer? When did they switch over to modern technology?
  7. It's not so much the marketing that should matter. Personally I'd like to see them attract younger, good looking women for my spousal unit to point out to my attention in case I missed them.. 😁 It's should be the cruise line's actions that determine whether you're getting what you expect for the money. I believe the Zenith level has been the most affected by the changes to the Captain's Club. I'm not there nor expect to ever reach it so I don't have a dog in that hunt. However I do understand how they must feel. It doesn't matter how much Celebrity markets that they
  8. Yup, nothing like over promising and under delivering.
  9. I've seen enough of his other posts to realize he hasn't been that loyal but probably more disappointed because he used to be. If you've sailed when Chandris owned X and the next five years before their agreement expired, you were valued more IMO. Lisa came to Celebrity in 2014 which is when I feel the valued shift started. I don't mind being loyal to a company that reciprocates that loyalty in return. However when they no longer reciprocate, they become a commodity to me based strictly upon price and value alone. At the current Celebrity prices, I'm not seeing them as
  10. Anyone else believe the response really meant "sorry but not sorry."?
  11. I suspect the up charge is already included in Regent's fare.
  12. There are 50 S2s and 37 S1s available today. There were much more available when I checked the price to L&S. I agree some is demand driven due to cancellations and fewer inventory from L&S. Suites aren't affected by AI since, as you pointed out, it already includes Premium Liquor, grats & WiFi with $300 OBC. Therefore I suspect it can't just be demand driven for such a huge increase 16 months out. I didn't compare the current rate. I suspect overall the rates are increasing more than for just the AI but Celebrity is also trying to eat up FCC and recover money they
  13. We booked the Edge in June of this year for a January 2021 S1. A few weeks later the fare reduced $700. We got the lower rate. Then we moved the reservation to a February 2021 sailing.. Same rate, cabin and perks. Last month we L&S, since it was obvious the cruise was not going to sail, to the APEX for February 2022 in same S1 cat with identical perks since it's a suite. They protected the same booked rate we booked in June. However the rate with lots of cabins available in the cat increased over double. I would have cancelled if I had to book at prevailing rates.
  14. What more do you feel needs to be added to the OP's original posting on the topic that hasn't already been covered?
  15. I nominate MarinerBoy as Cruise Critic's comedian of the year. I wonder if he practices in front of a mirror? He has added farcical humor to the threads
  16. But did YOU spend over 10,000 hours studying the subject like Boy did?
  17. Sounds like your data is PFA even though they're "outliners and blimps." For some in Vancouver, that's Plucked From Air
  18. Drinking in the US hits 30-year high! From an article earlier this year pre covid. "Drinking in America has been rising for the last 20 years and has reached a point where Americans are drinking more than they were when Prohibition was enacted, according to federal health statistics." https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/alcohol-consumption-increase-in-us
  19. What's in the pipe that he's smoking? (To borrow a line from Arlo Guthrie's "The Pause of Mr. Clause") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMvWqm1_DTw
  20. Bo, Believe it or not, I agree with you in principal. I always upgrade to premium...not feeling I have to get my money's worth but because the few liquor drinks I have, I want to be quality. It was convenient to grab a bottle of water or two on the way back to the cabin after Celebrity nixed the daily water in AQ class. I usually have three specialty coffees every morning since I drink that much at home regularly. So I understand about the convenience factor. However not everyone is in the same boat as us. The problem I have with the concept is rolling the cost into the fare a
  21. It's still the classic liquor package which had previously also included non alcoholic beverages: "Choose from an incredible array of beers, spirits, cocktails, liqueurs, frozen drinks, wines by the glass, sodas, juices, specialty coffees and bottled water." The 1/2L bottle of water priced at $5 I buy at Costco for 17 cents is also included in the "beverage package." The vitamin water is only included in the Premium "beverage package." The included specialty coffees, water and and soft drinks do make the package more attractive. However at $5 per coffee or water bottle, you have
  22. I was responding to a specific post about it being about time that Celebrity became "all inclusive" it wasn't referring to any cancelled cruises or lift and shift which maintained or transferred the perks in the original booking. I did a lift and shift from January 2021 to February 2022. I was able to keep everything intact. The only difference was one deck higher but if I had to pay the prevailing rate it would have been over twice what I paid less than six months earlier. As I previously posted, Celebrity probably began raising rates knowing they would be implementin
  23. They force you if you sail Celebrity.
  24. We currently have three trip insurance policies through Steve. All of them were transferred from cancelled or lifted & shifted cruises. We were even able to switch one of the policies from Alaska to Greece. Another policy was transferred from Celebrity to Azamara. One thing to consider by buying independent insurance now is the provision that they waive preexisting conditions if purchased within a certain number of days from your first deposit. We like Steve's service and knowledge. I'm confident he will guide you properly.
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