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  1. I've stayed on Deck 5 three times on Sunshine. My favorite location! You can get coffee and breakfast in the plaza right there (outside casino) as well...usually was open till around 10:30 AM
  2. Just leave the phone home....no temptation...LOL
  3. Drydock is Feb. 5-16, 2019 No idea how much $$$ they're putting into it or what's being done. I'll be on again in 4 weeks and will listen for gossip...LOL:D
  4. My sister sailed to Alaska in May a few years ago and used the balcony every day. Weather was perfect. I went in late September(last cruise of the season) and again, weather was perfect and I used the balcony every day. People were swimming and most were in shorts during the day. Alaska is one cruise that I would always get a balcony, no matter what time of year I went. The scenery is worth it.
  5. Nice review. I'm going back on the Pride in 4 weeks. I LOVE when everyone gets off the ship and it's almost empty! Hope your ankle is better,,,,:)
  6. I once pre booked a boat tour/beach excursion pre-cruise and it was quite pricey. The day of the excursion it was pouring rain and miserable and there's no way I wanted to go. Because the trip was going and wasn't cancelled I had to go or lose what I paid. Never pre-booked again...
  7. 4-5 ships a day is normal for St. Thomas. They sometimes have as many as 8. When I stay in St. John I never go to STT when I see 8 but 4-5 isn't bad at all...
  8. I guess it doesn't matter how you get it, it all goes back anyway...LOL I wonder if this is all ships in the fleet. A friend was just on an Elite cruise last week and got $900 in cash.
  9. You can also request a table for one if you like. When I sail solo that's what I do.:)
  10. I put my request in last night for the Pride on 9/16...and got confirmation this morning. That was the fastest ever!:)
  11. On the last 3 Premier cruises on Pride I got CASH $$$$$ in hand....this was Feb, Mar and Apr.
  12. Low life people on every line...don't really like that term....they're just "different" Carnival, RCL, NCL, Celebrity., MSC.(the lines I've sailed) Doesn't matter to me... I'm happy to cruise!
  13. All I can add in regards to Football is that I was on the Pride for Super Bowl in February and the ONLY place you could watch the game was on the big screen TV on Lido. That was it! No network channels at all..:(
  14. Have a great cruise! I have 35 more tomorrow's till I go again....LOL
  15. Same here... Sitting on a deck with chairs an inch apart isn't my idea of fun...:rolleyes:
  16. I'm flexible...depends who I'm sailing with. Have done early, late and ATD.:):):)
  17. Conversation starts with..."Guess what I'm doing next week?" LOL When my husband was alive, he didn't have a problem with me going solo. I traveled a lot before we met, We also went on different trips together but I liked cruising more than he did. :D:D The best part of going on a cruise solo is there's no one to worry about except YOU!
  18. Yes, my casino offers are from playing in the casino on the cruises I've been on. There's so many questions on how..."who gets what" but mine are usually rated as to how long I play, how many points, etc... You will hear different variations on how people get casino offers, Some never even go to the casino (my brother) and he gets offers all the time. (only cruised once) I've met people who got free cruises from their land based casinos as well ... For me, it works as a solo cruiser. since the casino offers are a fraction of what I'd pay if I booked as a "regular" customer.
  19. I'm going on Pride in September for the 4th time this year...They have all been different. In March the ship was late getting in and I never boarded till 7:30 that night. It was cold on the Feb. trip and in April it was 58 degreees in Bermuda. People I was with got sick too. Hoping September is smooth sailing...going solo for this one.! Give it another shot...LOL
  20. I've gotten inside and balcony ...casino offers. I had an inside booked on one trip and a day before we left, got a free upgrade to Premium Balcony. Booked a balcony deal for my my next cruise...don't think it will get better than that! When sailing solo, I'm just happy to have a place to stay...:)
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