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  1. Just looked and the Summit ends a voyage in Vancouver on Sept 13, 2024 and then departs from LA on Sept 19, 2024. There is nothing on the site that I see for Sept 13 - 19, which logically would be a West Coast leg. Maybe she's chartered out???
  2. For suites I'd agree that X tends to be more expensive than others. However, if you compare say balcony rooms these three lines are close. I looked at a balcony/veranda room on each of the above trips, 2 people, middle deck cabins, each one with "all-in" package (tips, drinks, wifi) and taxes and came up with total price for 2 passengers: Celebrity @ $4,076 Princess @ $4,078 HAL @ $4,838 So saying that Celebrity is being killed in prices as a "across the board" statement is not fair. Saying they are overpricing their suites is a fair statement, one I would agree with, & one that is frustrating me to no end and forcing me to look elsewhere.
  3. Thanks for the reply - I had been ignoring itineraries with the Nova due to her size but I’ll at least take a look at it going forward. Rgds
  4. Did it feel "large" or crowed with 700+ passengers? I loved the Dawn but was worried the Nova might feel too big.....
  5. Lack of water in the lakes due to extremely dry conditions. Just Google (or other) "Panama Canal Drought"
  6. Thanks - strange concept but thanks for the info
  7. Thanks - will look into it. I loved the Beyond in general, but will not go on E class again due to the IV...Again thank
  8. Terry - appreciate your reply to my question (X v HAL) on the X site. I enjoyed Beyond but no fan of the IV, so more of an S class person. Any suggestions for which HAL vessel(s) would be most similar? (Suite or balcony) TIA
  9. Sorry (never been on HAL but considering it) - presume HIA is some sort of "Holland All-in"? And do I take it from this that HAL limits all guest to 15 alcoholic drinks per day? (i guess incl beer, wine, champs etc?) TIA
  10. Was the corkage applied only if you wanted to take it to dinner, or applied even if you planned to enjoy the wine in your cabin?
  11. Are the balconies, rooms & bathrooms sizes fairly equal between HAL & X (same class)? TIA
  12. I’m on that one as well so I’ll be interested to see if anyone has been overnight in Cabo to see what they say. Rgds
  13. And a cell phone camera. Just take a pic - has worked for me several times.
  14. Well the M & S classes make up all but 3 ships (excluding Galapagos class) so you are saying 75% of their ships are full. Our last 2 voyages on the Beyond (Edge class) were both about 95% full.
  15. Are you doing the 6 nite or 8 nite (just curious). I'd be a bit surprised if they run all night just from a logistical pov at say 2am. It's possible, but I'd bet they will run until say 11-12pm, then start up again in the morning. Just one persons thoughts...........
  16. All have the same basic entrees (Celebrity Signature Selections) then each has their own "regional" dishes. Cyprus a touch of Greek, Tuscan Italy, etc. BTW, Le Voyage is fantastic and IMHO worth it.
  17. Like others, doubt this would be allowed unless a cruise starts/ends in Aruba. Sounds like you want a ferry, not a cruise....
  18. Never heard of this. We have had to miss a Anytime dining on occasion & have never been charged. Would be very surprised if they tried to bill anyone for a MDR no-show.
  19. None of which I want to be on a ship I'm on. 🤣
  20. Prefer Blu - better food and service in mho. But both better than MDR!
  21. Maybe this will help with the visual. I am leaning out the window of my IV on the Beyond, taking a picture of the other IV's on the same deck, including the one right next door. No balcony......
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