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  1. My college roommate is proposing that we and our husbands cruise on American Cruise Lines to Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. We are in our late 60's and early 70's but are very active. I've watched a few videos on YouTube and it seems that the cruise and the included excursions cater to the sedate, with bus tours to historic sites with minimal walking. Is this so, or is it just the few videos I've seen? I'm not a sitter, I stand most of the time and walk miles each day. Would we be antsy? Also, how do they handle special dietary needs? My friend is gluten-free and has a number of other restrictions. Would they be able to accommodate her? Thank you, Jackie
  2. We did the Hiking the Cascades Trail in October 2022. Same experience, except the bus driver did know the way. The "guide" pointed to the trail and told us to come back at a certain time. There were multiple paths so some people got lost and everyone was not back at the appointed time so the guide went off to find them. Many of us complained about the tour when we returned to the ship and we did receive a partial refund. I'm surprised they are still using that tour company and not providing a guided tour. Jackie
  3. We were on the Quest October 2022 Montreal to New York and once E&O started dinner service (closed the first couple of days due to covid staff shortages) we ate there every night. Yes, it was cold, but the food is so phenomenal that we just bundled up more. It was our favorite dining venue on the Quest. It's a limited menu but every entrée was superb. Jackie
  4. You can get a TK specialty drink (love the Old Cuban) on the Quest and take it elsewhere. I did that several times and the bar tender was very accommodating. I don't remember chairs at the bar, rather a couple at the entrance for those waiting to be seated to dine. Jackie
  5. I can't answer about accessibility of moving around by scooter, but will comment on the doors leading in and out of the pool area and other decks to the outside. They are very heavy. I broke my elbow onshore while on a cruise on the Quest and the ship's doctor (he was a sweetie but has since retired) put a temporary cast on it. I had a great deal of difficulty opening the doors with just one arm and would have to wait for someone to walk by to open the doors for me. Jackie
  6. Last year I sent my request to: GuestServices@seabourn.com It took about a week to get a response back with acknowledgment of the onboard credit being applied. Sent April 21st, 2022, received response May 1. Jackie
  7. There is rarely a time in The Restaurant (main dining location) at dinner when they have no tables available. Earth & Ocean, the outdoor venue, has very limited seating but the food is divine. It good weather you may not be able to get a table. If you brave it in the cold, you should score a table, as we did most nights on our Canada/New England cruise. We just bundled up. If you will be on one of the ships with Sushi, the Japanese restaurant, you may not be able to get a table for dinner as it too is very small. There are plenty of delicious options so you shouldn't be disappointed in any venue. Jackie
  8. So, I'm at home taking a walk in my California neighborhood this morning and I get a notification on my phone from the Seabourn Source app reminding me of Team Trivia at 4 p.m. in The Club. When I open The Source of course it says you must be on a ship to access it. I added the event way back in October during our cruise on the Quest. So, wrong date, wrong place and what the heck, why is it notifying me? Got a good chuckle out of it. I believe I did attend that trivia, it was a music trivia game and we did poorly. Jackie
  9. To be honest none of the entrees in The Restaurant (if locale not mentioned in the descriptions the items were from The Restaurant) were memorable and I don't remember who had the monkfish but every single item at Earth & Ocean was outstanding. E&O has a very limited menu, only three entrees per night, but no matter what we ordered we were amazed by the flavors. We hadn't planned on ordering the eryngii mushrooms as we had ordered the other two entrees but the waiter said he'd bring over a serving anyway. It was our favorite that evening. We are so glad we tried E&O, braving the frigid weather, as it never disappointed us. We just wish it hadn't been closed the first few days due to covid amongst the galley staff. We are also kicking ourselves for not having tried it on our prior Seabourn cruise. Jackie
  10. I've just uploaded pictures of many of the dishes we enjoyed on the Seabourn Quest sailing, Oct. 4-16, 2022 https://photos.app.goo.gl/gEHXtf7cnzeoQyBL9 If descriptions on the entrees don't appear, click on the circled i at the top. Best viewed on a computer, not a phone. Don't view while hungry. Our best meals were at Earth & Ocean. enjoy! Jackie
  11. If you can't find an opportunity to use your OBC, you can donate it to the crew welfare fund so that at least it won't revert back to corporate. Jackie
  12. Christmas eve treats awaited us in our cabin after turn-down. Seabourn Encore December 2019 Jackie
  13. I can't respond to the dates but can confirm that the penalty date is before final payment, I think it was 30 days before final payment. I had to cancel a Seabourn cruise because I had broken my elbow while on an earlier Seabourn cruise and will not be fully recovered. They would not waive the 12% penalty. Big chunk of change as it was for a 25 night Antarctica cruise. I could have avoided the penalty by booking another cruise for as much or higher amount. I was not willing to do that. Jackie
  14. Thank you, that looks like it will be good for insurance purposes. Jackie
  15. I need a final statement from my recent cruise in order to request reimbursement for medical expenses incurred on board. I called a general number at Seabourn and the agent, after putting me on hold while she checked, said I'd have to make the request via email. I did so and so far have not received any acknowledgement that they received my request, let alone are working on it. Does any one have a phone number at Seabourn for statements. Thanks, Jackie
  16. I had that same problem. The excursions I pre-booked showed the full price so I called the excursion desk and they canceled them and rebooked them for me at the discounted rate. The agent admitted that they were having issues. Days later when I went to pre-book more I had the same problem. I checked my preferences and nothing had been selected for silver benefits, so I re-selected and tried again and got the discounted price. The selection didn't seem to stick for me from one log-in to the next. If you are in the US, give Seabourn excursions a call at 1 (800) 984-3225 Jackie
  17. We received TK dark chocolates every night on the Oct 4-16 cruise. Jackie
  18. The Oct 4-16th cruise had two speakers who gave talks about various aspects of Canadian history and culture. I attended a few and they were very interesting. Jackie
  19. Bring your own artificial sweetner. Most of the dispensers just say "Sweetener" and it's impossible to get any out unless you remove the lid. Jackie
  20. I noticed that our next door neighbor had an invitation to a hosted dinner hosted by one of the speakers last night on the Quest. I don't know if they went. If I see the speaker I'll ask him about it as we discovered on the first day that we live in the same small city.
  21. The orthopedist in Bar Harbor said that I could wait for elbow surgery until I get home so we're back on board. Tomorrow is Boston and weather permitting I'll be shopping for tops that will fit over the cast. The doctor on board has been very conscientious and a nice guy. This morning we had US Customs and Border Control in our stateroom so we could be on the first tender. Everyone else had to wait in lines. Customer service provided a bag so that I could cover my arm to shower. I'm looking forward to Earth and Ocean for dinner tonight if I can tolerate the cold as I can't wear my jacket on my left side. Heading now to afternoon tea and enjoying sailing on the Quest.
  22. My trip is probably over. I tripped and fell in Halifax and broke my elbow. The ship's doctor advised getting off at the next stop, Bar Harbor, and be evaluated at a hospital for probable surgery. He did an x-ray and put on a temporary cast. So, later I'll be able to report on how Seabourn handles this. I tripped on shore and for legal reasons they couldn't help me and an ambulance never showed after the police called repeatedly. My husband managed to convince the ship's doctor to give him a splint to stabilize my arm and taxi back to the ship. They did hold the departure for us, last ones on board but they were able to sail on time.
  23. We leave Canada today and arrive tomorrow in Bar Harbor. Overall the cruise so far has been very good. Other than the one dinner early on at The Restaurant, service at all the venues we've been to has been great. The barrista in Seabourn Square starts my almond milk latte as soon as she sees me. One of the galley staff in the Colonnade started chatting with me yesterday about Alaska (I was wearing a cap from Alaska) He just transferred from the Sojourn to help out on the Quest. I think he said he volunteered to go, though he loved the Alaska itinerary and hopes to return to the Sojourn. I walk up and down the hallways when it's too cold outside to walk on the upper deck. I've only noticed two stools outside cabins. One appeared on day two of the cruise so must have been infected before boarding. The other appeared a few days later. No complaints from me about the Quest. The only disappointing meal was at the TK Grill, but I'm not a fan. We had dinner there last night because our traveling companions had never been before. However, they do have good drinks. I love the Pisco Sour followed by The Old Cuban. Tip for those on the smaller ships that want a TK Grill drink but don't have dinner reservations, just ask them for a drink and they'll happily make it for you to take away. They even encouraged me to watch while they make them. The recipes are quite involved. Jackie
  24. It's pretty chilly. They have heat lamps in the covered area but we needed our coats too. Fingerless gloves would have helped. It was very windy last night which did make it feel cooler. I don't like to be cold but will gladly suffer again for dinner there.
  25. We had dinner last night at Earth and Ocean and loved it. That venue is more our vibe. I'm glad it's finally open on the Quest and I'm kicking myself for not having tried it on our previous Seabourn cruise. Access to these message boards isn't blocked, it was a phone issue on my end maybe. Seabourn Source or something seems to kick me out and I have to log in again and choose the included Internet package again. My husband's phone, Galaxy S9, doesn't have this issue but my Galaxy S22 does. Now I know to check my connection whenever the Internet bugs out on me. Jackie
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