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  1. We cancelled a November cruise out of Southampton to Florida due to having mixed vaccine and changing protocols. If you have a mixed vaccine you might be permitted to go straight to the ship. Otherwise you will have to quarantine in a hotel until the ship leaves plus pay for covid tests on the 2nd and 8th days, even if you leave the country and don't use them. Too many hoops to jump through. I would consider cancelling under the Princess Cruise with Confidence.
  2. Last week I sent an email to Jan Swartz stating that HAL accepts mixed vaccination for cruises outside the US and that the same should apply to Princess out of Southampton. Sounds like someone is listening. Just yesterday I cancelled a transatlantic cruise on the Sky for November departing out of the UK because Princess would not accept AZ/Moderna as fully vaccinated. When the reason for cancelling was given the Princess rep did not mention a change in policy. Since the cruise ends in Florida the CDC requirements may still apply. Today the USVI announced that all cruise passengers over the age of 12 must be fully vaccinated. Since the cruise stops there I would assume the CDC requirements would apply. I cancelled because there were too many other protocol issues that would have to change before the cruise.
  3. Our daily time on YouTube. Don a Travel agent said that Cruise Lines changed the rules on vaccination after Canada administered mixed Vaccines and extended the time between shots. Due to this he said we should get all money paid returned. I imagine FCC would transfer to next cruise or account to use by Dec. 2022. England has a 24 hours to get from the airport to the cruise. We are booked to fly in two days early and that makes us have to Quarantine for a period. We got a Promotion on the air and cannot change air date or time. To do that we lose our Promotion and it was very good. We checked out the price of the flight and it is a lot of money to lose.
  4. RCI has added their new wrinkle to the mix. Your two mRNA vaccines must be taken between 28 and 42 days!!! If your second Pfizer or Moderna was more than 6 weeks after the first, then you are now considered unvaccinated by RCI.
  5. Here is the text from the Princess web site FAQ on proof of vaccination. You must show information for each dose which includes type of vaccine. The following formats are acceptable proofs of full vaccination: COVID-19 vaccination card (original card only; no photocopies accepted), digital COVID-19 certificate (QR code acceptable); or record of COVID-19 vaccination from a healthcare provider including original digital email notification, personal electronic health record, or government Immunization information system (IIS) record. The following identifiers for the proof of full vaccination should include your first and last name, a patient identifier such as date of birth, medical record ID, or government ID, type of vaccine (manufacturer), date of all doses administered, lot number, if available, and healthcare professional or clinic site name. The proof of full vaccination must show that your final dose of vaccine was received at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the beginning of the cruise. Alternative proof may be required if there are questions and concerns about the proof of vaccination you produce. During check-in at the terminal, you will be required to show full proof of vaccination. If you are unable to produce the described proof of vaccination, you will be denied boarding without refund, credit or compensation of any kind.
  6. I sent an e-mail to my MP, Christine Elliott and Premier Ford this morning. Maybe if enough people make their wishes known, we can get a third shot. Here is the content: I followed the advice of the provincial covid task force and took the first vaccine available to me. That turned out to be AstraZenica in April and then Moderna in June. On July 16 Carnival Corp announced that those with mixed vaccination would be considered as unvaccinated and would be denied boarding. I appreciate the province requesting the federal government to approach WHO to get mixed vaccinations accepted as fully vaccinated internationally. However, I recognize the WHO moves slowly and the issue would not be resolved prior to my planned cruise. Cruise Lines refer to CDC rules and I cannot rely on those rules to change in the near term. The Quebec government is permitting those with mixed vaccination to get a third dose of an mRNA vaccine in order to travel internationally. I request the Ontario government to follow the lead of Quebec in allowing those with confirmed 2021 international travel plans to get an additional shot of mRNA vaccine. Like Quebec, this third dose would be provided at the risk of the recipient (as there are no scientific studies). I will take an additional shot if it means that I can complete my vacation plans. At the present time Canada has received 68 million doses of vaccine, more than two doses for every eligible Canadian. With an excess of vaccine and as mass vaccination clinics are being wound down, getting an additional dose would not delay others from being vaccinated. I request your advocacy on behalf of those who followed the government recommendations and are now being discriminated for doing so.
  7. This morning I received a phone call from Julie in response to my email to Jan Swartz. This confirms that all e-mails sent to jswartz@princesscruises.com are read. We talked for ~40 minutes on the mixed vaccination topic and other related issues. Here are some things I learned. Princess is following CDC rules on vaccination. This also applies to cruises out of Southampton. Carnival Corp Executive Management has decided to require vaccinations through the end of 2021 (past the conditional sail order). That is not to say that the mixed vaccination rule could change. Everything is in flux. Check the web site daily. Her first suggestion was that I get a third vaccine. When I told her that the Ontario Provincial health department (Hamilton) notified us that booster shots are not permitted she investigated whether I would get a medical exemption. Unfortunately for me our cruise is at capacity for medical exemptions. If you cancel before final payment due to having mixed vaccines Princess will waive all cancellation fees. I did mention that RCI is accepting mixed vaccinations for European cruises and the medical studies from UK and Europe that show better antibody response from AZ/mRNA mix than two AZ. If Ontario won't offer a third shot, I wonder if I could drive to Quebec to receive one. I have also sent emails to my MP, Christine Elliott and Chrystia Freeland regarding this matter. I have not received a response from any of them.
  8. Daniel A: There is nothing in the article about the CDC defining of Fully Vaccinated. I have also sent emails to politicians. Hopefully Chrystia Freeland can take up the issue with her US counterpart.
  9. Everyone who is affected by this policy should make their opinions known to Princess Cruises and Jan Swartz. If they get enough feedback they will change their policy. I sent the following to their email: customerrelations@princesscruises.com jswartz@hollandamericagroup.com Good day. Princess policy to consider those with mixed vaccinations (AstraZenica plus mRNA vaccine) as unvaccinated is discriminatory and unscientific to the hundreds of thousands of Canadians and millions of Europeans who have followed their federal and provincial Ministry of Health advisories on vaccination. In Canada mixing of vaccines has been approved by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) based on science and the availability of vaccines due to supplier delivery issues. I want Princess to amend their vaccination policy to consider those with any two WHO approved vaccinations as fully vaccinated. · Canadians who first received AstraZenica were recommended to take either Pfizer or Moderna as their second dose due to the risk of VITT associated with AstraZenica. · Medical studies from Europe have demonstrated that the immune response from taking Pfizer or Moderna after AstraZenica is greater than two doses of AstraZenica. The immune response is similar to taking two doses of mRNA vaccine. · Those with mixed vaccinations are considered to be fully vaccinated in Canada. This includes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau! · Canadians are not permitted to receive a third dose of vaccine to meet your policy. It would be unethical to take a third dose when excess doses in Canada are being donated to COVAX. In conclusion, those with mixed vaccinations are at no greater risk of contracting or communicating Covid-19 than those with two similar doses. What is the medical evidence supporting the current policy? There are business reasons to review this policy. · Over 1.4 million Canadians have mixed vaccinations with half being AstraZenica and mRNA. · Those affected are over 40 years of age as AstraZenica was not given to those younger. This is the age prime demographic for Princess Cruise passengers. · Germany and other EU countries have similarly provided mixed vaccinations to their population · There are thousands of loyal Princess cruisers wanting to get back to cruising who are being denied by this policy.. Without a change in this policy I will be forced to cancel two upcoming cruises (22 days). Looking forward to your response and being able to cruise again. Regards
  10. Canada just announced the border reopening protocols with the United States. As of August 9 fully vaccinated Americans can enter Canada for non-essential travel without quarantine. They just need a negative PCR test plus proof of vaccination. Waiting to see what rules the US will set for Canadians. If they accept our mixing of vaccines to cross the border then so should the cruise lines.
  11. Has anyone else had problems with the app on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A? The app worked in Feb 2020 but how freezes at the log in screen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of the app with no better results.
  12. Great thread. We also miss the barrel chairs. Last cruise brought in a chair from the balcony. Now we look at a balcony deluxe (obstructed or regular) on Royal class ships just to get a couch and keep the wife happy. Here in Canada I am still noting items not in for a few weeks at a time. Our supply chain is not broken but suffering. Today I walked around with sticker shock at the prices of food going up.
  13. We agree on the Best Ever cost analysis In January we surfed the cost for 2021 fall transatlantics. We were surprised to find the 15-day Sky Princess tropical passage cruise priced the same for Best Price and Best Sale Ever. Don't know if it was a glitch or a local promotion but no one else managed to see the same pricing. We had our travel agent book it for us even though we get the elite perks. With the perks for free plus $100 OBC each we decided to book a mini-suite for the first time. Yes the perks were included for free!!! On top of that the price dropped twice through the week lowering the cost by C$600 each. We booked our flight and found an additional promotion that reduced the air fare by $400 each so we booked premium economy to UK. The web site has since been corrected. This is all too good to be true. We are praying that everyone gets vaccinated and the cruise proceeds as scheduled.
  14. Location upgrade means that all cabins within a category (with minor exceptions) are priced the same as the lowest cabin in that category. Example: All cabins BB to BF are price as a BF. MB to MF are prices as MF. You can best see the pricing on the Princess web site when getting a cruise quote. If you like your cabin you might qualify for a lower price.
  15. Princess web site appears to be specific to your geographic location. There are often promotions for specific states or provinces. We booked the Sky Princess Tropical Passage for November 2021. For whatever reason the Best Ever Package is priced the same as the Best Price (no perks) price. As well, there was a promotion to credit $400US per person on air fare. We booked a mini-suite. No one else we know has been able to get the same promotion.
  16. Here is a screen shot of the Sky Princess, 15 day Tropical Passage cruise on November 5, 2021. While this is in Canadian dollars, it clearly shows there is no difference between the Best Price and the Best Value. This was only available if you logged in to your account on Princess. FYI we are elite. We thought that it was a mistake when we found it. Our travel agent was able to book it and we have all of the perks. We were even able to take advantage of a special air promotion that reduced the cost of air by $400 US each allowing us to upgrade to premium economy to the UK.
  17. We booked the BSE for the November 2021 Sky Tropical Passage from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale, 15 days. When you sign in as a past passenger the BSE package is included at no additional cost. Best price and Best Sale Ever price are the same!!! In addition Princess Air is discounted by $400US each!!! I'm guessing that there has been little uptake on this cruise. We took advantage and booked a mini-suite. We upgraded our flight to premium economy to UK. Now we just have to wait for vaccination and hope that the UK relaxes the 14 day quarantine rule. If you book an inside cabin the cost of the cruise portion (cabin and food) is almost free.
  18. The Princess and Carnival ships at anchor in the Bahamas are taking turns going to Princess Cays one day a week and allowing the crew use the facilities. Found this site informative.
  19. We are booked for the 25 day Mediterranean and Transatlantic grand adventure cruise in October. That gives us a few extra months to see how the current pandemic situation evolves. Our final payment date isn't until the end of June.
  20. The down side of the library book exchange. I saw a woman on the last day with an armload of books she was taking home. Normally people leave them for future passengers to read. Kindle and Kobo are replacing need to pack a month worth of books. I still like the books but cloths take priority over books.
  21. Hello, all! The previous topic for keeping up with who is serving as Cruise Director and Entertainment Director on Princess ships was 8 years old and confusing to new users. With this new year a fresh start is in order. 🙂 The purpose of this topic is to update the list of who is serving on which ship as Cruise Director and Entertainment Director. If you have comments about individual cruise line employees, good or bad, please let Princess know directly, as that is not the purpose of this topic. Posted below is the last list of Cruise Directors and Entertainment Directors from the previous topic. Instructions on how to post updates to it are included in the post: PRINCESS CRUISES CRUISE DIRECTOR & ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR LIST: as of 1/18/2020 Dates include specific sailing dates or end dates unless not specifically deduced. CHANGES SUMMARY: - Caribbean (updated CD DuVaul Gamble's contract length) - Coral (updated ED) - Crown (ED Lisa Ann Richard replaced Duke Christopher prior to Christmas) - Diamond (ED Michael Kujawski left for the Ruby prior to Christmas) - Emerald (CD Aaron Hawkins replaces Kaylee Lloyd; ED Lisa Ball replaces Callie Smit) - Golden (CD Victor Stevenson replaces Corey Moir) - Grand (updated ED) - Island (CD Matt O'Brien takes over for the 58-day South America trip) - Majestic (updated CD Andrew Kadillac's contract length and tentative successor; ED slot filled in) - Ruby (CD/ED change) - Sea (Acting CD Andi Sanders will replace Peter-John de Kock; added Gary's note) - Sky (CD Corey Moir replaces Alexander Yepremian during his vacation) - Star (CD Micca Reitano returned home in December; ED Neil Rose replaces Matt Thompson) SHIP CRUISE DIRECTOR ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR Caribbean Princess DuVaul Gamble (leaves 2/2/2020; returns in late-3/2020) Bernie Fuentes (as of 1/3/2020 sailing) Coral Princess Fernando Cunha (as of 1/5/2020 sailing) Mark Young (as of 1/5/2020 sailing) Crown Princess John Loney (as of 1/6/2020 sailing) Lisa Ann Richard (as of 12/17/2020 sailing) Diamond Princess Natalie Costa (as of 1/6/2020 sailing) Emerald Princess Aaron Hawkins (as of 1/2/2020 sailing) Lisa Ball (as of 1/17/2020 sailing) Enchanted Princess Golden Princess Victor Stevenson (began 1/10/2020) Matt Barnard (as of 12/20/2019 sailing) Grand Princess Steve Campbell (until 2/2020) Kevin Tugwell (tentatively returns in 2/2020) Matt O'Brien (tentatively 4/2020-7/2020) Lee C h i l d e r s (as of 12/18/2019 sailing) Island Princess Matt O'Brien (from 1/9/2020 to 3/7/2020) Susan Hastings (as of 12/30/19 sailing) Majestic Princess Andrew Kadillac (leaves in 3/2020 before Singapore dry dock) Benny Yau (tentatively scheduled to take over for Asian summer season) Tim Donovan (as of 1/8/2020 sailing) Pacific Princess Peter Tredgett (as of 12/5/2019 sailing) Regal Princess Daniel Falconer (as of 12/1/2019 sailing) Martyn Moss (as of 12/1/2019 sailing) Royal Princess Marcus Prince Juanta (until spring 2020) Ron Goodman (as of 1/11/2020 sailing) Ruby Princess Kevin Tugwell (as of 12/30/2019 sailing) Michael Kujawski (as of 12/13/2019 sailing) Sapphire Princess Matthew Baker (as of 11/26/2019 sailing) Kelvin Joy (as of 11/26/2019 sailing) Sea Princess Peter-John de Kock (until 1/2020) Andi Sanders (begins in 1/2020) Gary Golding (will be on for the 5/8/2020 World Cruise) Sky Princess Alexander Yepremian (leaves 2/1/2020; returns in late-March/early-April [will take Sky to Copenhagen]) Corey Moir (from 2/1/2020 until late-March/early-April 2020) Adam Love (as of 12/28/2019 sailing) Star Princess Neil Rose (as of 12/19/2019 sailing) Sun Princess Jody Miles (until 1/2020) Warren Smith (as of 11/13/2019 sailing) TO UPDATE THIS LIST: DO NOT push the "Quote" button. It creates a copy that the next person cannot properly update. DO select and copy ALL of the text, including the above headings AND these instructions, from the most up-to-date list (the most recent reply with the list).  Go to the bottom of the latest post, to the "Post a Reply" box. Paste your copied text into that box. Make your modifications to the list. Click the "Submit Reply" button just below the list you are modifying. Confirm that everything is correct! You can edit for up to 20 minutes.
  22. Princess disembarkation tours (not transfers) are given priority as they have to get you to the airport by a specific time.
  23. Has anyone experienced delayed disembarkation in San Pedro recently? It seems like delayed disembarkation is a permanent change for Emerald Princess in the LA, San Pedro Terminal. I see Princess Posting and believe it, but, I always want to know the situation. I know that there are limited immigration officer stations. Are there fewer officers available? Have some been transferred to the Mexico border? We have a 1:30 flight booked through EZ Air and Princess shuttle so they will get us rebooked. For those with early flights, hope the disembarkation goes smoothly.
  24. People on the Feb 1 and Feb 29 cruises on the Emerald Princess are receiving notifications of delayed boarding due to additional Immigration formalities (see below). This is both ends of the 28 day Hawaii Samoa and Tahiti cruise. Does anyone have any explanation? Last time into LA it was after a South American cruise and getting through CBP was a nightmare with too few officers for all the passengers. Many missed their flights.   IMPORTANT NOTICES Please be advised that check-in for your upcoming Emerald Princess cruise will now begin at 1:30 PM. Please do not arrive at the terminal prior to 1:30 PM as additional immigration formalities will be taking place upon the ship's arrival. Embarkation cannot begin until these formalities are complete.
  25. Read the FAQ. Canadians can only use the gift cards to pay for a cruise that is sold in US dollars. If you book a cruise in Cdn dollars you can only use the gift cards for onboard spending. The bonus gift card expires Jan 31 so hope you have a cruise booked by then.
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