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  1. El Capitan - I can "second" and confirm the information that "Johnthesailor" provided. There are cigars available on board in the Connoisseur lounge. At least there where that last time I was in there a couple of years ago. But I would not rely upon the cigars provided by Regent. If you have favorite "sticks" that you normally purchase at home, I would strongly suggest bringing them with you. Good/high-end cigars (like single-malt scotch) tend to be a very individualized and personal choice. The Voyager only had a limited variety/number and I also wouldn't guarantee how fresh they were or whether they were kept under optimum temp and humidity controls. There will not be that many cigar aficionados on a continuing basis among the passengers, so the inventory turnover and freshness cannot be relied upon. So if you have "favorites", bring them with you. There is absolutely no problem in bringing your own and taking them down to the Connoisseur Club to smoke. You might want to bring your own cutter, as well. One of the advantages to the Club is that you won't have to put up with any of the snide comments or evil looks (out on the pool deck) that you might randomly encounter (which I have) from the "anti-smoking crowd"... of which there are many. For some reason, chain smoking cigarettes and enjoying a good occasional cigar - which are 2 completely different experiecnes, often get lumped into the same "bucket". The Club offers a nice, pleasant venue to enjoy a good "stick", along with a favorite drink, with fellow cigar enthusiasts in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. I've spent many enjoyable hours in the CC and have enjoyed many good conversations with fellow like-minded cruisers. It is a shame that the CC was done away with on my favorite ship - Navigator. Best Regards.
  2. Mr. Stanley - At first, you gave me a real chuckle with your title. I was trying to envision what an "overland trip to Bejing on the Mariner" would entail?! Obviously many, many sets of axles with huge tires, and an enormous amount of horsepower pushing (or pulling) the whole thing. Best Regards.
  3. "......I hate travel agents. Can't rely on them. Bottom line is, you have to do your own research....." Perhaps just a little bit of a "generalization"? I don't think I would compare a "discount mass-market cruise booking service", like BJ's or Costco, to many of the very fine, experienced, knowledgeable, and personalized travel agencies and agents out there. Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for.
  4. Maybe if the "Odds" where set a bit more favorably towards the guests ("looser machines", etc.), there would be more patronage, excitement, and activity in the casino. Just a thought. I like playing the slots from time to time, and do it fairly often out here in AZ and "next door" in NV for a little fun, but if there's virtually no chance of a payout on a cruise ship machine......why bother? It isn't like they're actually going to be "losing money" on their paying passengers, right?
  5. Dolebludger - Thanks so much for taking the time to post on this subject. It's nice to know that there is something "in between" Regent and......Carnival or Royal Caribbean.
  6. But on the "other hand".....I think I'd like to be on the "World's smallest cruise ship"! :D
  7. Gilly - Absolutely right in all respects! In my 50-60's, I thought nothing of getting on an overseas flight and "hopping over" from Virginia or Phoenix to London or Rome without giving it a second thought...in fact, I even looked forward to it. Now, in my 70's (barely - but still now there..."Yuk"), that "Hop" is now more of a drudgery...even in Business Class. I honestly don't know how many more Atlantic/Pacific flights I have "left" in me. The bright spot is knowing that once you finally get on board Regent, the "stress" is over! You can just relax, have a nice drink and perhaps a good conversation with some interesting people by the pool or in a lounge, without feeling rushed in the least. Some days, even skipping the excursions altogether, is a nice change. Regards.
  8. You're going to absolutely love it! We've done that cruise (Rome to Venice - included Monte Carlo) and it was wonderful. The Voyager is also an absolutely great ship to be on. If you have the time/money, think about spending a couple of extra days in Venice on your own at the end of the cruise. It doesn't have to be arranged through Regent. Just "air deviate" (if you're using Regent air) and you can leave a few days later. Do some research to find a wonderful little hotel "tucked away" on a side street in a quiet location away from all the crowds you'll encounter down around the immediate area of St. Mark's square. Yes, it will still be expensive (compared to other cities in Italy), but there's just no place like Venice and you don't have to go with one of the "big name" hotels in Venice to enjoy yourselves. There are lots of smaller boutique hotels with their own private little courtyards where you and your husband can enjoy a bottle of wine and some delicious appetizers in the evening. Everywhere in Venice is within easy walking distance of anywhere else in Venice. It's actually fun to "get lost" in Venice. Walking through the markets, the back streets, visiting some of the churches, and walking along the many canals is a wonderful experience if you haven't been there before. We've been there 4 times and never get tired of it. There are a lot of posters on this site who have been there many times and can recommend very nice little places to stay. You may never have the opportunity to go there again (you know it's sinking - right?) so my advice would be to spend a few days there after the cruise and "absorb it". Regards.
  9. About 85! No, just kidding, but there will definitely be some 80 year old's on the cruise. Along with some 60-somethings, and maybe a couple 40-50 something's spread about (to run for the defibrillators)! My DW and I are early-70 something's. We started cruising Regent when we were early/mid 60's. So we're about "in the middle" of the demographic. But you will find that many/most of the cruisers are "world travelers". They've been cruising for a long time, and many of us are still pretty fit, good conversationalists, and don't discriminate against "younger folks" - Gen X'ers and younger "Boomers" . ;)You'll find quite a few "seniors" on the cruise working out up in the gym and able to easily "keep up" with folks 10-15 years younger than themselves. If you're looking for a "wild nightlife" on the ship.....that's not going to happen. The ship turns pretty quiet after 10pm (after the evening show). But you will be able to get a drink in the lounges and might even find some nice combo bands playing some pretty good dance music. Although some other poster will tell you that the music is too much in the 50's - 80's era. For me, I enjoy it all. Others will certainly weigh-in on this subject of age. By in large, you'll find a very welcoming composition of cruisers on Regent, no matter what age they are. Just walk up and strike up a conversation and you'll probably find some pretty interesting people who've done a lot of interesting things in their lives. Best Regards.
  10. Websites - "You can't live with them - you can't live without them".
  11. Lovescats5 - Are you saying you want/need a stateroom balcony that is 100+ feet long? Or an individual stateroom balcony that is 100+ square feet in area (something that's 10' wide X 10' long - or maybe 8' wide by 12' long)? Please clarify your requirements. And if you have found such a balcony that meets those/your requirements in the past, which ship was it on and what type of stateroom was attached to it? Thanks
  12. Who is it, exactly, that rates or "officially determines" that one cruise line is "luxury" and another cruise line is (only) "premium-plus"? Cruise Critic? Isn't it mostly a matter of personal opinion and cruise line marketing departments who make these claims? And doesn't each cruiser have the right to judge for themselves (and designate in their own mind) which cruise line they consider to be "luxury" and which cruise line they determine to not be "luxury"? Haven't we had this same cyclic discussion, with the same/different players many times before? I thought I just read a post (on this board) from a first-time Regent Cruiser who had (for him) such a bad experience on disembarkation day that he said he'd never sail on Regent again. For him, on that day, Regent was definitely not a "luxury cruise line". And I doubt that any amount of arguing would convince him otherwise. And why do we even try or attempt to try to do so, anyway? We have another poster who has said many times on this board that there was "simply nothing" that Regent could ever do (wrong), which would ever make them stop using Regent or ever consider Regent to be less than a "luxury experience". Both opinions seem a bit irrational to me, but again, why should it bother any of us? It doesn't, up until we reach the point when the second poster states with unequivocal and absolute conviction and certainty that the first poster is hopelessly and irredeemably "wrong"? I don't think someone can coherently discredit an award given to one cruise line ("Best Cruise Line in 20XX") by one Cruise Industry organization, simply because one doesn't "like" or agree with the outcome of that particular poll. It seems like that organization is entitled to express any opinion/statement they wish too, as long as it is not legally slanderous. And what difference does it really make, anyway? If someone likes Regent enough to make it their sole "go-to" Cruise Line, why would it matter to them what anyone else thought, did, or even expressed? I guess I'm just not understanding why all the defensiveness and arguing over which cruise line is designated as "luxury" (and by who) while another cruise line shouldn't be designated that way. It seems like we're having the age old argument over "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin".
  13. "Stand by" for the responses......Regards.
  14. Grandma - I've had the exact same experience. I called directly to RCI to book a Grand Suite/2BR for 6 people on Adventure in Sept (NE/Can). The RCI agent was very courteous, very helpful, very efficient and had the entire booking done with the deposit collected, included pre-paid gratuities, and selected My Time Dining in about 15 minutes - total. I have not gotten any "annoying calls", or any other calls for that matter, since then from RCI. The whole process was very simple.
  15. Thanks Marq - I'm curious, because I have an Oct 2019 cruise booked. It would be nice to sail on Navigator shortly after a "refurb". Would the next one normally be due in 2019 (assuming there's some type of regularity to this)? Wasn't the last one completed in 2016? Thanks.
  16. I'll ask this question in a new thread. On another Regent thread it was mentioned by one poster that Navigator would be going into dry dock sometime in 2019. I have searched almost everywhere for additional info on this with no success. Would anyone have more details about this, as to the probable date for that dry dock/refurbishment period? Thanks much.
  17. TC - Completely agree (It does happen every so often :rolleyes:)! We would never consider/do/recommend to friends the 7-night Baltic (Stockholm to Copenhagen) cruise again, unless an extended stopover or land visit was added to the itinerary - either "pre", "post" or both. We found/felt that the considerable overseas packing/preparation/flights/cruise costs per day/flight costs/etc. just weren't justified for such a short cruise. In fact, it was tedious and not very much "fun". We felt like we were packing up to go home as soon as we had arrived on the ship. At the end of our cruise, we actually stayed in Copenhagen to visit some friends for an additional 3 days and it still didn't seem "enough" time to warrant the long travel and expenses involved. The 14+ hour flights (including connections) each way between Phoenix and Scandinavia (Stockholm and Copenhagen) - despite being in F/C and B/C just didn't seem worth it. Perhaps we'd feel differently in the case of a longer itinerary such as the 12-night London to Stockholm, but would certainly not do another 7-nighter to Europe from PHX.
  18. WishIweretravelling - You piqued my interest! Could you tell me when, specifically, the Navigator goes into dry dock in 2019? I know I could probaby spend a while researching, but it's probably much faster/more efficient to ask you, if you happen to know offhand. Thanks much. :D
  19. Gosh - What I wouldn't give to see a picture of that! Especially if Mr. Montague was in the picture, helping you lift it up over the railing! ;p
  20. For most international flights on most carriers, Business Class is the "new" First Class. Many airline have eliminated the "First Class" designation for their premium seats/cabin for overseas flights. But the Business Class is now essentially the same as the "old First Class" used to be. Only way to go (if you can afford it).
  21. Lil Turano - I can hardly wait until YOUR next cruise! It was so interesting following along with your family's "Adventure" and reading your blog! I can't wait until the next one begins. Any thoughts about when you might try it again? Did the kids enjoy it as much as you and your Hubby seemed to? Best Regards.
  22. Dave & Bob - Thank You both very much! It's exactly what we're looking for. Now, we just can't wait to eat it all! Yummm! Regards
  23. Boblerm - Could I ask a big favor of you? I forwarded your 2 pictures of the "always available" entree and appetizer menu to a good friend of mine. He and his DW have never cruised on Regent before and they are seriously considering coming with us on our next Regent cruise. My friend asked if it might be possible for you to take pics of an entire CR dinner menu and post it for us here? Not just the "always available" parts of the menu but a full "regular" menu on any typical night that you might pick, with all the selections showing (appetizers, salads, entrees, deserts, etc.). I have been "raving" (to him) about the Regent meals and selections, along with all the wonderful and various selections available each day. I would really appreciate it if you could take a bit of time to do this. Perhaps you could "borrow" a menu from CR one day and snap the pics at your convenience without interrupting your dinner? Many Thanks. Best Regards. Really enjoying all your posts!
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