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  1. Just want to make sure that I did not misunderstand your post. Is it actually your assertion that cold water Maine lobster are "generally" smaller than warm water Florida lobster?? Just wondering. :)
  2. Wow! Only 50 U.S. pounds (Or, 50.706317 pounds, for those among us who are a bit more "exacting"). That's not much of an allowance. Particularly for a multi-week overseas trip. I assume that's one checked bag per person? I think I've had hard-sided suitcases in the past that weighed nearly half that before I ever started filling them! One of the several advantages to flying international Business/Class is the much more generous (included) luggage allowance, multiple "free" checked bags plus carry-on. Of course, the added fare is kind of a "bummer". :( I Hope (and am sure) that you'll have a great trip, though! It's really nice to know that OBC's can be used towards "Regent Laundry". Regards
  3. I recall Host Bob (or perhaps someone else) saying that this perk is not offered/available on "Voyager class" ships, like AOS. Right?
  4. "We expected (past tense - and you haven't even been on the ship yet) Regent to be better" (and now we're scared!). Unfortunately, it sounds (at least to me) like you may well have already decided that you're not going to like it much. If that's the case, it's too bad that you're already having misgivings about your cruise decision, before you've even boarded the ship. Exactly "how" would the food have to "be" in order for you to "like it"? "...Are we going to be disappointed in the Regent food?" Just how, in any imaginable or realistic way, would it be possible for the rest of us to have any chance of answering a question like that for you? We have no idea of what you like or don't like - when it comes to food. Based upon your own pre-cruise "going in" doubts (regarding the food and the already-anticipated possibility that you're not going to "like it").....the answer, as to whether you will "like" the food, is already "perhaps not". Each person's "bar" (level of satisfaction) is set at a different height. Goodness - I'm sounding like a "cheerleader"! :o
  5. GeorgeC and LucyMorgan - You both make my point, precisely. None of us could possibly advise some total stranger (like the original poster) as to whether or not the extra money/cost for a suite is "worth it" or not. Regards.
  6. Before I get "flamed" about the reference to income, I'm only trying to point out that "worth" (cost) is a relative term and is usually judged in the context of what an individual can "afford". As the amount of one's income increases, the "cost" of any particular cruise expense, or any other expense, decreases. And oftentimes people judge the "worth" of something in terms of what percentage of their income that particular cost represented (and how much they can "afford"). If a cruise was "crappy", but was also a "throw away expense" for them, then they'll just "shrug it off" and look forward to the next cruise. However, if the cruise cost represented a "significant percentage" of their yearly income, and the cruise turned out to be "crappy", then it really "stings". Regards to all.
  7. Not quite sure the point of your post? How could any of the rest of us possibly determine or advise YOU whether YOU paying nearly double the amount of money for a suite would be worth the money to YOU?? You might as well ask us if we think it's worth the extra money to YOU to buy a Maserati instead of a Chevy. No one else can answer that question for you. To a person with disposable income exceeding $1/4 million dollars a year...perhaps. To someone only making $20K a year, probably not. Of course, someone who makes $1/4 million a year "probably" would not be sailing on RC to begin with. :) Regards.
  8. Johnthesailor - Exactly! You "get it"! +10. Whenever this thread gets too mellow for some, and everyone is actually "enjoying" the pics, blogs, excursion reports, planning for their next cruise, etc. Someone, invariably, has to pull their box of soap out of the garage, climb up on it, and "spin everything up". Never fails. Best Regards.
  9. Naturally, you once again chose to miss the whole point. Thanks
  10. 3, 5, 10 years from now.....if Regent is still sailing, the then-current "crop" of cruisers will laugh in utter disbelief if anyone were to tell them how people "used" to have to dress on board the ships after 6pm, or even in the dining room, for that matter. When DW and I went to college (back in the prehistoric age), "girls" (that's when you could safely refer to them as "girls") had to be back in their dorm rooms by 8pm on weeknights and men had to be back in their dorm by 11pm. Of course, there was absolutely NO coed living arrangements! For evening meals (served "family style" with 12 students to a table), the young men were required to wear a sports coat and women had to wear a dress - no exceptions. Just try "mandating" to a young women today what she "has to wear" to dinner - or anywhere else! For men, wearing a hat inside anywhere was unthinkable. For women, NOT wearing a hat (and gloves) in church at least, was also unthinkable. Do we "really" want to go back to those times? In my Mom and Dad's generation, they wore a suit to the ball game and to the movie theater. We evolve! Thank Goodness!
  11. It's nice to see the positive comments about Navigator! Although it sometimes seems to be disparaged as the "Little Engine That Could", we like sailing on Nav very much. Probably more so than on a ship that carries 2-3 times the number of passengers. We're looking forward to riding on her in the future, as well, and hope that Regent is committed to keeping her in service and in good shape for the foreseeable future. Regards.
  12. TC2 - News Flash - 96.2% (not really) of all the folks who sail on the "mass market lines" already think that everyone (like us) who sail on the "Luxury" Cruise Lines have just gotten our 2-week "freedom passes" from our assisted living communities to "hobble" onto a Regent ship for a little enjoyment, as the funeral director prepares our final resting place for us. And why should we even care what anyone else thinks? Why is it so vitally important what others (positively?) think about Regent? As long as Regent remains in business! I actually don't want Regent becoming too popular with the "masses". Let them blissfully play on their Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Princess Cruises, with all their young families, and enjoy themselves. Let them wait (like I had to) until they get their AARP cards before finding out about our little "secret"! Regent seems to be having no problem filling their ships.
  13. Hi Malbec - Did you know that when you go to a car dealership and want to "test drive" one of their cars, there's a reason why they ask for your driver's license and "disappear" for a couple of minutes before coming back and returning your license to you?? It's because the Business Manager has used the time to run a "credit check" on you to be sure that you are a "financially worthy customer" before they entrust you (and waste valuable time) in demonstrating and trying to sell you one of their cars. They're getting a "read" on what kind of car they can sell you and what kind of price that you can afford/qualify for. Regards.
  14. Hi Marq - I applaud your efforts. As the old saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished". "This 70-year old" is finding the data coming out of the survey to be very interesting - keeping in mind that it only represents a small sliver of the total Regent customer base. In this world today, there doesn't seem to be any shortage of folks who "don't like" what "other folks" are doing - from smoking cigars, using drinking straws, or even wearing perfume. I have no doubt that Regent "knows" virtually everything about all of us! DOB's, SSN's, addresses, CC #'s, and they can probably also impute family income levels from their data (I'm sure they can probably get our FICO scores). It's a pretty fair bet that someone with over 20 Regent cruises under their belt is doing a "bit better" than minimum wage! Have a great day.
  15. Boblerm, I can certainly see why all your posts are always positive and upbeat! Regards.
  16. Then is it really "a vacation" that you're going on, or just a different place, from which to run your business?
  17. boblerm - I'm really enjoying your pics! Your picture ("I spy") from the hotel rooftop was particularly nice. For me, one of the most exciting things about a (Regent) cruise is when DW and I arrive in our embarkation city and we catch our first "glimpse", either from a rooftop vantage point, or perhaps our hotel balcony, or even from our taxi or limo as we approach the port... of the Regent ship that will be our "home" for the next "X" number of days/nights. That's a real "tingle" for me - as if I was a little kid, all over again. Have a great cruise.
  18. Silver Sweethearts - I completely agree with you. Even without the 10% "suite discount" that you received, it appears that Regent's premium wine prices are actually quite reasonable - might even be called "a bargain", compared with what a "normal upscale (or any) restaurant" would charge for that same bottle of wine - it would be well over $100 at many/most restaurants out here in Phoenix/Scottsdale. Thanks so much for the quick reply. Mahalo.
  19. Hi Silver Sweetheart! Just out of curiosity, do you recall what the price was (after the 10% discount) for a bottle of the "VC" on Regent? Just for an amusing comparison, we're getting bottles of it at our local Costco (Arizona) store for around $45. Down the street at the grocery story (again, "shopper friendly" Arizona liquor laws) they charge about $80. Needless to say, they're selling more of it at the Costco than at the Safeway. Regards :D
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