"LIVE" from the Mariner 01-16-05

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Hello all....Well it's that time again. I'm back down at Cape Canaveral getting ready to sail on the beautiful Mariner of the Seas.....Again !!

Yeah..I know ...I've already been on Mariner twice (Dec '03 and May '04)....So maybe you think I should be tired of Mariner ? ? The fact is that I love the Mariner of the Seas, the design, the layout of the ship and the itinerary....

I 'll be boarding tomorrow(Sunday)...and I'll be uploading daily trip reports and photos of the ship and ports....

Stay Tuned....

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Radio I can't wait. We'll be getting on as you're getting off, so take good care of her for us.
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Radio-I remember last year before our first sailing on the MOS......you were on the ship and gave us a 'play by play' the entire time you were there. It was great! Reading your updates was one of the things that I looked most forward to prior to our sailing.

I am VERY curious to know who the Captain is. We are sailing on her on 1/30 and heard our Captain's name is Hansen ut nobody has heard of him. Please see what you can find out about him.

Have a terrific time and I will watch with baited breath to read your updates!

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I have only cruised her once, but I have a great desire to cruise her AGAIN!

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I also read your messages this time last year, and based on all of your wonderful comments, I talked my family into going on the Mariner last February. I'm happy to say we had a wonderful time and really want to go again this year (Feb 20), but the rates are out of sight! Oh well, guess we'll just have to live vicariously through you....Please keep us posted!
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Welcome!! Wow there sure were a lot of your cruise mates coming into the
airport in Orlando this am. I was picking my DH up there at noon from coming
back from a week long job he was doing in St. Croix (tough duty to pull eh?).
I watched a mulitude of busses departing with happy people claiming their baggage heading to the ship.
Weather is crappy here this weekend, but hopefully will clear up for your trip out.
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We're all anxiously awaiting your reports. Have a great trip.
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Hello everyone....I made it to the ship !

I actually got to the terminal very early....at about 9:30. I was able to park right away ( in the parking garage ). I went to the top to get a good photo of the ship before boarding, but it was overcast and a slight drizzle...So It didn't turn out as nice as I would have liked.

I was allowed to enter the terminal right away, where the security check in only took a moment or two. After going up to the check in level, we all just waited until they open up for passenger check in.(11:00)

I went to the pier coordinators desk after check in and was told to wait until boarding to see if there were any upgrades available. We were allowed to board at about 11:25 and walked on with little wait(onnly about 8 people were ahead of me).

As others have reported, they are now closing the doors to the cabin hallways, so no one can access their cabin befor 1pm. That was a good time for me to obtain my CyberCabin kit for the week. The speed is only about 44kps, but it wil be fast enough for me to upload dozens of photos for the week.

This is the coldest beginning to a cruise that I can remember...Its now about 42f with a 25mph wind.....Very Cold..........A weather alert has been posted for the Brevard County area and frost warnings for tomorrow. No problem here..I just wasn't used to it for a cruise, but it will warm up very soon.

I met a small group of Cruise Critics at the Sky bar at3PM...They were a fun and freindly group !

The Captain announced that due to about 30 late arriving passengers...we will be delaying our sail away by about 45min. We should be leaving at about 5:45 for our great week of cruising in the Caribbean. Labadee......Here we come...only 753 Nautical Miles !

I can't wait to see what this week brings...It should be alot of fun !

Stay Tuned !

Here are a few pics so far...for more, just click at the bottom for daily uploads this week !


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Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
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Radio.... have a great cruise. Have some friends on this sailing with you so will be a great week to be able to follow you all on your sailing... already love those photos.

I remember your other sailings with the great photos and play by play

Sailed Mariner this past May

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Great pics Radio!!
I am here inside my home office and both the DH and myself heard the distinctive bellowing voice of the Mariner announcing her departure. Her voice does carry!! We both mentioned at the same time about how it was late....and at the same moment we had begun reading your 45 minute delay explanation...how cool!!
Speaking of cool....brrrr....hope your weather warms up more than what we have here currently.
Smooth sailing, dude.
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I'm watching the Port Canaveral cam and noticed at 6:23 ya'll are still there!

Good luck on your sail away and your cruise!


PS.. 6:31pm and I see ya'll are leaving...Bon Voyage!
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Thanks for your report Radio. We'll be on the Mariner on the 30th. Interested in how difficult it is to "hook up" your internet connection. Hope you have a great cruise and see the sunshine!!
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We just got off the Rhapsody today and while onboard we book a repeat trip on the Mariner for one year from now on the sailing of 1/8/06. We can't wait and will enjoy reviewing your postings all week long.

We too had a cold last day coming back to port in Galveston yesterday and last evening, so you likely got the same fron passing through. It was sunny and nice though the farther south we went.
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Have a great trip...the photos are great!!!! Keep us posted....hope to sail on her soon!!!
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Looking at your pictures started bringing back some great memories from last April. Have a great week. I'm looking forward to your writings.

It is cold here in New England. At least for a few minutes each day I can feel like I'm aboard Mariner again!
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My family and I were just aboard the Mariner for the 1/2 sailing. It was our first cruise, and I think we're all addicted now. I look forward to reading your updates - and reliving my cruise through you.
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I hope you have a wonderful trip. I really enjoyed following your last live thread and I am looking forward to this one!

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Thanks for the posts. We'll be on the Mariner for our first cruise in May. We're getting more ad more excited. Your pics and updates are a real preview. Have fun.

What is the cost to be on-le for the ween on ship ?
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