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Come sail with me on a virtual cruise on Majestic Princess to Fiji!


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Can you see the colourful frogs in this photo? This is another zone which shows inhabitants of tropical rainforests.















A huge manta ray swims past. They are such graceful creatures.



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We come across a display of children’s art work. There are some talented young artists here.










I particularly like this painting by a pre-schooler.


We emerge into a huge hall, with a floor to ceiling glass window, behind which numerous species of large marine creatures swim.


The hall is full of locals, having picnics, sitting in family groups on the floor.



Jellyfish! Beautiful, transparent orbs floating serenely.







Exotic and colourful anemones, their tentacles waving gently to and fro.


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We have had an amazing time here. You really could spend hours, walking from zone to zone.








Finally we reach the inevitable gift shop. It’s full of extraordinary sea creatures, and it’s difficult to know what to choose for my little grandson.



But we have to get back to the mainland for our next adventure, The Big Bus Panoramic Night Tour.


Time for food! But we don’t want to waste too much time as we have a busy schedule and must return to the mainland for this evening’s adventure, so as we pass MacDonalds we decide to grab a quick burger. We rarely eat burgers at home and I never cook them so it’s an occasional treat. Needs must,  as they say .....



It will soon be Halloween, and this gentleman is already prepared.......













We retrace our steps, and inadvertently get on the wrong monorail and miss the cable car completely. We arrive back on the mainland and get a taxi to the Suntec City Mall where we must pick up our tickets for our night bus tour.








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Big Bus Night City Tour - Chinatown, Musical Trees and a Street Market


This is a mall which we've never found before and it contains some shops at the lower end, such as H and M which is nice to see. We’re not into designer shops at all I’m afraid.





After a bit of a mission, we find the ticket office, which is accessed from outside, and are told we have an hour to wait before we must queue to get on our bus. The ticket office is to the left of the red barriers. It was quite difficult to find, so hope this helps. Once again, we use our Singapore Explorer Passes, which are proving to be invaluable.


We go back inside the mall and get a drink and a muffin before being first in the queue back outside on the pavement. Our bus arrives, number 51, and we climb up to the top deck and are rewarded with front seats. We will have a great view.



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Well, I’m off to bake a birthday cake for my husband, so I’m afraid you will have to bear with me, as I won’t have time to post the Big Bus Night City Tour until later, but hopefully I’ll be back this evening.


Don’t go away........😉

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What a wonderful day this is turning out to be! I loved the tour of the Aquarium, your excellent photos  made me feel I could reach out and touch the glass. The little ones' art work was a delightful addition and there certainly were some exceptional paintings by the preschoolers.  Now I am curious, what did you end up purchasing for your young grandson?


I have managed to keep pace and will wait patiently  right behind your front seat on the Big Bus until your return.

In the meanwhile, wishing your DH a very happy birthday!





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24 minutes ago, cnd crsr said:

What a wonderful day this is turning out to be! I loved the tour of the Aquarium, your excellent photos  made me feel I could reach out and touch the glass. The little ones' art work was a delightful addition and there certainly were some exceptional paintings by the preschoolers.  Now I am curious, what did you end up purchasing for your young grandson?


I have managed to keep pace and will wait patiently  right behind your front seat on the Big Bus until your return.

In the meanwhile, wishing your DH a very happy birthday!






Victoria Sponge and Banana Cake made, so I’ve a few minutes before I must get ready to meet our daughter in her garden for a birthday tea. Socially distanced of course!


So glad you are enjoying the day, Gail. 


As to what we purchased for our little grandson, there really was no competition. He has always loved the ‘Baby Shark’ song by Pink Fong .


If you don’t know what I’m talking about then google it, it’s on YouTube. But beware, it’s one of those darn songs you will be singing in your head all day! Its a bit like that infuriating song ‘It’s A Small World’ at Disney World, Florida.


“Baby shark, doo doo, doo doo do do......”


So it had to be a shark, a small one only as we don’t have much luggage space. No room for a 6ft monster! 


Glad to have you on the bus. It’s a nice way to end the day. 


Thank you for the birthday wishes, too.


I’ll be back.......as a certain actor used to say.


Hasta la vista!


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3 hours ago, PescadoAmarillo said:

Loved the aquarium pics so much. I miss aquariums, snorkeling, diving...pools. 😆


Oh thank you so much. I was thinking that the photos were not very good as they don’t seem to come out as well on here as they do on my iPad. I’ve been wondering if it’s to do with them being on the cloud, or if I’m doing something wrong. I’m such a novice at all this.


Glad you are enjoying the photos.


Oh yes, all those things we are missing. Standing at the back of the ship and watching the wake, swimming in the tropical sea, waking up and seeing a port for the first time from our balcony. 


But hopefully, all of these things will return one day. We must live in hopes. 

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The Big Bus Night Tour Of the City





Well, here we are at the start of our night tour of Singapore. Hope you enjoy it.


As we wait for the bus to appear we chat to a couple of friendly Australians in the queue, who say they are experiencing an extended drought. They tell us what life is like, and how the water shortages affect them. It’s very interesting and so far from our experiences in the UK, where rain seems a frequent and often unwelcome event. We have always found Australians to be so friendly, and the one thing that strikes us is how much they love their country. 


The bus is a big red double decker and it quickly fills up. There is a young man who greets us. He is our tour guide and is very interesting and informative. He says he’s a teacher but does this job to supplement his income, he says he cannot let his employers at school know he is moonlighting.


He also tells us that multiculturalism extends to all parts of life. For instance, if he wanted to live in a particular apartment block he could only do so if there is availability for his ethnic group. This ensures a mix of all cultures. It’s a fascinating concept, but apparently it works, as people of all ethnicity live amicably, side by side.


The tour starts with a drive through the streets of Singapore.




We drive past the Millenia Walk and the 2 storey retail mall. It’s astonishing to think that this area was once open water used by ships, before it was reclaimed from Marina Bay in the 1970s.


The Singapore Flyer


The iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel


The Mandarin Oriental


The sun is low in the sky behind the myriad of skyscrapers.




The flower-like Arts Museum in front of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel



The dome-shaped Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, sometimes called the Durian Building, because it’s just that, durian shaped. However, if you look at it from a distance it can seem to resemble the eyes of a fly. Here’s a quirky fact for you - apparently they have to clean the spikes by hand and it takes two months to clean both domes! 


A durian, should you want to know, is a type of spiky fruit, which has a very strong odour which some describe as disgusting. Because this odour can linger for days it is banned on public transport and some hotels. 





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First Stop - China Town


This sculpture is called ‘Momentum’ by the Israeli sculptor, David Gerstein. It is a 18.5 m tall steel pyramid spirals upwards with hand painted figures of people.




A hawker centre food outlet.



The traffic is still very heavy and the city is as bustling as it is in the daytime.





One of the things that fascinated me is the juxtaposition of the old with the new, and this building from 1910 is in the colonial style, nestled between more modern structures.






Our first stop is Chinatown which we haven't visited before. It is located in Smith Street and is a street full of diverse local delights. Food from many cultures can be found here, and there are street hawker stalls, and restaurants offering al fresco dining. Not only is it covered with a newly constructed ceiling canopy, there is also a cooling system which ensures that diners can enjoy their food, rain or shine.







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Are You Hungry?


Our tour guide gives us each S$5 voucher which we can spend in the food area. As you can see, we didn’t spend all of our vouchers.




We get off the bus and wander up and down this interesting street. There is food everywhere, lots of seafood, all freshly cooked. But we don't have much time so we just get an iced fruit drink.







An amazing array of shellfish. As an avid collector of shells I wish I could take one of these home, minus its inhabitant.













This huge crab is still alive - sorry about the reflection.






Then its time to get back on the bus and we drive to our next destination, The Gardens by the Bay, where we are going to see the light show which takes place around the iconic trees. It’s getting dark which is ideal for the musical and light show. 


Are you all back on the coach?

Did you enjoy the food?

Good, well off we go again. 

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6 hours ago, JoRoy218 said:

Fabulous log of your visit to Singapore. Looking forward to more entries. As mentioned earlier,  a welcome distraction to current events and issues. Thank you for sharing. 


Good morning JoRoy218. 


Glad to hear from you. I’m pleased to hear you are enjoying the adventure.


At this awful time all we seem to hear about is the pandemic. It’s on the TV non-stop, its pretty much the only subject in the newspapers, and even our ‘soaps’ have taken the decision to continue filming episodes which are set in lockdown. Whilst, of course, we need to ‘stay alert’ sometimes it’s good to forget what’s going on around the world. 


So I have to admit that before I started this I was feeling pretty depressed about life. But posting this has given me a purpose, and a chance to relive all those wonderful moments we shared,  just over 8 months ago, and it has lifted my spirits. I hope it will lift yours, and remind you that, one day, with ‘fair winds and following seas’ cruising, and travelling will return.


I also hope that, as you say, it will provide a ‘welcome distraction’ and a way for people to escape, albeit for a short time, from all the doom and gloom.


I hope, too,  that people will be able to use the tips I give along the way,  just as I did a few years ago when I read about the Singapore Explorer Pass. At the least it may help people plan their future trips - even if it’s only to decide NOT to visit a place or attraction.


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Good morning cruise adventurers! 


I just wanted to say a great big ‘thank you’ to all of you who have been following along and who have commented from time to time.


It’s good to know I’m not talking to myself so please do keep on posting! 🤣



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17 minutes ago, dickinson said:

No you are not "talking" to yourself 😉 I am enjoying this immensely!

Phew! That’s a relief!


I was getting worried that the men in white coats would be arriving to take me away!🤣

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27 minutes ago, Loucat said:

We are here, just reading and absorbing all of the sights!




I’ll cancel the men in white coats then.......😜

1 minute ago, AF-1 said:

you're pictures from the aquarium are stunning.  You have a good camera.


Thank you so much, AF-1. (Blushing furiously...☺️)


Actually, they are only from my phone, a 5 year old i-phone 6... but I am coveting one of the new triple camera iPhones, as I’ve seen some of the photos produced by them and they look pretty good to an amateur. I’m afraid I’m too old and senile to remember what to do with my shutter speeds or apertures or all that malarkey. 🤣

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17 minutes ago, azbirdmom said:

So that's what Chinatown looks like when it isn't Chinese New Year!  We wandered around the area when we were there last year.  Can't wait for your next stop on the bus.


Well, I think we’d better get on it then! 


So of we go again.... 

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Magical Musical Trees


All too soon it’s time to get back on the bus and we drive to our next destination, The Gardens by the Bay, where we are going to see the ‘Garden Rhapsody’ light and music show which takes place around the iconic trees. 


Stunning Chinese architecture83776F8B-E4E2-4D65-9A62-C2DFA7B063E6.thumb.jpeg.4955cc8ac2fa0058abc1da9b9984646a.jpeg

The bus drives through the city, past some of the iconic sights, and its lovely to see the skyline of Singapore lit up with thousands of twinkling lights.


I’m fascinated by all the skyscrapers. They have a certain beauty about them, especially when silhouetted in front of a darkening sky.



The coach stops and we can see crowds of people milling around.





My first glimpse of the Supertree Grove. Although we’ve been to Singapore 3 times, this is the first opportunity we’ve had to experience ‘Garden Rhapsody.’


Our guide accompanies us through the well lit paths until we find a corner where there is enough room for DH and I to sit and watch the light show. 



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