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Picture-A-Week 2021 - Week 48


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Pictures taken between Monday, November 22 and Sunday, November 28.


Next week it will be food photos in the US. What will you shoot this week? 


Rules: See above

That's it. This isn't a contest.

All photos taken this week are welcome (not just cruising).

Prizes will not be awarded. Discovering the joy of photography is the prize.

The idea is to get folks out using their cameras for more than vacations and toddler birthdays.

Post one. Post many. Up to you.

Have fun with your camera and share your fun with others!

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Saturday evening about 6pm, Steamrail Victoria train returning to its home in the next suburb from mine. It was travelling somewhat faster than I had expected. Red engine in front, black giving a big push.









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This week was a short work week and a long, restful weekend. The long weekend was welcome after cranking out all of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes and even the non-traditional smoked turkey breast option and the Pumpkin with Ricotta stuffed jumbo pasta shells with a white Parmesan and garlic sauce (because we love our vegetarians too). Thursday is for general thanks but the next few days are when you give thanks that you made way too much food and can savor the season a little longer. This year I tried something new for one of the post-feast lunches. Take tortillas, smear some mashed potatoes down the middle, add some stuffing and turkey, then top it with a dollop of cranberry relish. Thanksgiving Tacos of the Gods!


Give Thanks for Tacos!







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I had a 4-day weekend, but it was a busy week and weekend.  Tuesday was my birthday, then Thursday was the Thanksgiving mess/food coma/cleanup, then I managed to get out to the wetlands during two beautiful weather days on Friday and Saturday walking 8-10 miles each day, followed by today putting up all my Christmas lights which meant up and down a ladder 140 times.  I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!


Here are some of the bird and wildlife encounters from those two days:


A juvenile black-crowned night heron was catching a rest in the shade of a tree with the bright backlight of a sunny cool afternoon lighting up the background:



Normally a very elusive and rare bird to spot, and often when spotted, it's far away and hiding among the grasses - I was lucky to find this Wilson's snipe feeding along the shore just 10 feet from me:



A tiny little bird more often heard than seen, with the high-pitched quiet little peeping noises as they feed through the tree canopy...the blue-grey gnatcatcher is just a bit larger than a hummingbird:



Because it was a cooler day (for Florida) in the mid 70s, this green iguana had climbed up in a pond apple tree to get some sun, standing out against the wetlands waters:



One of our most colorful native birds, the purple gallinule really shows its colors as the late afternoon warm sun starts towards golden hour:



A great blue heron all stretched out to land:



The black-bellied whistling ducks are one of the prettiest ducks, especially when you see them in flight with those flashes of white on the wings against the colored body:



The large headed but majestic female belted kingfisher showing off her rusty chest belt which the males don't have:



A duck with strange proportions - the northern shoveler has quite a bit longer bill than most ducks...this is a female of the species:



An osprey heading back to its roost with a nice tasty fish dinner:


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22 hours ago, mz-s said:

This is Queen Emma Bridge, Willemstad, Curacao. Taken November 24 2021 while on an 8-day cruise aboard Carnival Freedom.



Nice nighttime shot 👍 Brings back fond memories of a couple of visits there 🙂

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