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  1. Tips to avoid (lessen?) PCD!
  2. test
  3. Surprising someone with the gift of a cruise
  4. Testing
  5. A good bottle...
  6. Scavenger Hunt aboard ship
  7. Duct Tape, Collapsible Water Bottles, Hi-lite Pens, Anything Else?
  8. Cruise fashions
  9. Planning Process - Half the Fun!!!
  10. Where is my cruise??Jewel8/804
  11. Door Decorating
  12. Simple question from a newbie.
  13. Avoiding Cruise Rituals
  14. Wierdest Cruise Rituals
  15. Ideas for a surprise bday?
  16. need "the list"
  17. What is going on with me?!?!?
  18. Catchy slogan for a group cruise
  19. Who did the Doc Dance today???
  20. The planning
  21. I Need A Good Book To Read On My Trip
  22. bon voyage gifts
  23. praying before trip
  24. What have you ever forgotten?
  25. Will I be disappointed?
  26. Help!
  27. Something special to do for my Mom and Dad?
  28. flags for the balcony
  29. homemade beaded lanyards
  30. Dinner Table Talk
  31. ?'s @ decorating home away from home
  32. cruise critic door signs
  33. Balcony Lights
  34. Walkie Talkies??
  35. Cruise dreams?
  36. Weird dreams about cruising
  37. Pre-Cruise and Cruise rituals
  38. blender recipies
  39. The most fun you have ever had on cruise
  40. The most fun you have ever had on cruise
  41. Birthday on Board....any fun ideas for 3 yr old
  42. I should be doing the doc dance........
  43. Retirement Ideas
  44. Need help on finding web site
  45. GPS on a cruise
  46. El-Cheapo Self Spa Treatments
  47. Is this unusual?
  48. Do the stewards still do this?
  49. Being too ready
  50. What songs are on your cruise cd?
  51. t-shirts and door decorations
  52. Flying A Kite On Board?
  53. night vision?
  54. suggest a frivolous cruise amenity...or dire necessity.
  55. Christmas Cruise Rituals -- What do you do to mark the Season?
  56. traditions we'd like to see...or NOT!
  57. lifeboat drill? what lifeboat drill?
  58. Pig-Napping
  59. what is the wildest,craziest thing you've ever seen on a cruise?
  60. Crystal Palace Beach Day/Nassau
  61. Chocolate on pillows
  62. New to cruising
  63. Kaoroke anyone
  64. Packing list?
  65. Ideas to get the family excited before the trip?
  66. Balcony & Cigar
  67. What have you forgotten or left ON the ship?
  68. Door Decoration DEMOS
  69. Movies
  70. Off topic: What does DH mean?
  71. Bon Voyage Party Suggestions?
  72. Patches or Bonine?
  73. Exercise programs
  74. Scavenger Hunt
  75. Appointments on board
  76. Kid Birthday ideas
  77. lifeboat drill!!!!!!
  78. Newbie question...Tacky?
  79. Grandeur of the Seas September 16-25
  80. Ballroom Dance Lessons
  81. Getting ready for cruzin and sunny beaches
  82. check this out
  83. STAR CD Player in cabin
  84. 10 reasons for cruising door sign
  85. inexpensive cigars in Coz, KW, Ocho or GC?
  86. HELP !! I'm not getting anything done.....
  87. stupid question
  88. Romantic Ideas?
  89. Pbgwc
  90. Cruise CD
  91. Vision Of The Seas/Alaska 7/8/05
  92. Goody bags
  93. I never take a shower.......
  94. 60 minutes dirty cabins show Freaking out??
  95. new york weather 11/26/2005
  96. How do I bring alcohol on board?
  97. Most Interesting Person You've Met Cruising?
  98. Ever get sick at the end or just after?
  99. Toddlers allowed in the pool?
  100. Cruise Music
  101. What Dudes/Guys Should Bring on a CRUISE
  102. first time cruiser, lots of questions
  103. Meeeooowww!!!
  104. Cruise Critic Logo
  105. Just bought a really fun Cruise game for our PC...
  106. What's a fun way to get a 1st-time cruiser in the SPIRIT?
  107. Pre tipping
  108. Cruise Critic's First Ever Group Cruise on the:
  109. Back-to-Back Cruises: How Do You Spend the Turnaround Day in Port?
  110. Parents Anniversary Cruise-Ideas
  111. Fashion
  112. Fashoin Police
  113. The best thing to give the islanders...
  114. What's the most you've won on a cruise???
  115. Help me smuggle liquor onboard
  116. Stupid Question
  117. Do you bring framed photos from home....
  118. clock
  119. clock
  120. Has anyone ever ordered a Ports of Call video/DVD
  121. Fun Party Lights
  122. Any stories of rough weather????!!!!
  123. Mississippi Slide???
  124. Free Vacation to New York City !
  125. Strange ship rules
  126. video arcade games....
  127. Count Down Clock
  128. Cruising Jewish
  129. What movies do they play on cruises?
  130. What is the wierdest outfit youve ever seen on a cruise?
  131. healthy lifestyle plays a big part of life
  132. Packing Help....luggage Ideas
  133. Getting an Ocean Fix
  134. Halloween Cruise - Need some ideas
  135. HAL Rituals - Ryndam
  136. Door Poetry Anyone
  137. Anyone famous on your cruise?
  138. Just one question?
  139. How clean is your cruise ship?
  140. Stupid question but what is a DH?
  141. First Cruise
  142. Updated: Cruise Don't Forget List
  143. New Years
  144. Sailaways
  145. Booze Question For Carnival Pride
  146. test
  147. Countdown Screensaver
  148. Honeymoon Cruise Rituals
  149. Non-Smoking cruise ships??
  150. Gambling lessons?
  151. Cruise Rituals do you have any??
  152. Me and my sister need your help
  153. Door signs
  154. Refrigerator
  155. Last sailing out of New York in the fall
  156. Electric Coolers??
  157. A Ghost story my DD wrote
  158. just testing tickler
  159. Decorating Cabin Window
  160. shopping tips
  161. Just Curious -- what's the deal with the 'Captain's Table'?
  162. cruise countdown
  163. Cost of Spa Services?
  164. What do you blend?
  165. countdown clock
  166. Bon voyage streamers?
  167. "Bear Peoples" next cruise?
  168. After-the-Cruise Rituals
  169. multiple countdown clocks
  170. Sending Gifts To Staterooms
  171. Ideas for Groups that sail together
  172. Totally silly hair dye question
  173. Palm Beach Post has story about Cruise Critics
  174. Favorite foods on a cruise
  175. Whats the nicest thing that ever happened
  176. Revise Countdown Clock
  177. canival legend
  178. Surprise birthday on the ship
  179. Beer in the airport before cruise flight!!!
  180. Need Ticker Help
  181. Treats / snacks for crew members
  182. How Early Do You Start Packing ? :p
  183. What do you wish you would've brought with you on your cruise?
  184. Hurricanes=Changed vacation plans?
  185. Any Musicians on the DAWN 10/9/05
  186. Carnival Glory Dinner Menus
  187. Ship to Shore Excursions ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  188. Buyer beware!!! Carnival gifts-Inspiration
  189. Paolo's or Driver in Rome for Livorno and Naples???
  190. What do you bring on a cruise to keep yourself entertained?
  191. Pre-cruise ritual
  192. Anyone else a Su Doku junkie like me??
  193. No planning in sight, how do I get by????
  194. What do you wish you'd left at home?
  195. Collapsable Laundry Bag
  196. Best ship for dancing ( ballroom)
  197. testing
  198. Creative ways to count down the days?
  199. Pretipping phone cards instead of $
  200. Earliest you ever packed?
  201. Cruise Organization Binder
  202. Anyone have packing down to a manageable science?
  203. Any advice on tanning beds?
  204. Over the door shoe thingies
  205. funny questions about cruising
  206. happy holidays
  207. Dh?
  208. Room decorations
  209. Help! Lost my favorites!
  210. What would you do
  211. Testing HTML tables
  212. TEST Thread
  213. What's the funniest thing that's happened to you?
  214. crossing the equator
  215. Does anyone else have a pet that pouts?
  216. The one thing that you'll never forget..
  217. Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster....
  218. Ideas on Surprises?
  219. Is my memory failing
  220. Clean house before you leave?
  221. Packing - Do You Roll Up Your Clothes?
  222. Some Cruise Humor
  223. Duct Tape Questions
  224. Souvenir Collections
  225. How Much Alcohol Can you Bring Back?
  226. Cruise music to put on a CD
  227. Message in a bottle
  228. Games to take on your cruise
  229. Help Bored Pre-cruiser!
  230. ((((What DID/Does/Will your MaGnEtIc Door SiGn look like?))))
  231. cruise movies
  232. What do you do first thing on board?
  233. How early...
  234. Days before Sailing Blues..
  235. Cruising Music
  236. Geocaching while Cruising
  237. Casino and Bingo on Carnival Triumph
  238. Over the door shoe thingy
  239. Father's Day Surprise?
  240. The first 24 hrs onboard - what's your favourite bit?
  241. Cruise Countdown Advent Calendar
  242. What I Learned On Cruise Critic
  243. 5 things you couldnt cruise without
  244. What pre-cruise event gets you most excited?
  245. What makes cruising so special for you?
  246. Bon Voyage Parties...
  247. Treats for Children in Ports
  248. Need Great Ideas of clever things to bring
  249. Grpup Theme Night
  250. Do Cruise Lines allow a room of 19/19/18/22 year olds?
  251. Cruise countdown for daughter
  252. 2 ?'s... RCI casino and seasick patch...
  253. How Do You Handle Your E-Mail While On A Cruise?
  254. Med Shore Excursions
  255. Baby powder for the beach
  256. special requests
  257. Need Favor Ideas For Gift Bags! CAN ANYONE HELP?
  258. Basic Questions about SPF and Skin Protection
  259. Duct Tape
  260. Is there an official Song...
  261. Buy a new pair of Sneakers
  262. Worst Cruise Movie......
  263. Treats for Children now my Ritual...
  264. What "odd" things do you look forward to when cruising?
  265. Best and Worst Tablemate Stories..........
  266. Towel animals anyone?
  267. Mexican Music CD's and T-shirts
  268. My list of ten things...to do or not to do...
  269. International Phone Cards
  270. Door Decorating
  271. New Website to Find Your Fun
  272. Luggage Tags
  273. Packing Cubes
  274. HELP-cruise newbie - looking for answers not found in basic FAQ's
  275. Motion or seasickness for young kids, what can they take??
  276. T-shirt ideas
  277. Formal Dinners and Uniforms
  278. Cruise Critic Poster
  279. Ideas to please family
  280. Anyone ever see any celebrities on cruises?
  281. Do you eat all you order or take at the buffet?
  282. Let's Have Some Fun ... Cruisin' Music
  283. Cruise Critic Member Sign
  284. What is the strangest thing you found left in your room?
  285. Stacking pill cases
  286. Room Service On Final Night Of A Cruise
  287. Door decorations
  288. Suite - Butler's Tip
  289. Packing list - found on these boards before
  290. Week Countdown Traditions!
  291. What do you do with your towel animals?
  292. Any t-shirt ideas?
  293. *Excellent Reggae/Calypso CD*
  294. Getting In The Cruise Mood
  295. Crusing the CC boards
  296. Wrinkles
  297. snorkeling
  298. inside stateroom
  299. Anyone Cruising to Costa Maya? Need Vanilla
  300. What not to wear on board - from personal experience
  301. Sneaking in alcohol from ports of call
  302. I can't take it any longer!
  303. Long Flight
  304. Goodie Bags
  305. W.i.p.
  306. Cruising music?
  307. New to board...5000+ ???
  308. Cruise emoticons,icons, smileys etc....
  309. Where do you buy a steamer?
  310. Ideas for a practical joke...
  311. Question about goodie bags and delivering them
  312. April 14-20 Carnival Elation Anyone??
  313. Looking for door sign
  314. Silly Must Have's For My Cruise
  315. Fun activites for large group
  316. What MUST you do before leaving for your cruise?
  317. 41 chain links left!!!!
  318. Does anyone bring home sand, sea shells, and pebbles as momentos
  319. Birthday
  320. Test
  321. Looking For advice from Vet. cruisers...
  322. ...You Might Just Be A Cheesehead!
  323. microsoft street and trips
  324. OBC or lower price?
  325. Great stress reliever...can even be done in pools!
  326. sleeping on the balcony
  327. To My Fellow Scotsmen!!!
  328. Cruise Box
  329. How early do you pack?
  330. Birthday Ideas (16th)
  331. An interesting review by a first time cruiser.
  332. ** Balcony Ritual **
  333. Looking @ photos spoils surprise?
  334. Packing Necklaces
  335. Debarkation morning...how do YOU beat the blues?
  336. family cruise t shirt ideas
  337. Keeping track of kids...
  338. ok, some clarification on the cruise critic lingo...please?
  339. Need some funny tips for newbies - Toastmasters
  340. Photo Ideas
  341. cruise feaver
  342. Bon Voyage Gifts
  343. Vistors on ship
  344. Cabin Door Decor
  345. It's my friends BDAY
  346. On a 7 day cruise
  347. Will sing for booze.
  348. How To Go On As Many Cruises As Possible?
  349. Walkie-talkies on board
  350. Smellies for the stateroom
  351. In hosiery necessary for formal night?
  352. Laundry....to do it or not to do it....
  353. What to expect for 1st timer
  354. REQ Name of Liqueur
  355. Door Decor Answer
  356. Caribbean Cruise music - any suggestions?
  357. Tips to make a group cruise fun!!!
  358. What's in my cabin?
  359. Souvenirs
  360. Meet & Greets
  361. Playing With The Band On Board
  362. Playing With The Band On Board
  363. I just caught...
  364. Fun Door Signs?
  365. scavenger hunt
  366. Attaching Door Decorations?
  367. thepinksuperhero mark and sol y mar
  368. Anyone wear Cruise Critic shirts?
  369. Remember your very 1st Cruise?Just for laughs..
  370. TP cross the equator ceremony
  371. Leave it at Home !!!!
  372. Packing to leave the ship : (
  373. *** Tidewater Virginia Cruisers ***
  374. Anyone else surprising the family with a cruise??
  375. Cruising with friends or family
  376. Audio Books
  377. Should we have a theme or is that cheesy ?
  378. Balcony decor?
  379. Picture On Cruise Critic web site??
  380. Best Bon Voyage e-card?
  381. Cruise Movies
  382. Do people not goto the dining room on the last night because they don't want tip?
  383. Barry Manilow on a cruise
  384. Lighten The Luggage-leave At Home!
  385. Lighten The Luggage-leave At Home!
  386. What is your favorite thing to do?
  387. Bonine or Sea Bands?
  388. Bag the Lifeboat Drill?
  389. Music and Other Cruise Countdown Excitement!
  390. Door decorations for Med Cruise
  391. Cruising Secrets
  392. How much have you won on a cruise
  393. Mother-Daughter Cruise
  394. Cruise music
  395. How do you make best use of the time on the very last day aboard?
  396. What do I HAVE to pack?
  397. What do I HAVE to pack?
  398. Why Do People Wave In Pictures?
  399. Cruising
  400. Anyone ever successful in skipping the life jacket drill?
  401. Need Advice on Tipping - Please!
  402. Fun Things No Matter What Cruise Line
  403. talent show? Mariner?
  404. Did You Forget To Have Your Mail Held?
  405. Door decorating
  406. My New Suitcase!!
  407. Afraid to cruise
  408. Excursions in Cozumel
  409. What is the Quest game I hear about on Royal Caribbean?
  410. Recommendations for novels set on cruise ships?
  411. How to ID CC memebers on cruise
  412. Cruise Directors & Accents
  413. Any Ham-Radio Cruisers?
  414. Most embarassing moments on your cruise. What are they? :-)
  415. I need more suggestions for a BOOK to read
  416. Wrong room, wrong time
  417. Looking for Good Beach in Ports
  418. Port Or Starboard?
  419. Skipping Life Jacket Post has me thinking
  420. Tell me your pre-cruise rituals???
  421. Sail Away
  422. Things you pack
  423. Cruise Cocktails
  424. The Things You Really Need On A Cruise, And Yet Might Forget To Take With You
  425. sailaway
  426. Our Cruise
  427. suggesions on where 2 eat in nassau
  428. Nothin but CRUISING on my mind.. LOL
  429. Manicures
  430. How long does it take to unpack when u get home?
  431. Silly question
  432. purse
  433. The Ultimate Cruise Ship Playlist for your IPOD
  434. test
  435. Are you cruising with your kids?
  436. Dancing on the Seven Seas Navigator
  437. has cruising changed???
  438. Glory Glory...2009 (need a ticker)
  439. Tips & Fuel Charges...will one win?
  440. Are you able to sleep the night before you leave?
  441. How much have you SPENT on a cruise?
  442. Planning the trip LOVE it or HATE it!?!?
  443. How do you make a photo slide show set to music?
  444. Post Cruise - Withdrawal Symptoms
  445. Need help from the photography enthusiasts..
  446. Cigars and Customs!
  447. Must Pack items for my Mediterranean Cruise?
  448. purse only vs. purse and carry on bag
  449. How do you pass the time BEFORE your cruise?
  450. CC Logo wear Coupon code???
  451. Please tell me about Romantic Packages on RCCL!!
  452. How soon do you check out of work before you cruise?
  453. Vacation Countdown
  454. Birthday on the ship.
  455. last chocolate!
  456. Tales from the muster drill
  457. Need some ideas please
  458. Embarkation/On Board Cruise Traditions or Rituals
  459. Crossing the Equator
  460. Why duct tape?
  461. Gift Ideas??????????????
  462. Love Boat DVD's
  463. Any Ideas to Make an 18th Birthday Memorable?
  464. Luggage Decorating
  465. "I love cruising" Bookmarks
  466. Ok so now I want to know the 5 things you can do without on a cruise
  467. Not a ritual, but.....
  468. Who Celebrates Their Birthdays By Taking Cruises?
  469. Ideas for picture taking!
  470. Money
  471. Missed the Boat!!!
  472. Anyone else NOT really drink on a cruise?
  473. What is your favorite thing about cruising?
  474. Romance Packages on NCL??
  475. What are your favorite things to do on the first day of the cruise?
  476. NCL cruise cocktails made with juice recipes...
  477. Economy's affect on Cruising?
  478. Message in a bottle from cruise ship found -- 35 years later!
  479. RCCL - how is Quest played?
  480. What are you allowed to bring on board?Carnival
  481. Ipods & Cruisin
  482. What time can I board?
  483. Countdown clock not working??
  484. When the Wall Street come down.
  485. New Cruise book
  486. Inspiration- Dec.1
  487. Message in a bottle
  488. Cabin Crawl??
  489. Tour of Old San Juan
  490. Destiny Western Caribbean Ports and such
  491. Ohio cruisers !!!!
  492. Roaming Gnomes (or other such objects)
  493. Tanning metholds
  494. Entertaining your Cabin Steward!
  495. How early do you start packing?
  496. Good Cruise Books??
  497. a New Ritual we discovered
  498. Travel agents stability
  499. Prepaid Visa credit cards???
  500. Does anyone here keep water and sand from the beach?