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  1. Their IT leaves much to be desired, I haven't gotten an email either. It's on their website, if you them or your travel agent you can take the deal.
  2. For 2021 cruises to Alaska or Canada, Royal is offering a better deal than cancelling: Canada Travel Restrictions Last updated February 12th, 2021 On February 5th, 2021 the Canadian government announced continued port closures for all cruise ship travel through February 2022, which may have left you wondering what would happen with your upcoming sailing. Over the last few days, we’ve been reviewing our itineraries and discussing our options with various government agencies to determine the best plan of action for your cruise. We ask for your continued patience as we w
  3. Thanks, that's what I found as well. We are booked on Freedom in July. While we think it is unlikely to sail, I don't see an outright ban on cruises by Bermuda. Tom
  4. I can't find anything that says Bermuda is closed until July, do you have a link?
  5. This sentence seems to be self contradictory. If the model is non-viable, then by definition it is not likely to to change to a positive position. I'm fairly certain return to service will not be 90-100% effective and I doubt Royal's management thinks that it will be either. They will have a myriad of contingency plans ready to roll out if/when the time comes. After all, “No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy’s main strength.” Moltke the Elder This is a link to a short article talking about this: http:/
  6. Please explain why you think Royal has a non-viable business model? Would I be correct to think you have shorted Royal stock since they have a non-viable business model? I'm curious, what companies do you think have guarantees of future demand? Disclosure: We are holding a small number of shares of Royal and are happy to consider doing so. Tom
  7. I've canceled and rebooked Cruise Planner items for lower prices at least 40 times over the past couple of years. Occasionally multiple times for the same item. If we really can't check prices of items we already purchased I'm going to be very disappointed. Tom
  8. I thought the Key was over priced when I first saw it at $19.99 per day and then for a while it was frequently more than that. We booked for a couple of our cruises at $12.99 per day, but they never sailed. We would likely pay up to $17.99 per day for now simply to be able to get to the cruise terminal early and be able to get the Chops first day lunch without dealing with crowds. We would not like getting on the ship right before it leaves the dock. Everyone values different things and COVID ha changed the calculation for us. Tom
  9. Yeah maybe, but there is no evidence that Royal or any of the other big cruise line had come up with the required agreements to get people off of the ships and take care of them if there was an outbreak. Have you heard of any city in the US that said they would allow that? I'm convinced that has been the biggest roadblock. But that 's only my opinion and you know what they say about opinions.
  10. FWIW, pre-covid, Royal's P/E was between 14.5 and 21 for several years. While I expect that as mentioned on the call there will be restart costs, dropping less profitable, smaller ships and bringing on new large ships should have a nice positive impact on earnings as time goes on.
  11. Well actually he does; but if he tells you, he has to kill you, rules apply. 😁
  12. It's like the Hotel California, you can never leave.
  13. Everyone is different. Personally, I'm looking forward to missing out on the full blown muster drill, I'm sure you can make believe it is till happening if you like. To me, social distance on a cruise means less crowding and that gets a thumbs up. Tom
  14. Xray, What version of Android is on your phone? Royals says it will run on 7.0 and up, which cam out in August of 2016. Is your phone older than that, or are you having trouble trying to get it to install? There are some smart folks on here who might be able to walk you though it. Good lck, Tom
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