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  1. You would need to pay for each day you used the internet. Suggest looking at the cost of gratuities, and beverages you might buy and internet cost. Possibly Princess Plus would be cheaper.
  2. Explorers lounge during the day. Always quiet in the morning
  3. The two couples playing blackjack a couple cruises ago. Youngest was 95.Oldesr 99. Age is relative not just a chronological number. They danced up a storm every night. Think we all agree during school and/or longer cruises makes for an older group. Average on my last TA was 66 according to purser. A recent Christmas/New Years cruise just 32.
  4. Last TA there were 6 children on board and about 7 or 8 in the 18-20 area. Thank you for my laugh of the day. Was not aware Celebrity offered S & M cruises.
  5. Suggest going to the ships section on the website or Princess. Lots of reviews. We stopped cruising the Mexican Riviera. Too many men guarding stores armed with machine guns and always being hassled by begging.
  6. If you leave your hotel at 10am you will arrive at the port maybe 10:30. 30 minutes to check-in. By 11am you can take the 15 minute walk and board. Wander about till your cabin is ready. Have always been allowed to drop off our carry-on stuff on boarding. Last cruise we walked almost straight on at 11am. Relax.
  7. The itinerary is great and the towns interesting to walk. Never felt overrun with cruise ship passengers except at gift shops near the pier. Bugs- if you are near the harbor unlikely to have any as almost constant ocean breezes keep them grounded. Did a week in Greenland in August hiking years ago. Only fought mosses in swampy areas a bit inland. Never saw any in a month in Iceland 2 years ago. Cannot help on the ship.
  8. I gave up on the Princess website - using Android - some time ago. I book with my TA then call Princess customer service and have them enter data as necessary. Use my passport photo from previous cruises. Also pick up our Medallions at the pier - the 30 seconds at check-in less stress than them arriving in time as we always fly out a few days ahead of our cruises.
  9. The annual report is simply that - a report. It reports the significant changes made by the executives and BOD and financial data. An annual report does not make changes. Changes to the shareholder benefit would not require approval of shareholders at an AGM.
  10. For stabilizers either mechanical which is unlikely as hardware and sensors or software which adjusts the stabilizers to keep things in trim in conjunction with engine thrust. Software is not my area of expertise but should be able to be solved in a simulation.
  11. Princess and every other cruiseline can upgrade you. They certainly need to notify you or your TA. I had it happen twice. 1st time due to a mechanical issue. Received a larger and definitely upgraded cabin. 2nd time due to a large group. Was offered several choices and OBC or discount on a future cruise.
  12. A regular veranda cabin would be very tight for me. Have done a suite, but adjoining cabins worked better for my family.
  13. If you want formal try Cunard. All of the mainstream lines have a more casual approach. I wear a sportscoat and sometimes a tie. DW a nice top and long silk pants. Be aware on a Christmas cruise you will have at least a couple hundred children. They tended to walk about in a "herd" texting and moving about with little regard for others. For us, never again as I was knocked down by one group.
  14. They both are challenged. Much of the info you would like pre cruise is either not possible - menus often gave tweaks - or do you really need the exact hours for everything? Pre internet we boarded and found out menus each day by looking outside the MDR. FWIW the Princess, HAL and RCL apps have lots of issues too. We just relax, board and sort it out later. Never had a reservation issue after boarding and far less stress.
  15. Really simple. When you are travelling read the rules for each country for what items are restricted or prohibited. For example firewood cannot be imported into Canada. An antique car with any wood in the body must be fumigated on arrival in Australia.
  16. Have missed numerous ports. About half the time received a refund of the port fees. The reason is agreements with the ports vary. Some contract the space on what is a use it or lose it type of contract. Others are not paid a couple days ahead. A few allow for a refund based on weather or emergencies.
  17. If you can make sense out of suite pricing, let the rest of us know. Supposedly supply and demand
  18. We simply made 2 bookings as the last poster suggested. 2 and 4 will work then once on board speak to the maitre d.
  19. From the Cays a passenger could be flown off depending on the weather. Sounds like urgent care rather than trauma. Am glad that the health of those on. board always is the first priority.
  20. Was always clear to me. Obviously a ship with 4 MDR locations is completely different than a ship with only one. Try Princess where twice we made reservations only to find out they were all canceled as they had anytime dining. Are you serious that services on every ship should be the same? How as some have 1900 passengers and others more than twice that number.
  21. ACT does a great job. If you have time book one that stops at the animal sanctuary. There is little of interest in Whittier. Little might be complimentary.
  22. Obviously your cabin will be ready early. Cannot imagine you won't all get to board together.
  23. Have booked 4 guarantees. Got one upgrade from a veranda to Aqua. Two were in nice locations in the same class. One looked mostly on the window washing equipment.
  24. Have had both the tasting menu and regular. Preferred the tasting menu. Suggest a sea day if you can get a reservation. Usually found going to Eden on boarding made getting a reservation easier if we were flexible time wise. Last, Welcome to Cruise Critic
  25. All food comments are definitely personal. My wife pretty much did not like the casual dining venues. I was happy with the buffet. Pretty much think you will need to try and see what meets your preferences. And I know this foes not answer your question.
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