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  1. What don't you understand? Blu has flexible dining times in a smaller setting. Have gotten MDR entrees in Blu when requested ahead.
  2. Agree with the 2019 forum. You have really no clue as to what excursions will be offered either by Celebrity or private cruises organized on your Roll Call.
  3. Absolutely positively worth zero effort to get the tags mailed to you. Simply bring some masking tape and write your cabin number on the tape with a black marker. Stick it on your bag. Then drop off your bags at the pier. The porter will tag them. The tags might fall off. The masking tape wont.
  4. Same discussion overand over. The list of things that can go wrong is very long. Everything from the ship arriving late, a change with US CBP, to an accident blocking a highway. Throw in the uncertainty of Covid and . . . Will you make your flight? Probably. I also agree there are 3 other nearby airports that might have a better flight. Last remember schedules are changing often. Have friends flying from Calgary to Arizona. 6 changes of flight times and 2 flights cancelled just since August 15th. Good luck.
  5. Mine renewed in two weeks. The rush seems to have stopped as Covid cases and travel restrictions have been reimposed
  6. Boosters are available NOW if you had Pfizer for your first two shots and are immunologically compromised. Modera not yet approved. The AZDH said general population can get shots starting on September 20th. A booster being required? Cannot begin to guess what will be required in the future. Had a trip to the EU planned and many countries are starting to restrict Americans. Did not think that would happen.
  7. Varies from place to place and as to the type of test. Certainly inexpensive compared to the cost of a cruise.
  8. At this point nobody knows what excursions with be offered and what the rules will be. Would expect many changes between now and summer of next year
  9. While the Celebrity app has a long history of issues sure seems that you have a problem with your device. Logging out and turning off your device, waiting a minute and restarting with often sort your device. Obviously you need to delete and reinstall the app. Celebrity's issue? Possibly, but sounds like a device problem. Also run your anti virus and cleaner. Something is causing a problem.
  10. Worth the price. Was entertaining indeed
  11. A oujia board would give as good an answer as any.
  12. International travel is certainly not necessary. Testing is great and so is travel. We decided not to pay for a diagnostic test to go to Canada or the second one to allow us to fly home. Our choice and neither would have been covered by our PPO insurance. They did pay for testing when a neighbor who had visit our home tested positive. Different situation.
  13. Took 3 grandsons aged 15 to 22 on Celebrity. There was the sports court and ping pong. There were younger children but only 2 others their age. Our cruise was Spring break time. Without the basketball court would cruise on ROYAL. Did a Thanksgiving cruise on Royal. A couple hundred kids of all ages.
  14. You can buy duty free on board if on a B2B. The bottles are delivered to your cabin the last evening on the first leg. Not hard to open in your room and drink anywhere on the ship. Trying to take 4 bottles on board isn't worth the hassle. We always bring a wine opener. Again with the new policy little reason to bring anything alcoholic on board.
  15. Be sure and contact special needs at least 2 weeks before your cruise. They are wonderful
  16. Lots of unexplained credits. For some 5 cancelled cruises we have received over 15 various refunds with no notation as to what they refer. Several threads discuss this as well as that some had refunds reversed. The consensus of prior threads was take the cash, don't raise any flags, and do spend the money for a while. Celebrity has a crazy quilt system of refunds. Does not appear to be changing.
  17. Lots of changes at the last minute. Nothing really final to day before.
  18. Disagree. My TA responds within the same day. I usually email specific issues and those are almost always addressed the following day. Yes, I give out info for my TA when asked onboard. No reason not to.
  19. Aren't you forgetting things have gotten drastically worse in the last few weeks. Celebrity is simply attempting to keep Covid from its ships. You need a test together on an airplane anyway. Tests available even in Point Roberts with 500 residents. Results next day. At Seattle within minutes.
  20. This question comes up again and again. Thus, are there layer flights that afternoon? What is your comfort level with stress? The answer is to make a list of what could go wrong - things like laye disembarking dueto ???, traffic accident, etc. Then, if you are comfortable with that then book a fairly early flight.. My personal preference is to arrive a day early and leave a couple days after the cruise finishes. Lots to see and do. My DW hates stress.
  21. Fouremco - think you understand now that Hyder - adjacent to Stewart BC is the only place in the Alaska panhandle with road access. Haines and Skagway further north also have roads. Off topic, any thoughts on Canada Customs and Border people authorizing an August 6th strike. That would make a fine mess. DW and I crossed from Point Roberts WA thru BC to Blaine WA and returned a day ago. Smooth crossing and felt weird. No others crossing.
  22. Thank you. The CDC and CLIA guidelines provided for private transport from the ship to home for infected passengers. I know there were many changes, but did not hear about this one.
  23. Day before - absolutely. Also remember that if you book now your flights will likely be changed multiple times. If time permits add a couple days or a week!
  24. We did both NEXUS and SENTRI. Can drive in normal times either way across US/Canada border. Big help driving back from Mexico too.
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