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  1. What an ordeal getting this done. First I asked my travel agent about any changes to my booking and of course we had bad connection but I did hear her say I might try going through EZAir to get it done. Big Mistake. Called, followed the prompt and did not get EZAir. of course not. Explained what I wanted to do. Spent about 20 minutes waiting then the phone call got dropped. Had to call back. Got another customer service person. After about 30 minutes she came back and said she could not find the price I was looking at on line. No one ever connected me to EZAir rep. Hung up and went on line and booked the flight I wanted. Now just waiting for it to , I assume, up date so I can go back in and get the original seats I had. I will NEVER complain about the customer service that use to be here in Santa Clarita. It is done and saved $744. dollars.
  2. If I go ahead and change my airfare will it in any way change my booking? Price of seats went down almost $400. per person. Plenty of Premium seats available. Don't want to touch it if I can secrew up my cruise reservations.
  3. Older ship pricing has been historically lower. Everyone wants newer ships and they can charge more. . Its the incentive to get the older ships filled. It's fine with me as we like the older ships.
  4. If the ship isn't going to sail why would they have people go to the pier? Easier to keep them at the hotel where they are some what comfortable and if need be find them airfare and send them home.
  5. I would say expect the unexpected. New ship, new crew so things are not always as smooth as you might expect. Go with the flow and just enjoy the cruise. you might even come back with some great stories.
  6. Yes every hotel stay we have booked after the cruise has included ship to hotel and hotel to airport.
  7. We used Blacklane Car Service and were very happy with them. They were waiting for us at the terminal with a sign.
  8. For us, only for the right price.
  9. It's only in the newer cabins that were added toward the back of the ship. The rest of the mini's do not have it as you said.
  10. We have found that if we wait too long to prebook excursions and they sell out they usually do not open up again after we get on board. I think its a safe bet to book your train trip independently as everyone is on the same train. Only down side to booking independently is if they don't get you back to the ship before they leave port you are on your own The ship will not wait. With that said we have done both and have been ok.
  11. As you are aware there are a lot of great posters here and a lot of good information. Im sure you also know you have to come aboard with a thick skin. Don't take things personally and do enjoy Cruise Critic. Bon Voyage
  12. Sorry but not worth the stress.
  13. I don't think the Diamond Princess has a concierge lounge. Do they? Thought just the newer ships
  14. Sailed S. America over Xmas and New Years and both holiday evenings were pretty dressy .
  15. Only hope everyone wears white and gold. You and your dress will stand out like a shining star. The envy of everyone at dinner. 😊 You better take it with you.
  16. Considerling that Carnaval is about $27 billion in debt. Im happy the cruiseline is still in business.
  17. Take your blanket and pillows and if you can pull your mattress down to guest services and sleep there for a few nights. I think it might light a fire. And yes we did read on CC that someone did that very thing.
  18. Has anyone done any grocery shopping lately? ALL food prices have gone up all over the board. Unless something changes I do expect to see more increases. We will keep cruising till we can't any longer.
  19. Probably a 20 minute drive. For the young and young at heart. Not like it use to be.
  20. Worst case if you get there just walk a half a block and go into the Valencia Mall to do some shopping. Also you are surrounded by many restaurants. Thats about it.
  21. I think it might be the Grand Princess.
  22. The other bag will show up. Hey you got an Ocean View cabin. Hope it's in a good location. Enjoy
  23. Best themed buffet we had was on a transatlantic to Europe. Indian themed and it was the best. I think it was better then our at home Indian Restaurant.
  24. The Grand does have a designated library but like most Princess ships its very limited. Not like in the past. I think most people stop by just to see what others have donated to the Library. If you have a few good paperback or hard back you would like to leave for others please do so,
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