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  1. You are correct. Had a hard time finding a pic that didn’t have the Princess ship in it. EM
  2. How old are the kids? I would think that the older they get, the longer time they would like to get ready. Especially if some are girls. Perhaps you could pick another holiday for the reveal, such as Thanksgiving... EM
  3. You can ask and see what happens. Might get a second stool like the one at the desk. As for the folding chair...again you can try if you think it might survive being in the luggage bin under 30 or more heavy suitcases. You might ask on the Carnival board. I think I have been in insides and OV cabins on Fascination one Elation that had a chair in the corner instead of the orange box. EM
  4. I am not a fan of NCL but in this case, if the NCL itinerary included Glacier Bay, I would choose it. Otherwise I would go with Celebrity. We have done Alaska twice on Princess. EM
  5. Picture was taken Feb. 11, 2019. EM
  6. There is a forum here for disabled cruising, where this is often mentioned. Located under Special Interest Cruising. I have the same problem. I can’t stand in one place or I will collapse. I have to keep moving. Not many ships have safety drills outside by the lifeboats any more. Most are inside in areas where there is some seating. The secret is to go early to your muster station to snag a seat. There is talk that when cruising resumes, muster drill will be on TV in your cabin. So, stay tuned. EM
  7. Our shots were scheduled thru our health care provider group. They were not given at our site, but in the next county. The group changed record systems a couple years ago, but not all offices in the group changed over. You used to be able to access lab results, but no more - with exception of the cardiologist, who still has the old platform, with different login. However, we have the Medicare billing statements detailing the administration fees. Strange, they charged a lot more for the second shot! In addition, we registered with CDC v- safe follow-up. Just has the 3 month text/check la
  8. Another offering for your identification pleasure:
  9. This is another view of the port. The ship to the left is docked where the Pullmantur ship was in the first pic. EM
  10. You are correct. Also popular for other features.. But that would have given it away too easily. EM
  11. There are several clues here, if you have been here...
  12. A lot of ships visit here, but not as a port call. EM
  13. I’ve cruised with crochet and embroidery stuff, and never had a problem. Stop into a craft store and get a pair of folding scissors. EM
  14. None at all. It's a cabin under the galley that you want to avoid. EM
  15. She’s in the shipyard but not in one of the dry docks. EM
  16. No offers yet for this one, but here are some more:
  17. Certainly Seattle is an embarkation port, mostly for round trip cruises to Alaska. Has been for years. At least two piers. https://www.portseattle.org/maritime/cruise EM
  18. I would like to make one comment about your Bella OV gty. Any chance that you could upgrade it to a Fantastica gty? When booked Seaside, I looked at the OV cabins, and saw that there were 80, evenly split between Bella and Fantastica. And there are 1300 balconies. I chose to book a Fantastica OV gty, gambling that I would be upgraded. But I booked Fantastica because I didn't want to take the chance of the upgrade being from Bella to Fantastica OV. In fact, we were upgraded to a Fantastica balcony. Soon after that they started having people bid on upgrades. Don't know what will happen
  19. There are two (maybe more) types of 'obstructed' view cabins on the Fantasia class ships. The pics I have are from Divina. We had cabin 8114 which overlooked the deck below and lifeboats. It was not a problem for us. This is my sister relaxing on our balcony with her Kindle and iced tea. The second type I am aware of are those with solid steel walls on the balcony. You can identify these on the deck plans because the balconies are slightly gray. They are not just on deck 8, but they are all Bella. Some with blue balconies are half obstructed.
  20. I see your cruise is in Europe. May I suggest you get a copy of Rick Steve’s’ Mediterranean Cruise Ports. Thick book, but full of great info. Written for cruisers, he tells you what there is to do in your ports, and how much you can do in the time you have in port. Also how to do it, and what it might cost. Fro the places he does not cover, he recommends Lonely Planet. Sicily is one of those places. With Lonely Planet, you can often purchase and download only the chapters you want. Also, on the Rick Steves website you can download free audio guides (iPod/phone/mp3) for many sites and p
  21. Yes, this is Hamilton, Bermuda. We were there on Zenith in 2006. We docked there first for two days, then traded places with NCL Crown and went to St. George's.
  22. The proper place for this request is the Florida Departures board, located further down on the boards page, under North American Homeports. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/386-florida-departures/ EM
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