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  1. Two interesting developments 1) CDC seems to be more flexible to cruising starting by July 2) Florida, not trusting CDC is continuing to push for an injunction against CDC. So perhaps we will have cruising out of US ports. Attaching a link to one of several stories on the CDC CDC responds to cruise line request . To me one of the most important quotes "It said, 'Cruising will never be a zero-risk activity,' adding that the goal of the CSO phased approach was to resume operations in a way that cuts the risk of COVID-19 transmission onboard ships and across port communities." It has seemed ove
  2. That is why I think they should also require the negative covid test before the cruise...so that at least the people who aren't telling the truth are not carrying the virus... at least another layer.... ps thanks for correcting my post... type too quickly
  3. What a great hack.. I will try that... that has been my one issue that drives me nuts about constant mask wearing... almost fell over a curb once when I had put it on walking towards a store
  4. I wish that they had decided to sail with all vaccinated to demonstrate safety and then add <18 later. This way it would be difficult to say that they were not following guidelines... kids confuse the issue. But if you keep them out of certain areas... like bars or spa or one of the pools... it seems to me that everyone else can do normal things in those areas. Johns Hopkins review of test results from vaccinated people even noted that the only reason vaccinated people wear masks in 'public' is because you don't know who is and who is not vaccinated... So if you know everyone is vaccinated.
  5. I am referring to this... CDC guidance for fully vaccinated Read the first bullet point..and remember...unlike a typical 'public' setting where you don't know if people have been vaccinated... cruise ships are only allowing people who have been fully vaccinated. The issue is kids..and in theory... you should be able to follow these guidelines if bars, theaters and dining room after 8:30 were to keep those <18 out.
  6. We have also been stuck for the past year. We were on one of the last uninterrupted cruises last year ...returning March 13... the next sailing was cut short... we decided to self quarantine when we returned home..since we heard a few workers at the port had tested positive. I had not planned on cruising until US ports were open...but getting stir crazy. I don't mind some masking...but the problem I have is my glasses fogging up...
  7. I just noticed this update related to Royal sailings. current view on masking What I still don't get... is while CDC policy for fully vaccinated people hanging out with other fully vaccinated people is that masking and social distancing is not required... I don't quite get why masking indoors will still be required if everyone on the ship who is allowed to be vaccinated is vaccinated. Issue must be the kids... again..perhaps initial sailings should not include children until we know more. Interesting thing...when I booked I was told I would only have to wear masks when approaching
  8. Understood... I was thinking of being on a cruise ship with passengers and crew all vaccinated... vs in port or out in the general public..... I do still wear masks in store for the reasons you state...no need to scare someone needlessly. I am just hoping that by the time cruises out of Nassau get going that passengers can not have to socially distance and wear masks..on the ship...out in the port is a different matter.
  9. I know... what is interesting are the comments late in the JH piece that notes that wearing masks in public... is not necessary, But has been required since in most cases, since you have no idea who is and who is not vaccinated.... So requiring vaccinated to wear a mask is not based on a medical reason... more of a psychological reason
  10. I can see your point relative to GBS...but if we aimed for that low a level ( I read that is is something like 1-2/1million)... think of how many more will die from covid as we looked for a safer vaccine. Anyway.. generally speaking...based on what we know now... and this could change... it looks safer than taking your chances with Covid... particularly if you are older. Now I will be honest... if one of my younger nieces/nephews didn't want to take it... I would understand... their overall risk is lower for suffering from Covid than mine. I don't fear death from Covid...my concern is getting
  11. It may have been a one off... I got mixed feed back... one group I contacted out of Australia.. felt it was not related...but someone I talked to at American Red Cross thought it was likely related to vaccine... Odd thing... they test every time I donate. This time I got the vaccine less than 2 weeks before donating.. I assume that back in early Feb there were likely few people who had the vaccine and then made a donation so close to the shot... What is sad is that I am AB+ universal donor for plasma and platelets... I reached out because it is costly for Red Cross to needlessly knock out peop
  12. You don't think a 0.0011% risk is low? The risk of blood clots from birth control pills is apparently over a 10 year period is someplace between 0.3% to 1.0% (according to webmd). 1/88,000 is very very low. I was curious about other risks and found this from the National Safety Council... now they are not apple to apple these stats are lifetime.. but helps put things in perspective. National Safety Council odds of dying stats. Apparently the odds of dying in a vehicle accident in 2019 was 1 in 8,393... so ten times higher than 1 in 88,000. It helps to put things in perspective.
  13. Interesting perspective on effectiveness of vaccines -- I hope CDC follows the science. It appears that once vaccinated you have a very very small chance of getting it again... at least for some period of time... and importantly it is unlikely that you will spread it either... while more data needs to be collected. I feel comfortable going on a cruise and I hope that by August fully vaccinated can sit and talk without masking or distancing. But so far the data looks extremely good. Check out this link from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Expert insights... so this isn't just
  14. I may have missed a post.. but I have seen suggestions of copying or scanning your vaccine card and keeping a copy at home and bring an extra....just in case... could be more important than passport
  15. I just came across this yesterday.... Do you remember when the head of CDC said she had a feeling of doom.. and then the very next day talked about data saying that people who got vaccinated were very unlikely to get or pass on covid... and then some other CDC spokesperson essentially said she misspoke? Well this popped up from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Expert Insights (yes it does say expert).... so if we are to follow the science... I want to follow this science. https://www.jhsph.edu/covid-19/articles/new-data-on-covid-19-transmission-by-vaccinated-individuals.html
  16. I don't see an issue with taking baby steps... start out with vaccinated people and once vaccine levels get to a critical level...then open it up to everyone.. For me the issue is that the definition of heard immunity seems to change...
  17. Remember when the head of the CDC came out and indicated that she had a feeling of impending doom about covid and then the next day said that vaccinated people couldn't get or transmit the virus and then the next day someone at the CDC said she essentially misspoke and the concern were for variants...or some such thing? Well check out this from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Expert Insights, this relates to the head of CDC's positive comments on vaccinated people. When they say follow the science... I hope they follow this science. When you read this you realize that vaccinat
  18. Well we decided to bit the bullet and go ahead and test cruising... beginning with a AOS sailing out of Nassau in August. I just hope it is still fun. Not crazy about the itinerary..but we often don't get off the ship..so hopefully we can handle masking requirements. I did suggest in the survey and in a FB message, that they make bars like the Sky Lounge... a <18 zone free... so that people can be maskless and not socially distance... per CDC guidelines for fully vaccinated with others who are fully vaccinated. Having children complicates things.. but if no one under 18 goes on
  19. It would be interesting to see reaction if you submitted results of a PSA test... or even a pregnancy test 😆... but what they want is that you show proof of a negative RT-PCR test. Looks like Bahamas has dropped that request (which impacts Royal sailings out of Nassau).. but a negative test will be needed when you want to return to the states.... I know Royal will handle this test... and I believe Celebrity will too. Here is an article concerning testing... I am sure there are many more Travel & Leisure article
  20. Correct..https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#vaccinations single dose: 40.5% of US population; 51.5% of those = or > 18; 80.6% of those = or > 65 fully vaccinated: 26.4% of US population; 33.8% of those = or > 18; 80.6% of those = or > 65
  21. So... let us summarize.... on April 19 the CDC raises the travel alert to level 4. “Because of the current situation in the Bahamas even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants and should avoid all travel to the Bahamas. If you must travel to the Bahamas, get fully vaccinated before travel. All travelers should wear a mask, stay 6 feet from others, avoid crowds, and wash their hands.” Then on April 21 the Prime Minister of Bahamas says that "effective May 1, international travelers will be exempted from RT PCR testing once they h
  22. I had just purchased travel insurance... which includes covid coverage... and it it still months away. Ironically I noticed that CDC had issued a warning about travel to NY about a month ago..it is not removed... only reason I can think..it that while their cases/100k is well about the 100 set for level 4.. the trend is slightly down..while Bahamas level about half NY level..they were trending up in past few weeks...now one reason could be the fact that Bahamas does not enter data every day...but every 2-3. days..which could skew trends a bit..... Anyway... there are now a number of policies t
  23. Check your spam filter.... I have found a number of hotmail emails automatically sent to spam.
  24. I think you hit on something... many people do not wear proper masks (eg bandanas or shields instead of any mask ), they don't replace the quality masks with the regularity they should... they repeated touch the masks...which in theory could be covered with virus... they set them down on tables etc... pull them down from covering their noses... etc. We may never really know how well masks work because ....most of us don't use them properly and I suspect the longer you need to wear them over the course of a day.. the more you misuse them... they get hot..steam up glasses ..etc. The paper sited
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