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  1. For cruisers who have plans in place for the next few months July-Sep... the worst thing that could happen...would be for Florida to win. It would completely disrupt plans... right now those who are booked are comfortable with virtually all vaccinated cruise... If this were to suddenly open up... the whole masking not masking issue opens up again... because regardless.. cruise lines are going to want to pursue the healthiest option..so they will follow some form of CDC guidance.. So we go from what will likely be nearly normal...to some confusing mix. As I have said before... just
  2. As I understand it... it is to test their protocols.... so as an example a test passenger could be told..at some point... you have covid (not for real but part of role play)... that passenger now goes into isolation and the crew have to make sure the person stays in the room... provide food... come by for periodic temp checks etc... The idea is to make sure that they have the protocols in place and that crew are trained. I read that to be a volunteer will require some work on your part. So it is not to see if Covid pops up...but to nail down what they need to do to prevent it and to stop it fr
  3. And it isn't the number posted..... now it may change over the course of a cruise 🙂
  4. If fully vaccinated I assume they go by the fully vaccinated guidance.. which is no social distancing required, I hope there won't be an issue, DH needs a scooter... I can and likely will take the stairs... at least for a few flights... but sure hope he will be on the floor when I get there 🙂
  5. How about Florida suspend fines for 6 months for businesses that transport people in one form or another... so that would include cruises, public transportation, etc. Then revisit at the end of the year and tweak the law as needed.
  6. I read two things that seemed very inconsistent... one was that DeSantis was sticking by his view that cruise ships, specifically, should not be violating the vaccine passport ban and the second was that the law was passed before cruising could restart and that somehow he did not think this would apply to cruises.... both can't be true. However, I still think that something will be worked out...after the mediation results come out. DeSantis does not want to have the blame for cancelled cruises laid at his door.... especially after all he has done to get it going again.... So he has to find a w
  7. Candidly... I would prefer fully vaccinated ships.... I am fully vaccinated and frankly am not concerned being around unvaccinated....But I really don't want to be in an environment where passengers are telling other passengers that they must mask or socially distance... etc. I want to be able to enjoy the cruising experience without a bunch of people second guessing protocols. With mixture of vaccinated and unvaccinated... some will be looking around wondering who is and who is not and whether passenger A should be wearing a mask... I just don't want to deal with that... I want to be able
  8. No idea... just trying to come up with ideas... I was thinking if someone got sick onboard don't doctors want to check your medical history before prescribing treatment... anyway that was my thought process. When I see a specialist... I usually provide my primary care doctors name to make sure he gets the information.. I thought it might work in reverse..as well...
  9. I had thought that if you put something in the contract that indicates that if you develop symptoms and the cruise line finds out that you have not actually been vaccinated... you pay for medical coverage, any quarantine and transportation home perhaps an added fine...plus ban from future cruises. At least that way there is some deterrent. That way you only have to confirm if someone develops symptoms. That way you don't have to present proof of vaccination... just confirm that you have. Of course someone could be on the ship unvaccinated and not get sick...but then is that really a problem. I
  10. Looks like things are going on behind the scenes on the passport ban issue...https://www.forbes.com/sites/suzannerowankelleher/2021/05/30/florida-governor-ron-desantis-cruise-line-exemption-vaccine-passport-ban/?utm_campaign=forbes&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_term=Valerie&sh=5d919f2a5ed5
  11. No but before opening up a can of worms...they may want to see what happens here before starting up their own legal action...that is all I meant.
  12. Perhaps once we learn more about the outcome from mediation...the cruise lines may have to go to court to get Florida's law as it applies to this industry...either tossed or get an injunction so that they can start up cruising... not sure how else this get resolved... quickly..to allow July sailings to begin
  13. Here is the other thing... when I search for proof of vaccine required... I come across this screen. Notice that the proof of vaccination discussion is listed under sailing from Seattle or Bahamas... Florida is not listed... at this point...
  14. I know...but I would have thought that if documentation was required...it would be in the cruise contract...wouldn't it?
  15. Okay another legal question.... someone posted this link to the cruise contract for the June 12 Adventure of the Seas sailing out of Nassau. Now I do not see anything in the contract dealing with vaccination. However... there is wording talking about the need to be truthful on the health questionnaire (page 3 C (1)) "c. COVID-19 Policies and Procedures. Passenger understands that Carrier’s COVID-19 Policies and Procedures may or will include (but are not be limited to): (1) providing an accurate, truthful and complete health questionnaire in a form and containing any and all health or travel-r
  16. Royal is not doing the 95% but Celebrity is. In Fain's video..he noted that because Royal is more of a family oriented line that they will not be able to make the 95% because of the significant number of children on board. Those over 12..after May 1 will be expected to be vaccinated...but they believe that they will have enough children below 12 that it will not be possible to reach the 95% level. The real issue now is Florida's vaccine passport ban... It kinda looks like they will use the honor system... request that passengers be vaccinated..but not ask for proof... at least that is what it
  17. The CDC keeps updating their guidelines... makes it impossible for cruislines to tell you anything until they feel that the CDC has stopped making changes... just in the last week rules changed on masks (first outside then inside), excursions, and just a few days ago they indicated that somethings were left up to the discretion of the cruise line.. So as of May 26... still not firm...plus there is the court case in mediation... hopefully we will know more next week. They can't be transparent over things they have no visibility to. I suggest you cancel and wait until the smoke has cleared..bec
  18. Notice how the word vaccine is not in the contract.
  19. This is good information and helps put things in perspective. Frankly, I think people don't understand the concept of risk management... You step out of the house...you take a risk....you step into the tub you take a risk. Each day we subconsciously make decisions over the level of risk we are willing to take. We have learned that wearing seatbelts helps reduce the risk (not eliminate it) in a car. Something to note from the chart 300 children age 0-17 died.... not necessarily OF Covid.. but INVOLVING Covid... so they could have had Covid and cancer..or fallen down the stairs..but they had Cov
  20. I was hoping that the contract language was a way to get around vaccine passport ban...but I see that the website for Celebrity ..still calls for proof of vaccination... so...unless they plan on modifying that.. I guess I was being too optimistic that they had found a clever way to avoid documentation...
  21. For those familiar with the Florida law.... does it ban asking if you have been vaccinated or asking for proof that you have been vaccinated? Looking at this contract verbiage it looks like they are essentially saying... we are going to ask you about this... please tell the truth because our insurance company... the one that covers your care on ship...should you get Covid... requires this and if it turns out that you have lied... well the cruise lines insurance will not cover that care..... suggesting the passenger will be footing the bill. Okay ...I am reading between the lines...perhaps rea
  22. You are so right! It is hard to keep up with the changes....and flip flops. I recall when the head of CDC said she had a feeling of impending doom one day and the very next day came out and said that vaccinated people could not get or give the virus....THEN the CDC came out and said she misspoke. The link I had ... was published around the time she noted that vaccinated people couldn't get or give covid (my words...she was a bit more nuanced). During this same period they came out with guidance for fully vaccinated people saying that if you hung out with fully vaccinated you did not have to ma
  23. They tweaked the policy...sailings after Aug 1 those 12 and over need to be vaccinated https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/do-i-need-a-covid-vaccine-to-cruise-what-counts-as-proof An earlier post indicated that there might be cancellations due to this change...
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