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  1. Hi - we were supposed to do this combination in May and booked the Rocky Mountaineer through AAA after booking our cruise with Celebrity. Purchased the "train" portion as a package from Rocky Mountaineer with extra nights in Calgary and Vancouver. Due to Covid-19, Rocky Mountaineer cancelled the trip. If you plan to deal with Rocky Mountaineer, my advice is to make certain that you have really good travel insurance that will cover your expenses if for any reason the trip can't be done. RM has refused to refund any of our $6K, including the cost of the hotels (all of which are fully refunding pandemic related cancellations). We're so frustrated with this situation that we're not sure we ever want to travel with them. We have friends who did the trip with the Gold Leaf Service (which is what we had booked), and they said it was fantastic. Thousands of positive reviews on TripAdvisor, but the negative reviews detail exactly what we have dealt with. Just go in with your eyes open and read their Terms & Conditions carefully. (They're on the website and in their brochure.) Whenever we get to Alaska for our long-awaited cruise, we're considering hiring a driver to take us on the same route as the train. Then we'll have more control over what we see, when we eat & where we sleep and will save a boatload of money! Kay
  2. Not a lot of need for my new wool hat or the heavy sweaters purchased for our ill-fated Canadian Rockies/Alaska trip. Maybe it will be extra cold next winter down here in NC!
  3. Hi. Daughter of a close friend is part of the crew so I too am following their journey. They are refueling in Cyprus then picking up food in Athens. Still waiting for a port that will allow them to dock.
  4. Wonderful, upbeat ideas here! While still a little too early to order luggage tags for our 5/21 Alaska cruise out of Vancouver, I'll keep an eye on the calendar and order them in a few weeks as a memento. (Of course, by then, X may have shut down the order link.) We've booked Alaska 4 or 5 times and always had to cancel for unforeseen circumstances. We were so confidant that this one would be a "go" that we booked a week long package with the Rocky Mountaineer from Calgary to Vancouver prior to the cruise. Fingers and toes crossed, but being realistic that these trips will remain on our bucket lists for a bit longer. Stay safe everyone. Kay
  5. We're also on this cruise with a Rocky Mountaineer train package ending in Vancouver prior to the cruise. We're sitting tight to see if train and/or cruise will be cancelled. Can FCCs be used to pay the balance on a cruise already booked (Apex in April, 2021) or can they only be used for new bookings? Thanks. K
  6. Welcome home! We're contemplating coming back to Princess for a few great itineraries including one in Sky, so this info is great. Hope you all had a fantastic week making new memories together. Kay & Mark
  7. Daughter of a friend is part of the Production cast on this ship. Just touched base with my friend and he says all is fine right now, but this does not sound like a good situation to me. Hopefully there will not be a breakout on another cruise line.
  8. Hello - you were assigned a Captains Club number because Celebrity and Royal Caribbean have the same parent company, so loyalty on one line gets you the equivalent "status" on the other. Since you are in a suite and priority is implied, you may want to call the Captains Club/One Hospitality line with questions about reservations: 800-760-0654 Happy sailing!
  9. Hi. We just sailed and learned the laundry was not limited to a bag, but was 30 items per Elite member. I did 2 bags of free laundry totaling 30 items. Double check with your room steward. Enjoy your new Elite status.
  10. We booked several ship excursions in advance on our recent Pacific Coast cruise and saved money on all of them over what was charged if booked onboard during the cruise.
  11. Hi - I just did a quick check of the two websites below. Click on the October calendar to see Departure Ports for all ships sailing to King's Wharf: https://www.cruisetimetables.com/cruises-to-kings-wharf-bermuda.html NCL Encore; Royal Caribbean Adventure OTS; Disney Magic and Carnival Sunrise have itineraries similar to the Summit sailing out of New York. Scroll down to October to see what ships will be at Kings Wharf: http://crew-center.com/kings-wharf-bermuda-cruise-port-schedule-2020 Looks like in mid-August the Summit will start an adventure that takes her from NYC to Dublin to Boston to Canada through the Panama Canal and back ending up in San Juan in early December. Don't see any other Celebrity ship doing the 7 night NYC to Bermuda. Kay P.S. NCL Gem sails from Boston to Kings Wharf on Oct. 16 and Oct. 23 and on Oct. 30 for a 5 night.
  12. A call to Captain's Club will probably get you on the waitlist for Select then go straight to MDR upon boarding to inquire about switching. If they say no, check each night to see if space has opened up. Good luck and have a fantastic cruise.
  13. Hi. This depends in part on how many courses you order and how many are at your table. We don't do pre-scheduled times for dinner, but DH and I have made it to the early show by going to the MDR just after 5:30 and telling the wait staff we plan to go to the 7 pm show. Not a leisurely dining experience but we do make it to the early show.
  14. Hi - we'll be staying at the Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott this weekend prior to sailing from Cape Liberty on Sunday. I called Carmel Limo today to arrange a hotel pick-up on Sunday morning by a Luxury sedan. Among other things, I was told there was no difference in the types of cars used for the Sedan pick-ups and the Luxury sedan pick-ups even though the Luxury sedan rate is higher. Seems odd that the same cars would have different rates for the same trip. What am I missing? Thanks - Kay
  15. Hi - I'm going to take a slightly different path with my response. Several years ago, due to work schedules, my husband & I arrived in San Juan about 2 am for a cruise departing later that day. As soon as we arrived, we went to the Hampton Inn which is very close to the airport. I do not remember having any problem getting a cab from the airport at that hour. However, we were so tired the first two days of the cruise, we missed a lot. (We were in our 50s at the time and both in reasonably good shape.) Please consider how quickly you will "spring back" from a late flight once the cruise has departed. Is it worth being too tired to enjoy this time with your daughter for an inexpensive plane fare? More than just money can come into play here. Hope you have a wonderful cruise. We've been to San Juan 2 or 3 times - lovely city and very walkable in the Old San Juan area. The Ports of Call forums have a wealth of useful information on the other islands. As others have said - don't flash a lot of cash, be aware of your surroundings and use official taxis, not some guy at the end of the pier offering you a ride.
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