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  1. We cancelled our Panorama 9-18 sailing on Aug 8 or 9. Refund is in my bank account this morning, Monday Aug 23 with a date of Friday Aug 20. Entire process couldn't have been smoother, particularly since I booked a non-refundable rate and cancelled due to fear of job repercussions should we be required to quarantine. I had trip insurance but not through Carnival, so in all fairness Carnival owed me nothing.
  2. Precisely why we just cancelled our Panorama 9-18 cruise. Two of the four in our group would be at risk of repercussions at work if they had to miss an extra 10 days due to quarantine. Long Beach to KY is too far for us to drive assuming we were allowed to rent a car and drive home. Just too much uncertainty to risk a job over. Carnival was very nice about the cancellation. I expected to have to get something from employers, but they were as nice as could be, and I already have my email stating no penalty for cancellation. May be a bit before I get the actual money in bank, but I'm not complaining.
  3. We added my brother to our cruise companion list, but he had to accept our invitation. Maybe this is Carnival's new dating app?
  4. We always get a Spa pass for DH and DD, but we've decided not to spend the money this time. More worried about restrictions on the # of guests in spa at same time becoming a thing in the near future, thus limiting the times they could go. We've never been on the Panorama anyhow, so plenty to do without the passes. Me--I'd rather go on the ropes course without a tether than go to the spa 😁
  5. Guess I'll be eating in MDR....where the waiter will suggest a lovely celery stick with fat free cream cheese for Madam's dessert 😁😆😝
  6. Same here!! DH and I need 10 days and DD needs 14 days. 7 day cruise in September and hopefully another in the spring should get us there. Hope you get your cruise all sorted out soon 🙂
  7. Any public library would have the resources you need as well.
  8. Evenings are our choice as well. Some days we just ask for clean towels and ask that they skip cleaning.
  9. I was responding to the original question. However, if anyone could make vegan BBQ taste great it would be Guy Fieri 😁
  10. Same here. A couple of clicks for each of the three of us and it was all done.
  11. Pig n Anchor is awesome--I've been missing it for close to 18 months now 😁
  12. Wish I hadn't even opened the link. Now I'm starving and don't sail till September 😆 Love the chilled soups and even picky DH will have choices he likes every night. Thanks for posting--it just adds to the excitement.
  13. Fingers crossed!! Our flight to LAX is on Sept 17. We'll wear the masks if required to without grumbling about it, but a 5+ hour flight will be a lot more pleasant without them.
  14. We have sailed on the Magic twice and the Breeze once. Loved both of them! We had cove balcony on both, and those forward most coves are great. Very quiet location. Had a regular balcony on Magic last year and it was very nice. The spa on both ships is amazing. We were on the 2nd to last sailing of the Magic before the shutdown. The biggest disappointment of our cruise was coming home to a world without toilet paper. 😱 Never dreamed it would be 18 months before we will sail again.
  15. Worked for me. Thanks for the link and the instructions ☺️ I logged into Carnival and found my booking #, opened a new tab, copied and pasted the link and edited the booking #, then pressed enter. It takes you directly to your docs, but as others have said, boarding pass will not show until online check in is completed.
  16. Could be as simple as card color, same as the Platinum, Diamond, Red etc used now.
  17. First cruise was 2013 on the Ecstasy to shut my family up--I knew I would hate it. The minute I stepped on board and looked up in the atrium, I was hooked. 14 cruises later (and one cancelled last July), I'm still hooked.
  18. We cruised without passports for our first three cruises. DD, DH and I got ours after that. When we went on our first family cruise, middle DD and family had theirs already, so I paid for our oldest DD and kids (her DH already had his). Peace of mind and money well spent for us.
  19. DH, DD and I marked our 2 week "anniversary" of our second dose yesterday. So ready to cruise.
  20. DH, DD, and I are fully vaccinated and would love to sail as soon as possible on a fully vaccinated ship. My reasoning for wanting everyone to be vaccinated is the chances are slim to none of a quarantine onboard with an early return to home port, IMO
  21. We have sailed on AOS and Independence of the Seas. Love the ice shows!
  22. Bob Marley bus tour is fantastic! Now, back to the question at hand...
  23. Went to pay my RCCL credit card yesterday and saw that my refund was posted in the last week or so. I really didn't expect it to be that quick.
  24. Price and home port first, then itinerary, then ship.
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