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Donít be ridiculous! Iíve booked and subsequently enjoyed excursions with other cruise lines a heck of a lot more than 80/90 days prior.
Furthermore, the majority of Ďvenuesí wonít object to being booked way in advance; and anyway from what Iíve seen the Viking excursions arenít that Ďinvolvedí mainly.
If people donít like getting up early, they can simply book their own excursions.
Viking isn't other cruise lines; Viking has their own way of doing things.

Excursion are loaded into MVJ right before booking opens for the Owner's Suite at 100 days before sailing. The average is around 120 days before sailing but it is not a firm date. Booking is by cabin category; the more you pay, the sooner you can book.

Of course this argument is ridiculous but it gives people a chance to air their frustrations with the process, especially those of us who have booked at the bottom of the pecking order. It also helps to calm the fears of those who think they are going to be closed out of tours if they aren't sitting at their computers the moment that booking opens. It doesn't mean much to the few cabins that get to book first but it means a lot to those who in DV and V cabins. We don't really expect that Viking is going to change the opening time but it sure is interesting to see how many people are taking everything so seriously.
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