How is Caribbean Princess wifi

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going to be on CP for 14 days, how is WiFi service on ship, particulary in cabin...we have mid ship balcony...any suggestions on packages...any feedback appreciated..😃😃
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We have used it recently on the CB but mostly at the Piazza, seldom inside the cabin. Signal was just fine. If you have problem inside the cabin, you may want to open a bit the cabin door to have a better signal.

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I actually had a WiFi access point in my cabin behind the TV, so good signal in my cabin, but the actual speed was not great at certain times of the day. And let's face it, it was never all that fast, but usable. Just don't expect to stream videos very well.
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I used it in the cabin daily and it was OK. Opening attachments, watching videos, etc can be slooow. It was fine for opening emails, Facebook or checking our bank accounts. It takes 2 minutes to load stuff when you first logged on.
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Internet worked, most of the time. Three of my Apple apps would not load, only had two that wouldn’t open on Regal with the Ocean Medallion internet. There were definitely slow periods and I would log off and try later.

Had complimentary internet of 500 minutes, left 120 behind and could have gotten by with less.

Light times were around 2AM, during dinner and shows. At sea afternoons were slow.

We had a mid-ship basic balcony cabin and reception was fine during non-peak use.

I know of one person who couldn’t get her email to work. Turned out to be settings, which the internet staff reset. She had to use her iPad, not the ships computers. Thus, if something doesn’t work, be sure to ask.

You get good instructions for the ships intranet. Once the page loads, internet is at the bottom of the page. You do get extra minutes first time you log create your login, thus if you think you may need them be sure to select extra minutes then.

If two to a cabin, I recommend one login (just log off the first device should you wish to login with a second). This will give you a feel for how much internet you use - should you run low/out of minutes. You can then create a new account adding extra minutes depending on number of days left in your cruise.

I planned 20 minutes a day with morning and evening email checks. Less than 250 minutes needed.
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We were on the Caribbean last January and again last fall, after the dry dock. Internet was better the second trip as that was one thing they were updating. Each room should now be equipped with a router. The only place we didn't have service was on our balcony.

I too have apps that never work while onboard. And as others have stated, it's good for getting emails, facebooking, and small things like that. I also found that if you reply to your emails, Facebook posts, etc while online and then get back on to send, it saves minutes.

Download books and such before leaving port.
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We were on in December -A747 all the way back on starboard stern. Worked very well for us for the 10 days we were on. I had an issue once but we always used it in the cabin and was fine for general e-mail, web surfing, etc.
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Originally posted by happicruzer
You do get extra minutes first time you log create your login, thus if you think you may need them be sure to select extra minutes then.
I think the better phrasing is that you get the opportunity to purchase extra minutes at a reduced price the first time you sign in with your Platinum/Elite Internet minutes benefit.