The other side of Cozumel island?

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North Louisiana
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Does anyone know of a Carnival excursion that takes you to the other side of the island? (That would be the east side, right?) We've been to Cozumel a dozen times but have never seen the "other side". (We're not interested in renting a vehicle for a do it yourself tour.)
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It's been a long time (at least 5 years,,,,probably longer!) but I once rented a motorcycle, and rode completely around the island. As I recall, there wasn't much over there! Just a couple of factories, or concrete plants, or something like that. Unless a lot has changed over the years, I wouldn't waste my time going over there if I were you. Maybe someone else has some more current information.
Have a GREAT cruise.

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I don't think there are any Carnival tours that take you over there - it's a bit off the beaten path. You can hire a driver, or do something like the Bar Hop Bus ( which is a lot of fun!!!).. On the port of call coz boards there are recommendations for drivers. The water is too rough to swim, except for one spot, but the scenery and the different beach bars that are along the stretch of road makes for a nice day. Good food, nice breezes, tequila -
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AFAIK The only ship sponsored tours that go to the wild side are the adventure tours like the Harley-Davidson ride and some of the ATV excursions. If this isn't what you are looking for you should consider the Bar Hop bus. It's a ton of fun and stops at four places on the east side. It includes one shot at each stop but my wife doesn't drink so she had a soda. For fifty bucks each it was a great way to see the island.
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The other side of the island is a must see, it is beautiful. The waves break on that side of the island and there is no electricity, so it is pretty much undeveloped, although there are a couple of bars. There are some beautiful beaches but we were told it is very dangerous to swim because of the powerful riptides.

We have never booked a tour through carnival, but last time we went to Coz, we booked the Cozumel Bar hop tour, it was great and took us to all the bars on the other side of the island, it was fairly reasonable as well. There was an American tour guide and a local driver in a comfortable van that took us all around the island, it wasn't very crowded and so we had a lot of flexibility as to how long we stayed at each stop, and if there were any parts we wanted to skip.
New Orleans, LA
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Its a different world over there. Miles of mostly deserted beaches on the Caribbean, beach bars and a couple of good non-touristy restaurants (Coconuts, on a bluff above the beach and Chen Rio, right on the beach). There are strong tides and currents, so swimming isn't a good idea unless you are a strong swimmer.

We "discovered" it about ten years ago, and go there whenever we end up in Cozumel. I don't think there are any tours to that side. We have rented a car a couple of times but lately we just take a cab. The shorter and cheaper route is across the island, but you don't see much until you get to the beach. The scenic route along the coast is much better.

The last time we were there we paid the driver about $75 to drop us off and pick us up later.
Naples, florida
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The first time I went to Cozumel was twenty years ago and the other side of the island was beautiful. A few years later we went on a excursion that included that area. It was still beautiful. I think you need to get out of the comercialized port area to really experience an island. In April we are going on the Oasis and I've been reading non-stop about excursions. The one that keeps coming up is the Bar Hop bus that the above posters mentioned. It has consistently received great reviews and I think it will be the one for us. Get out and explore and have a great cruise!!!
North Louisiana
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Thanks so much for the replies! I definitely want to see that side of the island next month. That's what I love about Cozumel.... There are so many different things to see and do there!
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~ Jan ~ 131 days at sea, and many more to come!
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It's pretty barren until you come up to a bar standing alone. I did the Bar Hop and it was a lot of fun. Go to 5 bars and stay about 35-45 min. At the last one we had lunch.
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My sister and I did the island tour back on 03 they took us to the other side of Cozumel. It was a good tour for us as my sister has a disability we really enjoyed it. Beautiful country side nature at it best.
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Phenix City, AL.
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On our last cruise we booked the Cozumel Bar Hop Bus to the other side of the Island. We had a wonderful time and will go again on our next cruise.

The scenery is absolutely beautiful. We stopped at four beach bars on the way. At each bar we got to sample there signature drink.
Our tour guide made sure we all got on the bus in time to ride the bus back to the ship.

However, this not a ship sponsored tour.
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There is actually a tour listed on the Carnival website under excursions. (There are 10 reviews there for you read, too.) It is called Cozumel Highlights and Shopping: $59.95. It takes you to the other side of the island as part of the tour.

We did this same tour in '07. Was a really good way to see the entire island. Have been to Coz many times and haven't wanted to go back to the eastern side of the island, but, if you have never been, it does let you know what it is all about. (Was only $39.95 when we did it.)
Westchester, NY
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The CCL Bar Hop takes you to 5 bars on the "Atlantic" or east side of the island. About half the roll call of the Dec 4 Valor are talking about doing that excursion.
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Cape Coral, FL
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I'll add another vote to the Cozumel Bar Hop Bus! We had a group from our Roll Call do it & had a great time!
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I did the Cozumel Highlights and Shopping tour on our cruise a few years ago. It does go to the other side of the island along with touring the rest of the island. We are doing it again in December when we go because it will be my husbands first trip to Coz.
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We booked an Island Tour thru Island Marketing Ltd. last April and went to the other side of the island. Was a fantastic tour and only cost @ $30pp
South Texas
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We will be there in Janurary, can't wait to see the other side!
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Greater Cincy
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We rented a jeep and drove over to the other side. As others have said, a few restaurants and undeveloped land. It was pretty. I would arrange for a private tour.
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