Sea Bands ???

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Originally posted by sukyrin
Anyone tried these ? Do they work ?
My DH (who get really seasick) used it once, just for a day on our transatlantic cruise. He usually uses the patch quite well, but on this particular cruise it was soooooo calm he was actually having some side effects from it and took it off.

One day (as we crossed out of the Mediterranean into the Atlantic) the transition had a little more motion. He put on the sea bands and they seemed to work. Whether it was just knowing that he was doing something that should help, or whether it really has an effect, who knows? It worked, that's all that counts.

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I swear by them! I've had motion-sickness problems all my life, with the usual over-the-counter products being useless, other than making me feel drugged. I did successfully use the Transderm-Scop patch when it first came out. Didn't get sick in the most challenging of conditions, but felt awful: drugged, tired, dried-out and blurred vision. I'd have been better off just ....well, never mind.

But the bands work for me now every time! Car, bus, air, sea. I give them to friends.
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I have bought several pairs, and have one pr. in our camera bag, one pr. in my makeup bag. When I get on the ship, I put the one from my makeup bag in the bedside table. I know my husband will always have his camera bag even if we are on a tender or any other small boat(snorkeling). I have given a pair to our grandson for car travel sickness, and he said they worked for him, too. I never leave home without mine for any travel.
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Yes, they absolutely work and the best benefit of all is that they are non-medicating and will not make you drowsy. I used them during my last pregnancy.
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Although there is plenty of non-scientific statements that Seabands are effective, the science is not very supportive. On the other hand, if you think the things work they may well do the trick (Placebo effect). Here is a very interesting article about Seabands:,A761

We have spent a little time on cruise ships (more then 2 years) and have our own anecdotal story. We once had some tablemates (4 of them) who swore by Seabands and wore them all the time while on a 10 day cruise. The first few days were relatively calm (seas less then 6 feet) and every night at dinner our tablemates would tell us about their wonderful Seabands. Then one evening we hit some rough weather right around dinner time. The seas were only about 15 feet (we have been on cruises where the seas topped 40 feet) and it got a bit rocky during our dinner. During diner 3 of the 4 Seaband users were gradually turning a funny shade of green during the meal. By the end of the meal we were down to only 1 of those 4 who felt perfectly fine (am sure she thought the Seabands helped).

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They work great !!!!!

You can find them at Walmart in the asile with the Seasick meds. They come in adult and child sizes; a few different colors as well.

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I use them and they work. Walgreens, CVS, and other drugfstores too. Cost around $10.00.

And if a grocery story has a good pharmacy/medical area, they should have them too
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I have used them on all of our cruises and I do believe they help. In fact, just bought a second pair this week (different colour-pure vanity!!) ready for March! I don't wear them all the time just as the motion starts to feel a bit more than I am comfortable with! I also am happy to take one of the pills the cruise lines give you when necessary. I haven't had any bad side effects, so far, from these.
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Well 2 years ago I used them and felt nauseas most of the time and come the second week was sick and felt pretty rotten for most of the last week...
Last year decided to not bother and didnt even feel the slightest bit queasy, not once!!

Work that one
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They work for me BUT I have to give my hands a break every hour or so since they cut the circulation off to my hands and my hands swell and get tight.

I find my choice now is ginger pills and start taking them a couple of days before cruising and have never gone back to the seabands.
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Hank great link people dont look at facts they belive what someone tells them. The mythbusters on tv. also proved sea bands do not work. There really is such a thing as the placebo effect so it makes real tests hard.
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If the SeaBands work only because of the placebo affect, guess what? They work! It doesn't matter why they work if they work. My DH used to get sea sick and now he doesn't so they work for him! My DS (16) knows they don't really work, so they don't work for him. I rarely get seasick so for me they aren't an issue. What does work and what all of us take in rough seas is ginger. Candied, or in gum form, works like a charm for us.
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The thing about Sea Bands is that if folks really think they work they may do a lot of good. A lot of seasickness is psychosamatic so if you believe in something it can really help. The only thing that is really important is that it works for you! That being said, we have always challenged believers in Sea Bands to steer us to a couple of truly scientific studies that demonstrate their effectiveness. After asking this question for over 20 years we have yet to see a valid study. But, there are quite a few scientific studies that show they do not work! Of course many folks really do not believe in science (there is still a Flat Earth Society) and if they are happy then so be it!

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Originally posted by Esperanza7
I have used them on all of our cruises and I do believe they help. In fact, just bought a second pair this week (different colour-pure vanity!!) ready for March! I don't wear them all the time just as the motion starts to feel a bit more than I am comfortable with! I also am happy to take one of the pills the cruise lines give you when necessary. I haven't had any bad side effects, so far, from these.

It's not pure vanity if selecting a different color for each family member. It keeps things tidy and organized.

In addition, they come in children's sizes and it is always nice for them to be able to select the colors that they want instead of the standard black.

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As you can tell, many people swear by sea bands. For some people, they work very well. Whether it is the placebo effect, or whether the pressure is properly applied and works who knows? On the other hand, for some people they do not work at all.

There are many posts about seasickness and I won't repost my other postings here since you (the OP) did not ask. But if you have concerns, which you must have, then search for that topic and learn a bit more about the situation in general.
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My DW wears them all the time for cruising and flying. Frankly I think it is mind over matter....but who am I to argue with success.

One word of caution though, we bought some knock offs at a Kroger subsidiary (Smith's here in AZ) that had some type of latex in them that caused an allergic rash on DW's wrists.
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Yes,Had to use it on the Elation when the ship was really rocky one night.It worked!
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Thanks for your input. I did buy a pair and I do think they helped me. I also have a few boxes of Bonine to take with me.

Mt doctor gave me a script for the patch. I have read most people have bad side side affects of the patch so I have decided not to try the patch.

I will stick with the bands and the Bonine.

I cannot wait until April 2nd !!!!