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With all the recent active relevant threads and more 2020 itineraries supposedly due out in April, it seemed a great time to ask: "would I probably like a long cruise on the Navigator".




We have done 10 Regent cruises (Mariner 3, Voyager 5, and Explorer 2); enjoyed them all. Have 4 more Regent cruises booked (none on Navigator). We're almost out of potential itineraries that we would probably like - south Africa remains on our bucket list. We especially liked our longer cruises (have done some of more than 30 days).



Despite loving cruising, I am not a "good sailor" - prone to motion sickness. I try for lowest deck and mid-ship. I can't imagine how I would have done on the first leg of the present World cruise!



With the new CR menu and our love of Setti Mare, we don't need other specialty restaurants.



My biggest present concern about the Navigator is the size of the public areas. We are very sociable (well at least DW is) and thoroughly enjoy the Observation Lounge, Horizon Lounge, Coffee Connection and theater productions on the other Regent ships. Hardly ever use the pool or dine in the cabin. Love to walk the top deck so don't need a verandah but enjoy it when I nap on it.


Suggestions and food for thought most welcome. Thanks

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Navigator is a ship that some passengers like and others are not keen. We are in the later category. We sailed from Lisbon to Cape Town a few years ago and the ship rocked and rolled, pitched and vibrated for most of the days we were on board. The Interior of the ship was smart, food good and staff great. We would try Regent again but nothing would get me back onboard the Navigator. The ports on our cruise were fascinating, but be prepared for abject poverty. The included short safari provided by a Regent was excellent and I would recommend a short stay in Cape Town but do research carefully hotel locations as many areas of the city are not too safe after sunset.

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Agree with last poster about the ship but not South African itineraries (we love them and would do them every year if it were not so far).


As you know, the Navigator does not have an Observation Lounge and their version of the Coffee Connection is small. While the interior of the ship works fine during good weather (since many passengers are outside) it is too crowded when the weather is inclement. The suites are the same size as the Voyager which is good. We have stayed mid-ship on deck 8 and the movement was not bad. However, you can easily get seasick in the theater or La Veranda. It isn't easy to always stay mid-ship unless you don't leave your suite.


On the positive side, since the Mariner will be doing the world cruise, itineraries for the ships will have to change. They are moving Explorer around quite a bit - we will be sailing on her in South America next year and I believe that he is going to Cape Town either the year or next year. And, with Splendor coming out in 2020, it would be nice if the Navigator was put somewhere where the seas weren't too rough --- maybe she should go back to Alaska - especially since Alaska is still not selling well and the smaller ship may work.

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I too would never sail Navigator again after a few very, very rough trips. Navigator vibrates and in my opinion does not handle high seas well. To add to what TC said about space I found that outside space also became cramped on (Caribbean) sea days both at the grill and lounge chair seating.

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I've sailed on Navigator three times now and wouldn't hesitate to sail her again if the itinerary drew me in. Our last cruise on her was through a day and a half of rough seas and she was definitely bouncy.


Of course, I like to ride motorcycles, fly small planes, ride roller-coasters, etc...so motion isn't a problem for me, obviously.

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The vibration is a significant issue and the lack of any forward facing area is a major issue - unless you don't mind walking over the crazy golf thing. The layout of the ship is terrible. Perhaps that's why Regent give it the best itineraries.


In my view, South Africa is most definitely not a cruise destination. Sailing into Cape Town is spectacular - after that there are some hotels and restaurants and sights that are too good to miss and can't be sampled from a ship.

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I've sailed on Navigator three times now and wouldn't hesitate to sail her again if the itinerary drew me in. Our last cruise on her was through a day and a half of rough seas and she was definitely bouncy.


Of course, I like to ride motorcycles, fly small planes, ride roller-coasters, etc...so motion isn't a problem for me, obviously.


If I wrote an ad for the Navigator, it would read:


Love riding roller-coasters?

Enjoy turbulence on airplanes?

Do you want to kick the kids out of inflatable bouncy house so that you can bounce?

Love the feeling of your motorcycle going over bumps?

If so........ the Navigator is the perfect ship for you!


Okay - kinda bad joke.:evilsmile: Just couldn't resist.


The real reason for this post is that someone mentioned that more 2020 itineraries are due out in April. With five ships, there should be quite a lot of interesting itineraries on different ships. Also, with so many ships and with a few passengers clamoring for younger passengers, current music, etc., Navigator might be the ship for the young crowd. They can party to loud music, enjoy all of the wonderful, luxurious things that Regent has to offer and they wouldn't even notice or care about vibrations.

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We have sailed on the Navigator and have two upcoming journeys on her. Always have a suite midship. We have never been bothered by the vibration and never had brown water. I got seasick once on the Mariner.

We choose itineraries on a Regent journey, not the ship.

Love the Explorer best. But, looking forward to the Splendor---


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Africa on a cruise is hit and miss ads for the ports. Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia and South Africa of good. Everything else I would not bother to get off the ship (I've done 3 in Africa on regent on both Oceans). South Africa need to be a destination to stay at for 10 days to 2 weeks either before or after the cruise.


Navigator for long cruise. My longest B2B was 84 day on the NAV for the first Regent Discovery voyage in 2008. All was good until about 45 days in and then the ship felt real claustrophobic to me. I don't see how people could stand it for the World Cruise.


I think the ship rides fine in the open Ocean. I have sailed the NAV across the North Atlantic, South Atlantic and full length of the Indian Ocean. The best ride on the NAV is in the back half. The ship is aft heavy and behind mid-ship, all the way to the stern is better that mid ship forward. Be aware of vibration issue in the very aft cabins, behind aft elevators and aware of noise issues on deck 8 aft 5 cabins.



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We are currently on the Navigator. This is our sixth cruise on this ship. We had a delightful trip New York to Montreal with very little movement. Like you I am a poor excuse for a sailor. We did one Carribean and had a lot of movement leaving San Juan. I was sick.

We did 3 Alaska cruises that were okay movement wise. I got sick one day on one of them. Because of this cruise I would not do Pacific or TA on Navigator. I've never been to Cape Town but I would think twice about the Navigator. I could not do a world cruise on this ship. I will stick to New England and Alaska.

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My "take" is based on four prior Navigator experiences ( Montreal-New York; New York to Montreal; Miami through the Caribbean, back to Miami; and most-recently, Miami through the Caribbean to Amazon River, and return to Miami).


We are booked on this June's Navigator Los Angeles-Panama Canal-New York segment.


Further perspective from having cruised on all other Regent ships, numerous times, is that the June cruise will most-likely be our last on Navigator. It has all been positive--but, notwithstanding Regent's posting 2019 and 2020 world cruise itineraries on Navigator with several enticing segments--we will visit those spots of interest on other Regent ships.


Reason: Regent (and other 5+lines on which we have cruised) offers a better over-all experience on a larger ship with a forward-facing Observation Lounge and larger interior common areas. Agree with earlier posts on these particular aspects. Plus, other Regent ships, particularly Explorer, offer more dining options on specialty restaurants.


Having said all that, again emphasize service, cuisine, furnishings and such have always met our expectations because we go onboard with eyes wide-open as to Navigator's particular (some would opine peculiar) aspects. But--this ship was NOT designed from the keel-up as a cruise ship.


Rather, initially initiated by folks from the former Soviet Union as a "weather and research vessel". Yea, sure. With demise of that entity, the hull remained in limbo for several years before being sold--and then recreated--as a cruise ship. O.K. This is old news.


Simply-put: we have been well-served on Navigator and expect the same experience in a few months. Always get a lower-level suite, somewhat aft. We have experienced some, rather unique, rattle and creaking noises in our suite, but not enough to distract from enjoyment. Lucky so far, as sea (or St. Lawrence Seaway) conditions have been moderate. One thing for sure: it is an interesting time to be in the Theater during a lecture when the speaker and most of the audience has to hang-on when anchor is dropped, engines are reversed, or whatever, as the vessel "navigates" entering a port. Yes, there is turbulence in the waters. But, it passes.


Not sure if this helps in the decision-making process. But, that is a part of the allure and mystery of ocean cruising.





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We have always missed the front observation lounge on the Navigator, but despite this enjoy he smaller ship. However the space is missed compared to Voyager and Mariner especially around the ship, there are not the nooks and crannies here and the coffee connection is tight for space with the piano lounge spreading into the corridor.

The main issue is the vibration in the theatre, its quite a shake on the floor in places and glasses migrate eerily across the little tables.

Better use of the underused casino and especially the one armed bandit machines space would be my solution, but I know this won't happen.!!!

However we have 2 more cruises booked on the Navigator. We sail on the Explorer this May for the first time, but our favourite is the Mariner, our first ship especially the PH suites, however we enjoyed the aft PH suites on the Voyager last year

However the positives outweigh the negatives.

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