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  1. Nope. No other options. You can always give it away while on board.
  2. So Good with real horseradish.
  3. Agree. Without the light the closet is way too dark. Just off the Royal.
  4. Enterprise has the closest office to the ship. Almost walking distance. Only down side is they close on Sunday. We use them to also get to the ship.
  5. We have had the same feeling doing our 32 day cruise. I'm lucky that we have a good friend that came over a couple times a week to water my poted outdoor plants. She also had a key to the house to check on things inside if need be. Our next door neighbor came over and kept the pool level up. We have a pool guy that came in once a week to clean the pool and a gardner who came in once a week to do the front lawn. You can go to the post office and request they hold the mail longer then 30 days. I believe it has to be done in person. Setup auto pay for some bills, Over paid on others. Would defiinitely not drive. Fly then Uber or take a shuttle to the port. Parking at the port has gotten extremely expensive.
  6. I was also on the same cruise. Certainly no tall story.
  7. Looks like this has been rescinded by Carnival Corp. per the Gardian.
  8. From whats posted it is a bit disappointing looking. Doesn't look much bigger then a mini suite on a Princess ship. I would have expected more on Cunard. Thanks for posting this.
  9. Thats why they are called rumors. πŸ™‚
  10. As long as the cruiselines are still paying back billions in loans expect cutbacks.
  11. Google it and listed to the Lets Go Travel Youtube and hear it for yourself.
  12. The rumor was to have come from the cruise director on board. Suposedly going away after the world cruise.
  13. My good friend had knee replacement and went hope the same day. Don't know how but she did it. It's been 4 weeks and she is driving and walking around. Only down side with her was this was the second time she had surgery on the same leg and had the nerve cut twice. Because the nerve was cut twice she still has pain but getting around. Really think your recovery will depend on how fit you are. Good luck and enjoy your cruise. The ship has ice if you need it. πŸ™‚
  14. If there are any tender ports Princess offers very little assistance getting on and off the tender. You would have to be able to navigate the stairs and walk on the tender by yourself for the most part. Not sure how they would even manage with a scooter if at all.
  15. As long as you can pick them up at the port we would never pay to have them shipped.
  16. From previous experience the IC is open 24 hours but it can be closed between 3 and 5am for cleaning. Food is removed, cases cleaned then cases filled up again.
  17. Bob it's been extremely windy here. Hope you don't tun into any of it. But then again being from Palmdale not so long ago you might be use to it. Hope you get a tail wind going home. LOL
  18. I think Bob was looking for a bigger selection then what they have on the menu now. Bob and Holly have been traveling in Suites for years.
  19. I think it matters depending on what time of day you arrive. If you like getting there early then it helps but if you arrive later like we do we just walk right in so it doesn't matter as much weather you are blue or green.
  20. Is the HAL Vista Suite a true Suite with Suite Perks. Anythng special in perks with the cabin?
  21. Been with the Grand since she came out. Been through all her changes. Would hate to see her go as we love her window suites. I guess if she does go Life Will Go On.
  22. My go to sandwich at IC. Not happy.
  23. Just curious. Have you ever looked to see if any other insurance covers any sort of dental? Have always worried about everything but my teeth. LOL Guess I should check going forward. I'm young at heart but alas the teeth have seen better days.πŸ˜ƒ
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