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  1. Such a pity the weather forecast isn't so great, but hope you manage to at least get off for a much needed stretch of the legs and fresh air. Phil
  2. What a good positive attitude you have! And someone who wasn't disappointed in the size of the bathroom. At last! And yes, there is plenty of storage in them. Small, but perfectly formed. Keep enjoying. Phil
  3. Glad you are off and running and hoping you all have a good crossing. Just for info to others, that centre “Captain’s” table on the upper level is the worst spot in the dining room for noise. In fact whenever possible I ask for a table on the lower level as the whole of the upper level is noisier. My recollection of Pursuit was that the space used for eggs cooked to order on Journey was used as a fresh fruit station with someone serving there. Is that what they have? Phil
  4. Pleased to hear of the resolution after passing it up the line. Two clocks? Now you are just being greedy. Not even the big suites get two😂 Phil
  5. Unfortunately not. Phil
  6. A TA would make no difference to the use of free nights because the rules on their use is strict. Phil
  7. This is the wave site I use. Just click on the map area of interest and it gives a 180 hour forecast. http://stormsurf.com/mdls/menu_wam.html Phil
  8. Safe trip Vicki and you and Charlie have a lovely cruise. Phil
  9. Have fun. I just checked the wave models and think you need to prepare for it to be rocky for the first few days, even down in the Canaries. Could be interesting to start! Phil
  10. Yes, those free nights, especially if you are a single on a reduced supplement and on a longer cruise need careful calculation and I have found the same thing. 10 nights max seems to be about it. Phil
  11. I've embarked a number of times on Azamara in Barcelona and usually it's the WTC pier, but I have been at Adossat too so it's not unheard of. I think marinaro has given a good explanation of the reason and that it's nothing to do with cost cutting. Phil
  12. Well there are at least two live from Journey threads on this main Azamara board started in recent days. Phil
  13. I don't disagree. I just do it for my own assurance and suggested it here as a help to others. The Marine Traffic app is freely available and can be very useful. Phil
  14. I always check so I know which pier the ship is at to tell the taxi driver. Athens fur example is a big port. This kind of thing has never happened to me on any of my cruises. Phil
  15. Shy and retiring as always. Lol Phil
  16. It's good fun. I have to say that the fish on the Rio to Lisbon cruise was a bit pathetic looking. Trouble with supply in South America maybe. The one below is more like it! Our Seychelles cruise. Phil
  17. Really? That is a good move. I made my feelings very known earlier this year. Not actually for me, but for someone else asking. It just made no sense to me. Phil
  18. The nice thing about Azamara is that you don't have to pony up for a suite to get lots of extra amenities and exclusive areas of the ship. Just more in cabin space. And everyone gets treated the same. A couple of meals in the Specialties if you fancy. Phil
  19. Bonnie, there's a display on the wall of the galley and I took a photo of it. Phil
  20. Ok, I wasn’t chastising you. Just asking the question. I can see you aren’t bashful! What I wrote maybe of help to others. Phil
  21. You mentioned the aircraft temperature. Did you ask them to turn it down? If it’s too warm I always do and persist if still stuffy. Flew to LA on an admittedly larger BA 380 the other day and did it. My cabin is the one top right of this picture! 20.5°C. Look at some of them. Phil
  22. I'm cruising on Eclipse to Hawaii at the moment with Joanie and George who I think you know. I hope you enjoy your cruise. Phil
  23. I'm afraid that the pizza on Azamara is not the best in the buffet. However, if you like pizza then room service is the place to get it. Pepperoni with extra cheese. Delicious. Phil
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