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  1. I would agree. Or grabbing a piece of pizza or a burger and bringing it back to your chair, that only takes a minute or two, as opposed to spending a half an hour or more in the buffet.
  2. I guess the cheese stands alone. I would rather have a beach day at Princess Cays.
  3. UGH, hate the tables without tablecloths on Carnival.
  4. I dont disagree, just wish Princess would make up their minds.
  5. I think they are deliberately confusing. There is a world of difference between an evening dress, and a skirt with a good (?) blouse.
  6. Others have said recently they are bringing their own, as the soap is liquid now.
  7. I believe that was on the new Carribean Princess too on my first cruise. It was raining shrimp and crab claws.
  8. I had a feeling this might be the case, especially if a child is involved.
  9. Ah, thank you, I understand what you mean. I have not been on the Sky.
  10. Do you think they were deliberately trying to intimidate you? That would have made me angry I think, and all for a little side salad, which would have cost them next to nothing, money wise, and time wise too.
  11. It kind of sounds like they are just trying to discourage any special requests. I would not be surprised at this in the MDR, but for a peanut butter sandwich in the buffet, for a child's request, it is ridiculous.
  12. My Gram always said if you eat the crusts, you will grow curls in your hair. I am still waiting.
  13. Really, for something that would take no more than a minute to make? That really surprises me.
  14. I am sure they would be happy to accommodate such a simple request.
  15. I seriously doubt anyone is searching for information on what type cabin, be it inside, outside, or penthouse suite, Cruise Critic members prefer.
  16. We have done it, twice. The clothing for three adults WILL fit.
  17. Since the OP definitely stated that they were not worried about being crowded, and indeed specified that they had shared rooms before with no problem, why do members insist on telling them they could not handle the crowding, or let them know that their days of putting three in an inside were over long ago? The OP wants only to know about the mattress situation, not everyone else's room preference. If memory serves me correctly, the mattress on the drop down beds were quite comfortable.
  18. I should have been clearer, that was what I have received in the past, not something through the regular mail.
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