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I am planning to cruise with my husband, 24 year old daughter and 20 year old son. My daughter is not vegan, but she is Vegetarian, so for those that aren't sure of the difference, she will eat dairy products and eggs. I am looking at NCL and Celebrity mostly. He problem is that so many places have only salads as options and then so many of the salads have meat on them. Any ideas on which cruise lines may have a better selection of food for her without having to pay extra for the specialty restaurants...
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You can contact the Special Needs department to let them know of our her restrictions.

The cruise lines try to do a good job with allergies, special diets, etc.

Have a great cruise...
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We sail on Princess. My wife is lactose intolerant and allergic to shellfish. The first night we ask for the Head Waiter when we are seated. He handles all my wife's means. If there is something she wants, she just asks. So she gets good variety.
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All your daughter has to do is let your server know she's a vegetarian and ask for salads, etc., to be served without meat. When placing orders every evening, she may gently remind the server "no meat" on my salad or in the pasta sauce, etc. We had a lady at our table to was a vegetarian and she didn't have any problem finding things to eat. I know on Holland America, there is a vegetarian option on the menu every night at dinner.

Smooth Sailing!
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Any modern cruise ship will offer a wide range of choices for her. Have a look around the boards (try searching for Vegan - there have been several threads from concerned vegan potential cruisers) and you'll see how many positive replies come in about being able to handle dietary issues while cruising. The fact she's open to dairy/eggs means even more choice - and if by any chance she likes 'ethnic' foods, especially Indian, she'll have a wider range of choice than some picky meatatarians!

Even if she has a very unadventurous, 'generic American' type of palate there will be many soups, pastas & pizzas, veggie burgers and the like available for hot meals as well as the cold salad/sandwich side of things.
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Originally posted by cb at sea
ALL cruise lines have a "special needs" them. Vegetarian is MUCH easier than Vegan!
Exactly. Vegetarian is an easy accommodation for cruise lines. You can always call the special needs or access department to let them know, then remind the maitre d when you board. For a vegetarian, even if you don't do that, they'll be able to easily accommodate you guys.
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She should not have a problem. Cruise lines are use to dealing with folks with restrictive diets.
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Always remember that once you are on board the ship you can meet with the heads of the Food & Beverage department to go though any special dietary requirements.

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I'm vegetarian and have cruised on RCL and HAL and have NEVER had a problem finding yummy things to eat. The buffet always has plenty of options to mix and match from, and the MDR's have always had wonderful vegetarian options. If the vegetarian menu in the dining room is the same after a night or two, or nothing looks appetizing, mention it to your waiter and they will come up with something fabulous and often that no one else will have! Especially not being vegan, there really is a lot to chose from.
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I am vegetarian and have cruised Norwegian multiple times. I have never had a problem. Actually, I have been quite pleased with the vegetarian variety. The main dining rooms always have at least one veggie option every night. Even the specialties restaurants presented no problem for me.
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If the menu doesn’t have something she likes, ask. Mrs Gut does frequently.

But every menu has some (v) items
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Missouri, USA
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Celebrity has a vegetarian menu in the MDR. You may need to request it.

They do a great job with my daughter's many food allergies
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You will have no problem finding vegetarian items on the menu. No need to contact special needs. Every menu will have at least 1 vegetarian item (outside of salads) and some lines, like celebrity, offer a vegetarian option.

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