Cell phone service while at sea and port

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Is there cell phone service while we’re at sea and/or docked in Bermuda? Thanks.
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Cell phone service at sea will be extremely expensive as you would have to use the ships cellular service, if available. Depending on your provider you may have service in Bermuda. Best that you turn off your phone until you get to Bermuda. Cruisers have come home to jaw dropping bills .
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You need to check with your carrier to see if you will have service in Bermuda and what it would cost.
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I had excellent service onboard the Summit in Bermuda several years ago. I remember distinctly as I unexpectedly received some sad news there. I had signed up for an international calling plan with AT&T prior to leaving.
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Your should call your cell phone company to ask about travelling. As far as ship calls go, calls are very expensive. If you have an internet package, you can keep in touch through Facebook messenger at no extra cost.

Before you cruise, make sure there is no anti-theft ware installed on your phone. I had contacted my cell phone company and made arrangements for a travel plan. As soon as we stepped on board the ship, a third party anti-virus/anti-theft app locked down my phone. There was no way to unlock the phone, until we returned to Ft. Lauderdale.
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If you have a Wi-Fi package onboard the ship, you can use it to make calls. Make certain you have your phone set to airplane mode to avoid any roaming charges.

I’ve found that this works great for me and there’s even enough bandwidth to make Face Time video calls if you’re using an iPhone or iPad.
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Yes make certain you turn the phone to airplane mode.....I just got back from a transatlantic and sent & received one text that cost $68.00...lesson learned!!!
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Also check with your carrier about turning off roaming that while run your bill up if left on. I always go to the carrier store before we travel and they are really helpful about how to avoid extra charges.
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Use WiFi Calling if you have an internet package on board. No charges. In port you can usually find a free internet signal (the crew knows where they are!) and then use WiFi Calling. Bermuda in port at the Dockyard, the Frog and Onion has free internet if you are dining or drinking there. Cell carriers also have plans. Verizon lets you call or text in most countries for a flat $10/day.
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AT&T had an international roaming package that worked in some countries for $10 for 24 hours, you just have to sign up for it before you leave. Check your cell phone companies web site for details.

At sea I just turn off my phone. I don't want to be bothered unless it is an emergency.

Most ships have some form of communication where you can get a message if it is important. It is expensive for the caller however. Call Celebrity before you go to get the info and give it to those who would call you in an emergency.

Additionally, if you really need to be connected 7x24 buy a wifi package from the ship. CELL SERVICE AT SEA IS GENERALLY PROHIBITIVELY EXPENSIVE.
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If you have Sprint, go to their website to check out the free global roaming service. Data and text are free.
Calls are $.20 per minute. Bermuda is part of their coverage area.
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Originally posted by Threedox
Is there cell phone service while we’re at sea and/or docked in Bermuda? Thanks.
Att has cell phone while at sea but you must subscribe ahead of time. It does not include all ports. You can look up on their website if you have this type of plan.

I use the unlimited wifi package and can receive texts on my iphone from other apple products but not samsung.
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No one can answer your question with the information provided. You're getting a bunch of answers, none of which may apply to you (e.g., you may or may not consider $2.50/minute prohibitively expensive, and you've asked about using your phone, so you've already decided that turning it off and putting it away is not your preferred course of action).


Who is your domestic provider?
What phone do you have? (not just iPhone, but iPhone 5, 6, 6S, etc.)
Will you have an onboard wifi package? Unlimited?

Each domestic carrier has its own program. Most (I believe AT&T is an exception) do not include the ship in their international roaming packages. Almost all have some sort of international roaming package. Almost all current generation smartphones, even CDMA phones on Sprint or Verizon, will roam on GSM service outside the United States. Most if not all current generation smartphones and carriers will allow you to use wifi calling to make calls over the internet without "roaming" or requiring a third party app such as Facebook messenger or Whatsapp.

Almost all of the answers to your questions are on your carrier's website under international roaming. Verizon, for instance, allows you to enter international destinations and cruise ship name and will give you your options for using your phone.
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Just off 10 night Ireland/Iceland cruise. Have T mobile unlimited and they had global plans included for the whole trip. Free 2 gigs free data and unlimited calls. Worked incredible in all areas.