Has anybody ever really won in the Casino?

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Originally posted by rexy69
I'm talking about playing the Slot Machines......I've always heard that the Cruise Lines count on the Casino revenue to help them make their quota for each sailing.
So, has anyone ever really won a substantial amount from playing the slots?
HHHHHEEEEELLLLLLLLLLOOOOO rexy69: Slot machines are a hit and miss proposition. Have won the second highest payout on a Wheel of Fortune once and won the second highest payout on another cruise line on a high roller slot machine. For the most part slot machines are long term losers. If you are there when the big payout is due fine. Otherwise long term losers. They are great for casinos. They don't need sick days or vacation days. It just sits there and when someone wants to play they play. If you wish to have success in the casino learn to play a table game. However, all table games are not created equal and there are many bad bets.
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Originally posted by Tiffany3838
I was on the MSC seaside last week and the 2nd night in there was a 15,000 winner on a quick hit machine on there free spin bonus there were a total of 6 winners on the quick hits ranging from 15k-3k and other winners on other machines however a gentleman I met said he was on the same ship only a week prior and didn't see 1 person hit a jackpot all week

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And that's exactly normal for slot machines.
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We did poorly on the first 2 cruises, but on the Escape we won about $10,000 throughout the cruise. Made up for past losses and more.
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Originally posted by VideoTech
Thank you , DKJRetired. It always amazes me how many of these urban myths are put about about slot machines, and how it seems so few gamblers bother to learn anything about how the machine they're playing really works, or how the human psychology tampers with our view of what's really happening as we gamble.
Another myth has to do with putting your sign and sail card in the machine. You are only hurting yourself. In Vegas, AC, etc all have laws requiring that prohibit the cards from having a connection to winning or losing. Cruise lines basically follow those rules.
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