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  1. You can use it for anything, basically your account starts at a plus balance
  2. They probably don't want to hear about all the complaints. Easier to buy your head in the sand.
  3. Saves on gratuities I suppose
  4. I think it's obvious, you don't have to work a Princess to figure it out
  5. You should not have to request it, it should be standard
  6. They don't die from Covid, they die with covid
  7. Obviously I do that in normal, natural behaviour. Wearing a mask isnt.
  8. It's the little things that used to count
  9. For some rediculous reason you now have to request, more cheapening of the product
  10. If your husband said anything to me in elevator, I would give him a strong word
  11. Absolutely, if I was outside the US, and flying back, I would
  12. If I self tested and tested positive, I would no tell Princess, especially if it was towards the end of the cruise.
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