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  1. I do pack a sport coat, not only for the ship but if we're doing any nice dinners before or after the cruise. On board I generally put on a nice zip front sweater of the Untuckit type - it does double duty as a jacket for cool days.
  2. Right in the middle of the city and minutes from the central train station. Does this make AMS one of the best cruise arrival/departure ports? Iceland is pretty cool, just a block from the city center. Others?
  3. When we were it Rhodes it was for a late night departure We stayed on board and were sorry. The ship emptied out. The port is not a long walk from town and everyone was going out for dinner in a magical city. An added bonus was that two WS ships were in port the same evening one going west and one going east. We departed at the same time and the captains showed off and made quite a event it it. Full sails with the lights on, music blasting, they circled each other 3-4 times and then out we went, one after each other. One of my top 5 WS evenings.
  4. Exactly, except you left out the G&T served by a smiling server. malaga was where we learned what happens when you miss the departure. 2 young cruisers fell asleep on the beach. They didn’t show, WS offloaded their passports and off we went. They showed up the next day showing no remorse, having taken the train overnight.
  5. Point taken. Meanwhile, for those of us who are traveling, does this mean a return to the days when we could just disembark at, say, Malaga and walk around and have some coffee and visit a museum and then have a little lunch and just get back on board? It all seems too easy. I have many fond memories of a morning tour followed by lunch on board and then an afternoon walkabout before a siesta.
  6. I just saw a post in the Windstar Facebook page that you can now get off ship on your own in Spain. It this was posted here, I apologize. Can anyone confirm and I’m curious if there’s testing involved.
  7. There are some comments here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/2279707-star-legend-room-100-amp-101/
  8. The CruiseMapper app seems to be accurate. Choose Legend and then click on the itineraries tab.
  9. With itins listed under the original ship, is there any way to stitch together where the Legend IS going by date?
  10. Did you to Italy just to be safe, or is there something you learned, counter to what Windstar is saying about not needing them that made you decide to go ahead?
  11. Why do we need the test WS is selling? It seems like they’re covering everything including the disembarkation test?
  12. Our TA contacted WS and was told that since we’ve completed the forms for our entry via Greece we’re good to go and that WS will take care of anything else needed mid cruise. I think that does not include the disembarkation test.
  13. I just looked at the WS splash page for out itin in November. They are still touting the Corinth canal as a headlining event of the cruise!! And how it’s the event of a lifetime. Um, it isn’t happening. Where is the crack WS team who should change this stuff. Shame on them!!!!
  14. This is the first I’ve heard about this requirement for entry into Italy via cruise ship from another EU country. Greece has a similar form but cruise ships are exempt.
  15. Regardless of whether they CAN, I hope Windstar does the right thing and voluntarily leaves Venice itself as a port. The cruise industry is destroying a treasure.
  16. Thanks from me as well. Are these terms specific for Tahiti or for all their itins?
  17. In normal times (remember those?) they certainly did. Two occasions I remember: The first was when we sailed out of LeHavre toward Lisbon. An early port was Roscoff (great little village BTW) and when we arrived there was a couple standing on the quay along with their suitcases. They'd been delayed in route, and caught up to us there. The second was when we disembarked in Mumbai rather than going on to Dubai. We needed approval from the port which the ship received from India and it was quite an event of paperwork and stamping (lots of stamping) and then the person went inside for at least 20 minutes, and came back with our passports stamped and off we went. Also in the past, many from our French Polynesia trip got off in Moorea for exactly the reasons you mention, that last night in Papeete was pretty much a waste, and if we'd known we'd either have done the Moorea thing (we had three nights, including that one) or diembarked at Papeete when we arrive and gone to a hotel early rather than spending a night in the port. Those times are gone, at least for now.
  18. According to local media korinthostv, the landslides continue without end, creating headaches for the experts in charge both for the future of restoration works and the reopening of the Corinth Canal to ship traffic.
  19. Maybe they thought it would reopen and they just now threw in the towel. We are going west, and miss the canal and Delphi (both scheduled for the same day) and have Gythion that day instead and then get back on schedule in Corfu the next day.
  20. Cool. If you want to connect, my email is in my footer. Yes, we are on the 11/4 collector, Athens to Lisbon.
  21. Are you on the 11/4 departure? Gythion looks like nothing more than a bump with a lighthouse.
  22. Just got the itinary change - this is in November. The canal is closed due to a rock slide - so no canal or Delphi for us. Instead we get Gythian, and miss two things on our bucket list. We'll likely never be back that way, so a bit sad. Sigh.
  23. Thanks. That’s not the news I was hoping for. I guess we can use the WS test for the hotel and either find a site in Lisbon or do the home test thing. We’ll have a couple days to do this.
  24. Thanks. Followup question. When does WS do the disembarkation tests? We arrive in port on 11/24 and depart for the US on 11/27. If they test the morning of arrival we would just need their test. If it’s the night before we’ll need a second one.
  25. I'm sure this has been asked and answered - but my browsing around both here and on google doesn't turn it up. What happens in regards to testing mid-cruise? In our case, we're sailing Greece-Italy-Spain-Morocco-The Canaries- and ending up in Lisbon. Are there various COVID tests along the way, and if so, if we're on WS tours is that covered by WS? If it matters, we're fully vaccinated.
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