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  1. No. There was a watered down arrival beverage - think what you get on board. And after that is was all whatever you'd pay on board, like the other picnics. So, if you're on the plan it's still included, if not you pay as usual.
  2. Your blog is amazing. Thanks for the link!
  3. This is pretty damning but the reviewer seems to have a lot is issue with Windstar https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=631391
  4. My TA is recommending the 5 day pre cruise land tour to Denali but it isn’t cheap. Any experiences?
  5. I'm not sure this overly concerns me. When we were there last fall there were a couple big ships (by WS standards) in Papeete who seemed to be making a couple stops as they passed through FP. Other than that we only saw the Gauguin once and the WS crew were a bit surprised as they said they almost never crossed paths. FP is a big area and there is still room for some cruise ship growth before the experience will change. Most of the time we were utterly alone. A week link is the still limited access by air with only a handful of carriers, the United flight from SFO is a huge step - already made year round and they could easily go daily rather than 3x/week. Papeete infrastructure is also in issue - traffic is already horrendous at times, and the airport a bit grubby and certainly needs to grow - again, access roads need a big upgrade. There are also a limited number of luxury hotels on Tahiti itself and prices are high - many cruise ship pax stat a day or two before after after their cruise, and the number of rooms needs to grow. Many go to the other islands, but for only a night before or after that's a complex journal with timings of ferries not linking up will the common flight arrival/departure times.
  6. I'm very glad to see the pickled oak is being removed. I think the cabin design is OK, but is also very generic and I don't think it will age well. I like the beds by the window. Bathrooms look nice, and since we don't take baths we welcome the large shower. I'll reserve judgement on the public areas until we have more pics.
  7. That would be hard as I don’t tweet.
  8. I did not. I checked the website several times, but never saw any announcement about the TIME, just the date.
  9. A standard package on Viking is “complimentary” which means the costs are part of the cruise price. The $20 is for an upgrade package, so a bit of apples and oranges.
  10. just have to ask. What lines have better deals? I’d love to know.
  11. The current bags are are cheap flimsy tote bag that you may have not noticed. We use them for carrying stuff to the beach while on board and then leave them behind. Hardly memorable!
  12. Many moons ago the bags looked like this.
  13. milepig


    Service is usually OK for the first hour or so outside port and when you're in places like the Med you often have pretty steady shore service - I watch the bars and shut the phone down when they start to get iffy. After all, we're on vacation, and things can wait until the next morning!! A fun event was when we were cruising through the straits of Gibralter and my phone picked up cell service in Morocco. We joke that my phone went to Morocco but we didn't. So far, the only place my Simple Choice plan didn't apply was French Polynesia (and, of course, On Waves.)
  14. milepig


    But only when you have regular shore based cell service. If you’re out of range and roam to “on waves” you’ll burn through thousands of dollars before you know it. I had t-mobile block them from my account.
  15. We always get the Alumni Discount and also schedule our next booking to get the "recently cruiser" discount as well. I think we used to do it while still on board, but the rules seem to have changed to "within 60 days after the crusie" so our travel agent is armed and ready to pull the switch. We get the stupid little bags that we have so many of we just leave them behind. Also the rose and a plate of fruit that just seems redundant. Captains table and of late we've also been getting a First Officer night. We're departing on a b2b soon, and we'll see what that brings. But the best part is when we get hugs from the crew members we know so well from previous itins. Always a little treat to see a smiling face.
  16. I'm in the same boat - they were going to get back to my TA with the information, but haven't yet and now I guess it was a deliberate delay on their part to get me with the higher price. Not happy, but my TA is aggressive, so I'll sic him on them.
  17. The phrase I bolded is usually used as a euphemism for "we asked our providers to lower their costs, and this is what they came up with." We're on a back-to-back in a few months and I'm seriously considering not going with the package this time will all these increased prices and downgrades of the package. I especially like the comment from another poster that the bar was quick to say what wasn't included, but didn't have a list of what was.
  18. I'd have reported him to Windstar immediately upon boarding - this shouldn't be happening.
  19. milepig


    Was this recently? They used to be much more liberal and we also bought six bottles at Monoprix before boarding one trip, but that was several years ago. We just walked on board with them in a cute little cardboard six bottle holder. We also tending to bring a bottle along with glasses up on deck with us and no one said a thing. But again, that was years ago.
  20. There’s an 11 page thread on this. Do we really need a new one?
  21. Is this "level 3" from the US DOS? Don't pay any attention, they tend to babysit us too much. Just take normal travel cautions and you'll be fine. If you listed to them, there's a terrorist hiding behind every bush in 2/3 of the world.
  22. Here are some options: https://www.sewardalaskabus.com/ I haven't used them so can't give any review.
  23. Really? Because that sad little casino is gone? Grab a drink, go on deck, enjoy the breeze and meet some new friends.
  24. You will the first day or so but the charges never go through. Then they know you and the beverages just flow and all is well with the world.
  25. Thanks for posting. Drink prices are less than I remembered. Unless they’ve scaled way back, that’s not the full wine menu at least for Amphora. There would be many more sections.
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