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  1. Thanks for the Whale Watch tip. I just booked us for the 3:15, which seems to be the only time that fits the WS schedule, so I guess we'll see you on board there if not before!.
  2. We'll be on this same itin next June. Drop me a line if you want to compare notes windstarpig@gmail.com. We've booked the three zodiac tours, but nothing else yet. I looked at the 3-day pre-cruise tour and passed. We're renting a car in Anchorage and driving up to Talkeetna. We have an AirB2B for three nights and will do a couple tours, including the Denali 8 hour Tundra tour, then one night at the Anchorage Hilton and then we're taking a local Anchorage/Seward bus that includes a bit of a tour, also being picked up at the Hilton but in the morning. I think I can do the whole thing, excluding meals for around $1,300 or less all in for both or us, and we don't need to be on anyone else's schedule. The only things left on my list are - land tours during the WS portion of the trip, Denali tickets that won't be available until December, something to do in Vancouver during our one day there, and pack.
  3. I have no problem - I just enter my reservation number and last name and it comes right up.
  4. I can't image why I'd be concerned. The ship goes on to where ever its going next along with the same crew - athough some come and go at the end of every itinerary. I'd have no issues.
  5. Not really worth a mention, except I just had to post the error message: WE'RE SORRY System on the maintenance "System on the maintenance"??? Who writes these things??
  6. I checked the date stamp on our photos. Last November our motu party was the second night.
  7. We You won’t find a form answer. As WS said, it varies for a number of reasons
  8. We hit the timing right in Early November, the sun was setting just as we were finishing up dinner, and the pics we have of the sunset are unbelievable. Word spread and the entire ship full went racing to the beach so as to not miss it.
  9. Just following up. I had a message this morning that credits take 3 weeks to be applied but I should expect the amount I was expecting within the next week or so. There was also a copy of the final bill attached to the email, so all is well.
  10. One thing that’s been discussed here is that most (all?) of the double cabin suites are being returned to the original configuration.
  11. On our cruise that ended a week ago everyone was complaining about it, but then the TV didn't have a signal most of the time either. This was on the Breeze, but I assume they all use the same service? The other thing was that the ship was very bad about leaving On Waves on when in port. It blasted away any shore-based service and we needed to be super careful about what the phones were picking up.
  12. Through a series of events including a partial refund for a tour that wasn't acceptable, a port canceled and a couple other things we wound up with a credit of about $300 at the end of our cruise. This was not left over shipboard credit, which we spent on other things, but an actual amount due to us. it's been a week and I haven't seen either the credit on my CC or the post-cruise emailed copy of the final bill. Who do I ask - there seems to be no obvious number to call WS for this sort of thing. We worked through a TA, do I need to have him do it? I feel like this was rather poorly handled, they bill you immediately, but a credit doesn't seem to be a prioirty.
  13. Us old fogies recall a time when sodas weren’t included but we quickly learned that iced tea was. We survived.
  14. No 7-Up on board. It was Sprite. But, yes, if you find the minibar dude they’ll stock exactly what you want.
  15. The stocking is identical - the only difference is that you'll be charged for the booze if you use any. Soda is always free.
  16. The food rules thing sounds odd to me. Most of the food on Windstar comes from a huge cruise ship supply company in Amsterdam, not the US.
  17. I don't see why not. WS seems to treat the legs as separate itins.
  18. We just did this. On the day you need to stop by registration where they switch over your existing card. That’s it. We stayed at Veranda watching people leave until we were alone and then went on shore for awhile and we were free to return at any time. Not on purpose but we returned a bit before registration began, so we were again in veranda as people trickled in. The crew laughed at us. We got to see people walking around with deck plans in their hand. The best part was when we got to skip the lifeboat drill.
  19. Entertaining and also completely untrue. I’d be thrilled to introduce anyone to the pleasures of true premium tequila.
  20. There are decent prices in airport Duty Free. You pass it after baggage claim and customs. Remember the WS wine limits. We had the booze package, but bought a couple bottles for the 2 days we had before. If you stay at the Sofitel there is a nice grocery store in easy walking distance and also a boulangerie/patisserie that you’ll swear was brought over from Paris intact. Also a well reviewed French restaurant that we didn’t sample.
  21. Jeans are never officially allowed in Amphora. My question was about Candles, where they had been, as well as shorts and flip flops, but now they aren’t.
  22. The captains know their stuff. To the point of too late in the season? One of our private guides said that the fall started about 6 weeks early. The leaves are turning and migratory birds from Russia are already appearing. The wild crazy winds and rain are more of an October thing.
  23. And we just went all the way out to the Iona ferry, many hours each way, to find it canceled due to high winds. I’ve seen enough scenery to last me the rest of my life.
  24. We’re now joining the list of those who missed Portrush. In our case we’re going to Belfast tomorrow instead.
  25. you had casual in Candles 2 weeks ago? The Breeze staff told me it changed 3, now 4, weeks ago.
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