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  1. Nice inconvenience move. We will be in 1012 on Grandeur in July.
  2. Suggest you check out Suite Guru for deck 6 on both Splendor and Explorer. Good into there.
  3. From someone whose Bride is going through bout #5, and doing GREAT two years after last diagnoses, we hope the best for you. We will be on Grandeur in July and will toast to your health around pool bar.
  4. Hopefully our July Grandeur cruise will be the usual Regent life they offer. Suite 1012.....love it.
  5. Agree with you. But it would seem that this present issue involves Grandeur perhaps not being completely ready? That, would be Regents fault, if true.
  6. Whoa....a $500 OBC! Which is to say, that if you buy a $500 watch in the Boutique, said watch costs Regent probably $200....so there is your actual OBC while Regent makes an additional $300 off it. New President has been very quiet during this whole issue......Andrea, you out there??
  7. Agree also. Have one at home that I "blast" but the one on Splendor just is not very good.
  8. After all her past health issues, I suspect it is an emotional support dog.
  9. There were no announcements that she would perform....so lucky few who were in lounge thoroughly enjoyed her performance, even if only a brief one.
  10. We were on a Splendor Caribbean about 18 months ago and she was also on board for that cruise. We were in 1201, a GS directly under the Regent Suite where she was staying. She performed one evening in the Splendor lounge with David Nevin. Like us, both Canucks.
  11. Believe in our GS on Splendor in April, it was a Dyson. Of course, with only having 6 hair to dry, a fly passing me at high speed would have got me done.
  12. We were in GS 1012 on Splendor in April doing a TA.....Very little noise at all. We will be in the same GS on Grandeur in July.
  13. We definitely agree on this. Look forward to Grandeur in July.
  14. And kids aren't typically chair hogs.
  15. Have the pool and pool bar areas been busy?
  16. We have been on 2 Splendor cruises over the past 18 months, with a Grandeur one coming up in July. If we felt it wasn’t worth the price, we would not be doing more. Also have sailed on Mariner, which was terrific. Did 2 Silversea cruises in between, but are now VERY loyal Regent clients. Doubt very much you would be disappointed.
  17. Then a hint here…..don’t check out Santa before you board….
  18. Actually, they come in handy at Christmas when I give them out and tell the recipient I spent a fortune on their gift.
  19. This "Southerner" knows what sleet means/is. Of course, being originally from Montreal and having lived in TO for 18 years, I "vaguely remember" experiencing it!
  20. Thanks for your posts and pictures. After having been on Splendor twice over the past 18 months, and with a Grandeur cruise coming up in July I just find a noticeable difference from what O offers (via your pics) as to what Regent does. I would find the O decor a bit depressing and their canapés and "cocktail treats" to be very uninspiring. Looking very much forward to Grandeur, and all her....well....grandeur. I am not quite a "peach" but I do reside in Georgia!
  21. Seems to be a site-wide issue with Grandeur roll calls. Ours for July is histoire.
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