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  1. I fail to see the connection between Niagara Falls and how US National Parks ‘got it right’.
  2. Back in the good old days of July, the EU’ list of ‘epidemiologically safe’ third countries was based on the number of new covid cases in the preceding 14 day period for 100,000 individuals. At the time, the EU’s number was about 15 and the list included a number of countries below 18 or so.remains unchanged from July. I haven’t found much reference to this measuring stick in any of the news articles addressing Canada’s ouster from the ‘white list’. Maybe it’s because the EU has quietly abandoned their criteria for the list. Here is a sample of the latest numbers from the ECDC; note that Germany’s number is about the best in Europe and Canada is about the same. Seems to me the EU is simply circling their wagans for the time being and hardening up the borders for a bit.
  3. Rio de Janeiro. Difficult and time-consuming to get around, generally unsanitary and unsafe, even in the more affluent areas. As an afterthought..... Barcelona is great but stay clear of that cablecar sightseeing gizmo that runs above a portion of the city!
  4. Sure it satisfies the spirit of the law. From the US perspective Vancouver is a foreign port and that’s the end of it.
  5. No idea on the ‘daily rate’ in an ICU. Not only is the max $500K, that’s in Canadian dollars so about USD 370K.
  6. That may very well be the case. Air Canada will sell me a ticket from YOW to DFW on Wednesday if I thought I’d like to take the trip. If they cancel, they’ll give me a credit. Now, if I do get to Dallas and get sick with CV at least my insurance will cover my hospital bills! And if I make it back to Canada, I have another 14 days of quarantine to look forward to after my treatment.
  7. The excluded is excluded! Medical claims/assistance related to COVID-19 are now permitted. Note that travel cancellation/interruption issues are NOT insured due to Canadian government advisory against travel outside of Canada.
  8. That seems to be a bit of a rosy interpretation of what Pfizer said.... By Pfizer’s best estimate, the third week of November will be the earliest they will be able to apply for approval.
  9. I believe you’re in YYC so you can get out of Calgary without having to make connections. Here in YOW we have to connect (usually YYZ or YUL) to flee. Fortunately, I’ll have plenty to do in February; shovelling snow, chopping firewood, running the trap lines and won’t have time to think about locations where the temperature is above freezing.
  10. The story does say that a relatively high (no number assigned) percentage of Canadians would get the vaccine when available.
  11. Ours is a group plan with Johnson Insurance. You can check out the wording of the amended Exclusions & Limitations sent recently to group members. New policies beginning in 2021 will have same. ENGLISH Model B endorsement (Oct 2, 2020).pdf
  12. Fro Canadian travellers looking for COVID-19 medical coverage try: Medipac Tour+Med Blue Cross Manulife
  13. Yes, you’re correct although I’ll bet you could find plenty of secessionists if you look hard enough! What with Brexit, Frexit, Grexit and a host of other similar scenarios it’s time to think big don’t you know. So, with special thanks to Elvis Gratton....
  14. The so-called workaround (dodge, end-run, special dispensation or whatever you’d like to call it) has nothing to do with ensuring Canadians aren’t exposed to the coronavirus; the suggestions are being made to enable cruisers to take an Alaska cruise from a US port without having to stop in Canada (which, for the time being) is not permitted by the Canadian Government.
  15. @kazu you caught my interest with your ‘recommendation’ of Banks Mansion so I went ahead and booked four nights in Amsterdam for next September. I doubt you’ll get a kickback.
  16. That’s pretty much the case in Ontario. Over the summer when case counts were relatively low access to testing was somewhat relaxed and just about anybody could be tested. With case counts now highly elevated, the eligibility for testing has been very much tightened up to focus on higher risk individuals.
  17. I don’t understand. Your experience sounds pretty normal to me but I don’t see how that may connect to the testing percentage and a desire to keep it down/supressed.
  18. I think it’s about time that BC, Washington and Oregon form the independent and sovereign nation of Cascadia freeing themselves from the yoke of Canadian and US laws and policies. Of course, the Cascadian government may choose to adopt its own no cruise ship policy while CV-19 remains pandemic.
  19. Yes. About all I can find is ‘unexplained illness’. Nothing about a side effect of any severity.
  20. Delays in what exactly? Reviewing the Healthy Sail Panel’s recommendations? That wasn’t a plan. IMO, cruising from US ports won’t be resuming prior to December and I have doubts about that; responding to the Committee’s request for documentation won’t impact cruise resumption timelines. The request is a fishing expedition for information supporting WH interference in the CDC’s business.
  21. There is too much to see from a cabin verandah or a fixed viewing position on one side of the ship. Suggest you plan on roaming around on upper decks and/or looking for a high spot facing forward. Often, there are spots on a ship where space is available for seating and the transit is narrated; this provides plenty of context but just doesn’t feel entirely satisfactory if you like to get a little closer to the action and watch the workings.
  22. I’ve heard buoys pronounced like boys but that isn’t the way I pronounce it. As for bois, to me that’s a French word and I don’t pronounce it anything like the other two, especially no ‘s’ sound.
  23. Evidently, I’m not on the same board (not bored) as others. I can see examples of misused words (or typos if you like) for groups such as: four, for, fore; there, their, they’re. How yaw gets mixed in with your and you’re escapes me, might as well have used yawn. I would have thought you’d include the word yore in that. Anyway, time for me to have a cup of tea and let this go.
  24. Excellent rejoinder although it doesn’t much respond to the question(s) at hand.
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