"LIVE" from Explorer of the Seas -April 7, 2013- Bermuda

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Bon voyage Mark! I'll be following along.

My daughter is recently off Explorers 9 night (I keep going through her pictures of Explorer!), so I'll be interested in what you have to say about the ship in comparison! We'll be on Celebrity Summit the end of May, also to Bermuda (yup, we keep going back). Is the new "Fun Golf" On your to-do list? I am also looking for a private tour guide/ van, if you see any vans with contact info on them, can you click a picture for me!?!?
Have fun overnighting here in the garden state! lol And wave as you pass by!

Bon Voyage!
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Woohoo! I've heard great things about your "LIVE" reviews and am so excited to sit back, subscribe to yet another review thread and enjoy your vacation with you

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Wow, I don't know how i'm going to keep up. We have your live review, and on the Celebrity boards we have Gambee doing a very detailed picture review on the Silhouette, and Bugsy starting a live review today as well on the the Reflection I think. Oh my oh my.....
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There is construction and down to one lane for everyone going east it may take and extra 15-39 min before you get to 14A beware

Enjoy your cruise have a great time wish I was going
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Originally posted by whitshel
Wow, I don't know how i'm going to keep up. We have your live review, and on the Celebrity boards we have Gambee doing a very detailed picture review on the Silhouette, and Bugsy starting a live review today as well on the the Reflection I think. Oh my oh my.....
Whoo - I didn't realise gambee was on the Silhouette yet. I was counting down the days until KansCocoa does her X review. gambee will keep me going until she does
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Checking in for the subscription... send us back some warm weather too!

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Look forward to your LIVE review. I'll be on Explorer in less than two weeks time. Have fun!

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Looking forward to your review, Radio. We love Explorer - were on her last fall to Bermuda and had a great cruise. Going on May 16 for a 9-nighter with Bermuda included and then again to New England in August. We have never gone "Live" with you and will love to "cruise" with you this week.
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Thanks Radio, I needed something to get me through the next 50 days. Happy sailing.

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Originally posted by vze25y47
There is construction and down to one lane for everyone going east it may take and extra 15-39 min before you get to 14A beware

Enjoy your cruise have a great time wish I was going
Thanks for the heads up! We are also on this cruise with Radio. Tomorrow!
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Thank you Radio! I'm on one of the 5 night Explorer cruises to Bermuda in a couple of months. Your "LIVE" review will give me a great preview.
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Originally posted by whitshel
Wow, I don't know how i'm going to keep up. We have your live review, and on the Celebrity boards we have Gambee doing a very detailed picture review on the Silhouette, and Bugsy starting a live review today as well on the the Reflection I think. Oh my oh my.....
I agree!!!! Life is good right now!!
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Originally posted by LuckiStac13*Majesty*
Have fun Radio! If you remember, look out for a head waiter named Jacob...I believe he is on Explorer right now. One of the best. He's a friend from our many sailings back on Majesty of the Seas. He's from Israel

Have a great cruise!
WOW...Jacob was our head waiter on our very first cruise, which was on the Majesty of the Seas. He is our favorite head waiter to date. It has been 13 years since we first started cruising and he definately was the best. I will be on the Explorer this summer and I really hope that he is my head waiter.

Radio....enjoy your cruise. I really love your "LIVE" reports.
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I hope I get to meet you, as I have often followed your reports. I'll even be looking to see if I can add my 2 cents worth.
Let's hope for smooth sailing, and great weather in Bermuda!
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I remain jealous of your travels Radio and grateful to you for always taking us along for the ride. Hope you have a fantastic cruise!
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It sure is a welcome sight to see your "Live From" back on these boards, Radio. Have a wonderful cruise - I'll have the Keurig cycled up at all times!