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Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five


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Last evening Myster and I hosted a wine tasting for a few friends.  There were 5 wines from 5 different regions of Italy.

Piedmont | Piemonte 

Tuscany | Toscana 

Veneto | Vèneto 

Sardinia | Sardegna 

Trentino - Alto Adige


The crowd favourite was Kellerei Bozen Lagrein 2019.


A fine time was had by all!




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Hi folks, JP, this is a bottle of the wine I purchased while on an excursion in the Canary Islands. The Winery is called El Grifo and the wine is CANARI. 

Can't seem to get the photo correctly so I am posting the link.



You can see the description of how aged the grapes are for this wine........

It also says it is "sweet" but in my opinion, it is not.....it is probably the most perfect sip of wine I have ever tasted.  It is definitely a sipping wine only. Even the Sommelier said, "This is not wine to drink with a meal" LOL......but for after your meal.🙂


Mysty, your table looks lovely. 

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Thanks for the link, @Lois R.


That's definitely an after-dinner sipper, I agree. Have had that grape before but never in a sweet version. I also like that your bottle is a mixture of old and new vintages. By classification / definition it's definitely a sweet wine - as it's 9% residual sugar (90g/L=9%). Cut points vary but dry wines are around 1.5% or less; semi-dry in the range of 2-4%, and sweet wines start around 5% and go up from there. 


The residual sugar content is not the only thing that determines whether a wine tastes sweet on your palate, though. It may not taste super sweet if the alcohol content (17%, kind of high) and the acidity are there to balance out the sweet flavor. But what is most important, is that you enjoy it! So sip away and may it bring you pleasant memories of your trip.


I personally like a nip of sweet wine on occasion but after a bit they can get too cloying, unless they are superbly balanced. Waiting for my Coravin to come so that I can try a glass of the 1997 Chateau d'Yquem that's been in our wine cellar since 2014...

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28 minutes ago, jpalbny said:

Chris sent this to me. Dr. Katzenstein, perhaps? 


But the funniest part of the cartoon is the depiction of a feline version of Igor. I'm still laughing at that.




Cat Igor looks scarier that Cat Frankenstein!  🤣

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7 minutes ago, SteveH2508 said:

Now that is PROPER bread.

Home made (need I ask?)


Just needs Boursin as butter, good ham and good cheese...


Thanks I make three baguettes most days.  It says much of my life that is is one of the most satisfying things I do. But I’m ‘appy with that 🙂

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14 minutes ago, UKCruiseJeff said:




I have always been bewildered by the concept that a loaf is only beautiful if it is identical to all the others.  


And as one baguette said to his shorter brother … “Vive  la difference.!


Cookie cutter bread has no character and certainly doesn't present as homemade!  I enjoy "la difference"!

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1 hour ago, UKCruiseJeff said:


Thanks I make three baguettes most days.  It says much of my life that is is one of the most satisfying things I do. But I’m ‘appy with that 🙂

I doff my hat to you Sir. I do have expensive bakers around my neck of the woods, but I would take great pride in being able to produce baguettes like that.


Any chance of a recipe/set of instructions/insider tips?

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