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Harmony Aug 4, 2019 - We're not on Empress anymore.

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13 minutes ago, lovelife said:


Priority check in is a Signature member benefit. Don't  know if it helps with going through security.


Pretty much everybody get's priority check in these days. 😉

Like I said earlier, there was no security line outside terminal at noon. Very similar to a Mariner sail.

Oasis always had massive lines around that time. Not sure why so short last week

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Dinner and a show


We had 8pm dinner reservations in CK and plans to see Fine Line at 9:30.

I said plans, because i pretty much don't do reservations. That usually isn't a problem. We'll get to that in a second.



Dinner menu for day 4, not very good.



Laura was planning on Chicken noodle soup from the kids menu, but Harmony kids menu is awful.  No soup, hardly anything kid friendly.  Maybe they're sending a message. 😉



Oasis used the same kids menu from MDR, much more age appropriate. 



Anyway, a fussy toddler next to us was eating chicken fingers and fries, not on the menu, so Laura asked if she could have that. The waitress said "well, someone would have to run down to the MDR and get that". And that wasn't said in an offeratory tone. 😉  So Laura said nevermind, bring me the flatbread.  I got the veloute and the roasted chicken.


Neither were very good and the same for the flatbread.  So we were in and out of CK in 30 minutes.


Luckily WJ is on the way to the Aqua Theater.  

More good luck since they were doing fried rice at the hot stations.

Unlucky that there were 15 people in line and one chef.

I think I was in line 35 minutes.  Laura sat down and played Candy Crush. Thank goodness for free VOOM

The dish wasn't even that good.  Off to the Aqua Theater.


In the Aqua Theater the port side is for folks with reservations and the starboard side is for folks with no reservations.

Big line standing around on the Starboard side. 😉

So, being Pinnacle we don't need reservations.  Same for suite passengers. We go to the port side entrance.

Activity staff dude scans my WoW band and asks if I have reservations, I say no. He says please go to other line. 😱


So I ask him if that applies to Pinnacle as I'm  showing him my Gold Seapass.  He apologizes and says he can't see that info on his screen. 

This may have not happened if I had just used my sea pass card, made reservations, or was wearing my fancy name tag.


Crisis averted we headed down to our not so premium seats. 



BTW, time for a PSA

If you enter the Aqua Theater form the rock wall area on deck 7 aft, you don't need reservations, there are some great seats, and you can easily take the stairs down to the BW level.  You're welcome.





I leave you with Spinning Man



good night




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7 hours ago, John&LaLa said:

Sunset Catamaran - Castaway Girl

$60 pp, pretty good price for a two hour booze cruise


This could have been so much better, I'm guessing this is a great excursion in the fall or spring, summer no so much

Wind would have helped

Having the sun go down would have helped

A non Irma ravaged St Thomas would have helped


At least the rum was free flowing



Just a wee bit crowded, typical of a ship's excursion



Our USCG Certified bartender



The lovely Laura



Marriot Frenchman's Reef. Nicest, biggest hotel on the island. Might be back next year, but I doubt it.



It used to look like this. 😥



Pretty sea and sky, but no wind.  We tried to go under sail, but that was a joke.  We just bobbed up and down like a cork. 

Fire up the engine, Cappy



A very welcome sight



We pretty much motored around Water Island 



Probably should have done this. Actually we have, around 20 years ago. 😉🥤



Well after we got back to the ship. 



Overall a disappointment. Castaway girl is probably better suited for daytime snorkel tours. 



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1 minute ago, John&LaLa said:


I think it's the same property.  


It is the same property.  The condos right on the beach are part of Frenchman’s Reef.  I don’t see the condos and wondered if they were gone or just out of the picture.  We haven’t been over that way in a while but used to stay there a lot....before discovering cruising.



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12 minutes ago, truffles2 said:


It is the same property.  The condos right on the beach are part of Frenchman’s Reef.  I don’t see the condos and wondered if they were gone or just out of the picture.  We haven’t been over that way in a while but used to stay there a lot....before discovering cruising.


The highrise is over on the right. Nothing there but concrete shell. Definitely working on 'Island Time'


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16 hours ago, TripleQ said:

Don't remember seeing it in the cruise compass, but I will double check when I get home.  The WJ entrance always seemed to have the theme nights posted the morning.. mexican, chocolate buffet, mongolian.  Ate in the MDR every night though so didn't pay close attention.

I've heard it's not posted in the Cruise Compass and was on the Mexican food night, not to say they couldn't change it to day 6 or change the Mexican food night to another night.  I'll be checking w/WJ peeps on day 5.  Mexican and Mongolian sound very good, too!

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21 hours ago, SilkySal said:

Yes, it is and I'll do my best to keep her amused!😄 Of course, I don't think that will be too hard since that woman seems to laugh at everything, which is a good thing, cause I heard that laughing makes you stay young, so let's laugh away!!


Don't forget to give her a hug from me and Bucky.  Adore Kay's laugh!  🙂 

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29 minutes ago, Swank Pad G said:

 Past pictures Bem15963  posted of the chocolate buffet. They believed it was on night 5  (Mexican food night) also.


Chocolate Pic 1.jpg

Chocolate Pic 2.jpg

Chocolate Pic 3.jpg

Chocolate Pic 4.jpg

I hope they have a chocolate fountain, too!  Or is that unsanitary - like a shared fondue or something?

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21 minutes ago, brillohead said:

And where, pray tell, are our photos of the freshly-coiffed Bella???  


She got rained on. Wettest August ever down here. Well, it seems that way.



Visiting Jerry, our co parents.  


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7 minutes ago, zoepipes said:

I hope they have a chocolate fountain, too!  Or is that unsanitary - like a shared fondue or something?


Several chocolate fountains.  There was one in MDR for Saturday lunch.

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Ok, this is going to include next week. What kind of things do I need to find out next week?  I seem to have 3-4 open requests.


CR Signature tier security line 

Izumi as a D+ BOGO

Large group in MDR 

Chocolate buffets and fountains

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