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Shoe Storage Ideas on O Class Ships?

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I'm wondering if anyone has found ideas for shoe storage on the O class ships, veranda suites. My shoes, and my husband's, have mingled together on the floor of the closet underneath our hanging clothes on our previous Seabourn cruises. With a much longer cruise coming up, I will likely pack a few extra pairs (and my husband might go crazy and bring one extra pair). Any additional shoe storage spaces I might have overlooked?

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I am guilty of taking multiple shoes and aside from the floor of the closet I have used the cupboard at the end of the bed. It isn't so easy to see all the shoes at a glance in that cupboard though. The next cruise I will be trialling a hanging shoe holder I purchased from Ikea. I will use two magnetic hooks to hang it up.




I have trialled it with the shoes I am taking and it takes them all apart from my Gym shoes. My husband's shoes will stay on the floor. 😎

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47 minutes ago, frantic36 said:

The cruise is in December. 


Raphael our multiple bags plus the doona the stewardess stores under there makes under the bed rather crowded.☺️


I would love to hear from you, frantic36, after you're on board and can try it out. What wall were you thinking of hanging the bag on?


17 minutes ago, raphael360 said:

I know but all I get for storage is under the bed.  Wifie gets the rest.  That includes sleeping arrangements too ;


I'm laughing at this...

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I wouldn't mind a solution to this too, we start off with all our shoes (always too many, mostly me!) laid out neatly side by side in the walk-in wardrobe.  By the end of the cruise it starts to look like a teenagers wardrobe (a bit messy) 😳

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3 hours ago, dalliowner said:

What is STUK  and  STUBB ??


Sorry dalliowner I should have been clearer...it was related to the Ikea link I posted earlier. They are two different shoe organiser units with pockets sold by Ikea. One is a little narrower and shorter then the other.


This is a STUK



The SKUBB( I mucked up the spelling originally)



I have no idea if it will work but at minimal cost for the organiser and a couple of magnetic hooks I am willing to test out my theory 😊.




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We're +1 for the suggestion earlier in this thread that you use the cabinet opposite the end of the bed. That's what we do. The thing is incredibly thin and it's hard to think of much else could reasonably be put in there. It ends up being pretty handy as you can grab a pair of shoes as you pass the bed on the way out the door. 

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51 minutes ago, koalapanda said:

Good thinking Julie, this will save many a creaky back shuffling through the scrambled shoes under the low rail in the walk in robe. Eight weeks countdown, I'm off to Ikea, pronto.

Thank you, Koala J.


Koala, I am getting the magnetic hooks from Bunnings...a hardware store here in Australia for non-Australians.




They have a pack of four as well.

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Thanks Julie great tip. I would love a teeny version to put all my make up bits and be able to roll it up. I could store it in the dressing table drawer and just roll out to use. Does any one have any ideas of such a nifty item ?

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1 hour ago, alwaysonaship said:

I have found regardless of what it is, I take twice what I need. Any suggestions to stop that?

I also find packing to be so difficult.  One thing that has helped me---is to NOT pack anything that I did not wear/use on our last cruise.  Of course there are always new clothing items in the mix--but I do make notes about what was most useful or most worn.  

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2 hours ago, alwaysonaship said:

I have found regardless of what it is, I take twice what I need. Any suggestions to stop that?

     I've taken north of 50 cruises and found myself using only half of the stuff I packed - 100% of the time.  

     I read a blog by a frequent cruiser and her advice was: "After you're completely done packing, remove half the items."  After hearing and trying her suggestion I found it really works!  So simple but so effective.

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One possibility is just to dedicate a deeper closet drawer to his plus her shoes.

We take three large suitcases   between us and still have room for clothes if we use all shelves, the drawers in both the nightstands,  and drawers under the desk, so a drawer could in theory be spared for shoes.  

If you get different colored shoe bags for different pairs ( and remember what color bag corresponds to which pair, or have a coding on your iphone if you have not memorized it yet),  they will be easy to find.


Thank you SLSD for using shoe bags! 

 Closed unventilated closets also tend to absorb  shoe odors, so it is nice to have them bagged if kept in there, or on shelves.


We never bring enough shoes to create a problem ( usually 3-4 pairs per person depending on the cruise) , but I noted you could also get a few pairs discretely tucked in behind the far end of the sofa near the drapes if needed. Or under the desk, if you never actually sit at the desk.

Compared with mainstream lines, storage space is huge on luxury lines even in base cabins. Some mainstream cruiser who store bags under their beds have written they keep shoes or other stuff stored in a bag, like a pullout drawer.


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We have also found shoe storage to be a vexing problem since the days of the Sisters, and I was hoping that it would be solved on Encore and Ovation.  But, as Mauzac, said, our wardrobe on Ovation last June ended up looking like a teen's closet at the end of the cruise.  Oceania's penthouse suites, which I think are almost the equivalent of a veranda suite, do have floor to ceiling metal shoe racks at the end of the wardrobe and we will find out how they actually work out this December.  In addition to all of the helpful suggestions from posters on this thread, could Seabourn simply add a floor level rack that would at least keep everyone's shoes from wandering around the wardrobe?  There must be some clever design solution to this irritating problem.

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