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RevNeal Reporting from the Zaandam


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Greetings Fellow HAL Board Posters! It is so good to say "hi" from the Zaandam! Wow, what a lovely ship!


This is just a quick note to say "hello" and to let you know that Christopher and myself made it aboard safely. I'm not going to draft a long initial-day report at this time because this is my initial wireless set-up session. I'm happy to see that I was able to make contact without any trouble and am going to enjoy searching out the ship for the best contact zone. :)


I'll be drafting an initial-day post later and uploading it to this thread, however suffice it to say that our first night aboard was FANTASTIC. The ship filled up for the Vancouver - San Diego transit, but she's still not full for the rest of the cruise ... so ... there IS a possibility of a post-San Diego upgrade! They'll let us know on Wednesday night. As it is, however, our J-category inside cabin is perfectly nice ... with one problem. The temperature during the first day was WARM. Too warm. But, by time to turn it the AC was pumping away and we got nice a chilly during the first night.


We're sitting in port here in Victoria. Half the excursions were cancelled because most people were not interested in doing them. I'll report on what we're going to be doing later.


Just a great big THANK YOU to all of you who sent me on-board gifts. I'll list what those were in a later post. They were WONDERFUL! God bless you all!!!!!


Weather couldn't be better. Nice, sun-shining, with a temp of 45 outside right now. What a LOVELY change compared to Dallas (at 90 degrees!) :D


Service ... so far so good. No problems to report in that department; dining room service was snappy. I'll give details later.


Bless all of you ... and especially those of you in Florida. While the ship is only supposed to get World Service of CNN we were able to watch the US network feed all last night covering the hurricane coming ashore. Our prayers this morning in the service were for all of you there.


Again, take care ... and look for my daily reports from the Lovely Zaandam!



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RevNeal we did a family reunion a couple of years back on Zaandam. She is indeed a fine ship.


We will be sure to wave from the Statendam on Thursday in San Diego when we board for Hawaii.


Have a great trip on the Zaandam. I know we will on the Statendam.


Oh and I know all about the Dallas heat having grown up just a few miles south of there in Cleburne, Tx. That's why we live in Tennessee now.

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I'm expecting another video cruise log when you (ugh don't say it) return. Only because it's your grand style to do videos, and do them so well.


We're going to be on Zaandam for New Year's and have never seen her before.


What exactly is your itinerary? I know you left from Vancouver as I saw Zaandam on Kroooz-cams yesterday, I looked for you but the zoom factor isn't available on that website. Is your trip a combined pacific coastal and canal?


Packing for 2 climates?


Have you heard about the ferry incident in Alaska? Any Damage to the Zaandam?


I'll keep watching for your posts.

Living vicariously,


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What a joy to sign on to CC and find your post on the very top! Thank you so much for checking in; and for the promise to keep at it! Glad you arrived safely; and on time; with all your luggage.


Now, don't miss your cruise because you're reporting on the cruise. If you get a better offer you can always postpone a report to us.

We'll forgive you. I think.

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I'm so glad to hear that you are having a great time onboard the Zaandam. I will be looking forward to your video and reviews. I hope that you continue to have a great time and will look forward to your next post. :D

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RevNeal...what a delightful surprise to see a post from you ... so happy to read that you are on board and enjoying your cruise. Hope the cabin upgrade comes through for you and Chris! Will be very interested in your comments about this cruise, as we are considering a panama canal cruise in the near future.


3 weeks aboard..I can feel the stress of our daily lives just melting away thinking about all that wonderful R&R


Enjoy your cruise..and I look forward to see updates from time to time!!


Peggy Sue

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Hi Greg, so glad you are getting settled in and enjoying the Zaandam. I know you are in for a wonderful cruise. Look for Edmond, Caesar and Lucio on the lido deck, they will take good care of you. I won`t be able to follow your adventures for the next couple of weeks as we are leaving VERY early in the morning for 2 weeks on the Yucatan in Mexico, but look forward to catching up when we return. Enjoy!!!......jean :cool:

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RevNeal - we did the Panama Canal on the Zaandam - wonderful trip!


You post some great pictures of your cruises - have you taken a look at the wall panels in the corridors of the Zaandam - they appear to be on silk with gold embroidery.


Maybe you will photograph and post.


Happy cruising :D

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So glad you and Chris enjoyed your first day on board. I'm sure it's going to be a fantastic trip with lots of memories for both of you!


When you send your report (please let us know how the Zaandam looks, and how the service is). We are very curious about the changes that have taken place.


Again, enjoy, and tip a glass for us!


Dee & Lon Okolotowicz

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How wonderful to get home from church today and see your post, so glad you and Chris are having a good time, how long is your cruise ???? We will be looking for the skeet shooting off the ship as you pass by us in LA. Thank you for taking the time from your vacation to post to us, take lots of pictures please and have a wonderful time! :)

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Ah, Rev, so happy to see your post and know that you are delighting in your journey so far.


Here in West Palm Beach we made it through Jeanne without too many problems and our power is back up so all is well. Sadly, others just barely North of us did not fare so well and once again Mother Nature has not been kind.

I'll look forward to your ongoing tales from the sea!!! Thanks for thinking of us:D Keep feeling joyous.

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Greg, SO glad you are safely on the Zaandan. I have been busy all day so now just was able to read your post. I too will look forward to hearing your reports.

Reading you posts just helps us to pretend we are on a cruise:D

What day will you be in San Diego? We can then go to the Web Cam web site to wave at you;) http://live6.truelook.com/face/newface.jsp?func=0&name=/ecodb/sandiego/oneamerica2&pan=-101.48572&tilt=-12.994281&panfov=19.214195&tiltfov=14.976375&overlay=default&skin=default&useapplet=true&time=1079709536699&width=640&height=480&quality=60


:o I am sorry this web address seems to be a bit long hope it works.

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Have a great trip Revneal! I will wave to you as well on Thursday as I take the long way to the airport, my usual routine on "cruise ship days" in San Diego! Sometimes I just find an excuse to drive by when a ship is in port! Enjoy our city!

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Good to hear from you, Revneal! I'm glad you are a happy camper and I'm sure you'll have a great cruise. Dedicate that first dozen lobsters to the CC board, And afterwards, as you dig your nose deep into a snifter of fine brandy, smile and think good thoughts. :p

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I've mostly been a lurker on these boards so you don't know me but you and the other regulars (I won't name them 'coz I'm sure to leave someone out) have helped get me revved up for my first cruise (ever!) in November on the Amsterdam.


I'm looking forward to your first-hand reports from the Zaandam as well as your pics. Have a wonderful time, and as someone (sorry!) said, don't worry 'bout us, just enjoy. Anything you post, whether during, or after your trip, will be eagerly awaited and most appreciated.


You've counted the days, looked forward to the day ------ now it's here. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!



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When we sailed to Alaska this summer on the Zandam, we received in the folder at the pier a short info package "THE VOYAGE BEGINS'. This is a quote from it:




Your daily program will contain a notice of the dress for

Each evening. Shorts, tank tops, swimwear and workout

Attire are not permitted in the dining room or Pinnacle

Grill at any time, or in the Main Show lounge after

6pm. On formal and informal evenings, jackets are

required for men in the Pinnacle Grill


CASUAL No shorts, tank tops, swimwear or workout attire.


INFORMAL Sport Jacket for men.


FORMAL Jacket and tie for men. Tuxedo suggested.


End of quote.


No shorts in the dining room did not concern me as we always breakfast in the stateroom and lunch in the Lido. I cannot tell if shorts were permitted at any time on our cruise.


There has been more than one thread stating that this was only a Statendam ruling. Many people have stated that they wear shorts in the dining room for lunch and breakfast, but not for dinner. Perhaps these experiences have been on warm water cruises.


I showed this folder "THE VOYAGE BEGINS" to a friend who sailed yesterday on the Oosterdam from Seattle to the Panama. I have just received an email that they have the identical info. He is going to wear shorts for lunch to the dining room one day to see if he is 'permitted' to do so.


What about the Zaandam cruising to Flordia? Did you receive the same info? Will you check out the dining room some day at breakfast or lunch? Are people in shorts 'pemitted' in?

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