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  1. A group taxi to Havensight is about 8-10 per person. As has been mentioned, make sure there will be ships docked there. Many of the shops are only open if ships are there.
  2. I've used Godfrey many times. Never had a problem. He's very accomadating
  3. I saved almost $2700 on 4 cruises this weekend as well.
  4. There is no need for the Royal shuttle AND the 9 bus. The shuttle takes you right to Ron Jons. Or take the 888 shuttle from outside the cruise terminal (they operate from all terminals). It does the same thing and is a few bucks cheaper. Cocoa Beach pier is about 3/4 miles away. I don't think it's worth the time and effort, just a few snack shops.
  5. If you want to rent a scooter, go to your local Walmart or food store and try one of those. This way you're able to judge if you can handle it. Keep in mind that rentals are a little smaller and easier to handle.
  6. Kind of like The Gift when it was on the Anthem. I saw it at least six times and still not exactly sure what it's about. I'm glad it's not been back since the Anthem returned. Maybe it will be replaced with something more interesting.
  7. Two weeks ago it was open for lunch on embarkation day and sea days.
  8. Seeing Cats? I get my best nap there while my wife watches the show. And she wakes me up if I snore too loud.
  9. Check out scootaround.com. They'll deliver it right to your room.
  10. Which is what I thought. It's not to help the passengers; it's to make money for RCCL.
  11. Thanks. Best advice ever. I no longer have to see his comments or look at him in his speedo.
  12. Their prices are very reasonable and the portions are good sized.
  13. I was on the Oasis earlier this month on the five day to Canada. We had nothing to do for a half hour so my wife said let's go. All they did was push EFFY jewelry for 45 minutes. They said nothing about Halifax or St. John. I questioned the host about it afterwards and she said "We have nothing to recomend about those two towns". I guess EFFY paid the most money to RCL. Or DI realized that it isn't worth it anymore
  14. Since it's the last day they may let you keep it, otherwise you'll get it back that night.
  15. High Roller makes great lobster rolls too. With a great selection of local craft beers. It's about two blocks from Holy Donuts.
  16. It's because they signed a five year contract for WWRY. And the cost of a new show with the sets, etc runs millions of dollars.Thats of three hours of entertainment. The fly in entertainment and bands in the Music Hall change every few weeks. We've been sailing the Anthem 3-4 times a year for the past five years or so and can always find some things to do.
  17. Five nights Bermuda in a balcony including port charges and D+ discount is $1150 for the both of us.
  18. The five days to Bermuda are just as good. In October I have a B2B. It's a nine day NE/Canada and five day Bermuda.
  19. I vote for Ollie's too. Remember this is a tender port. Don't make a reservation for a private tour like Ollie's too early. People on Royal excursions have a higher priority and get off the ship first. For dessert, find a place that sells blueberry ice cream.
  20. Right, their standard laundry prices. But it's probably closer to $30.
  21. Has anyone noticed price drops for 2023 sailings? I haven't seen any yet for my six sailings next year.
  22. The bar-b-que is our go to place for lunch on day one. It's not crowded at all and you don't have to deal with WJ crowds. It's reasonable in price with big portions.
  23. My Oct Bermuda cruise just dropped again. I saved $249 two weeks ago and another ,$326 today.
  24. I always go about 1:00. They may be out of a few varieties but the line is less than 10 minutes.
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