Have you ever done the exact same cruise on the exact same ship?

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My wife/family and I enjoyed our last cruise so much. I told my wife that I'd love to book the exact same cruise (out of the exact same port, exact same ship, exact same stops) again later this year, and she said I was crazy. hah

For me....*shrug*....I kinda liked the idea? You'd be familiar with the ship, familiar with the stops and what not. I don't know. Have any of you ever done it multiple times and enjoyed it (or NOT enjoyed it?) Thoughts?
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I would do the Pride again and again and I hate the ports she stops at, but for me it is the ship, not the ports. The more sea days the better.
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Out of what will be my 10th time on the Glory I have done them all multiple times. First 2 were a 5 day same itinerary. Next one was a little different - a 6 day. Then 4-10 have been the same Eastern or Western.
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We've done the same ship twice now but yes I'd love to do the same ship and same cruise for the same reasons you mentioned.
Our first cruise was to Alaska (we live in North Carolina). I felt like we stumbled the whole time and I would love to do it again more prepared.
I have several friends who have done the same ports and same ship and they like it.
We are doing two of the same ports on our next cruise that we did last time. One is Cozumel. I want to do the exact same excursion there again (Mr. Sanchos) because I enjoyed it so much. I also want to catch Margaritaville OPEN since it was closed last time. I'm a trainer so I am always looking for lessons learned and I think that's why a second cruise appeals to me!
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Yes, I've done the Fascination and Sensation numerous times since I am so close to each port.
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Absolutely! I've done in multiple times.
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Majority of my days are on Imagination. It’s a convenient itinerary in a convenient location. I’m there to relax mostly, so the ship’s attractions themselves rarely interest me.

It’s kind of nice having a home away from home.
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We did the same cruise on the Carnival Paradise 2 years in a row because it fit the best with school breaks. I'd go again. We've done the same itinerary from New Orleans twice as well, but the ships were different. I'm sure you'll have fun, it's a cruise after all.
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We did the NCL Escape two years in a row. Same ports and nearly the same dates a year apart in line with Spring Break. Like others have said, we found new things to do on the ship and in port. In some respect, if you can, I think you'd be a fool not to if you left having a great time BUT I wish I'd tried that or gone there instead, etc. Three times in a row might be a bit much though.
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Yes, did Paradise twice. Great price at the time, loved the ship, Tampa being really easy to get to and didn't want to the Bahamas. Did Grand Cayman and Cozumel both times.
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If it makes sense for our schedule and budget, sure. We sailed on NCL Sky twice, in 2009 and 2010 and just finished our second cruise on Pride (first sailing was in 2012)(although we did get a new port this time on Pride since she now calls on Princess Cays).
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Pretty much all of my cruises thus far have been to the same ports of call and on the same ship (or class of ship).

I still have a good time every time.

You're in port for so little time, to us the ship is the vacation. The ports of call are just a plus. If I wanted to really visit these places, I'd fly there and stay longer than 5 hours.
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We did it! We sailed the NCL Getaway in January 2017, and fell in love in love with the ship and Freestyle Cruising, went home and booked again for the following year. We sailed it again in January 2018 with other family members along also. My next cruise is the Carnival Breeze for March 2019, and then I need to plan a family cruise for our 50th Anniversary for March 2020. Looking at the RCCL Liberty of the Seas, but if we love the Breeze, maybe we will repeat that one. I want a ship that appeals to everyone.

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No it's a different ship we're going on the triumph but we're getting ready to do the same ports of call and I'm thinking about changing due to we didn't really care for Yucatan Progreso
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Not the same itineraries, (although we wouldn't hesitate) but we've been on the Magic 3 times, the Freedom twice, and the Dream twice. We have another cruise planned on both the Magic and the Freedom. You're not crazy, go for it! Lol
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