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Horizon / Live / Solo - Sep 21-29-2019

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I had finally made it to the restaurant that I had planned on visiting... Hopefully it would be good. Hopefully, it would make up for my failure at my adventure not so adventure yesterday...


The first course was a causa, or something like that. It was layers of potato, crab, avocado, with octopus on top.





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Back to Aruba now... One thing that's really big in Peruvian cuisine is ceviche... This one featured mussels, fish, octopus, scallops, and apparently, one shrimp right on top...



There are also onions, and two different types of corn. One crispy and the other I believe may have been hominy...





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I really wanted to swim in the ocean... I had come all this way, and still hadn't done it yet. I don't swim in pools or anything like that, but give me a lake, or a river, or an ocean, and I'm in... I know this sounds diametrically opposed to my extreme ocd, but hey, I'm an enigma... I went back towards the beach, and of course I had to take my shoes off again. I usually just try to find an honest looking couple to watch my bag, but I know people feel weird about that. I did find some unoccupied loungers with umbrellas. I walked over and asked the guy renting the chairs if it would be cool to just leave my stuff there for awhile. I wasn't trying to get a free chair, I just wanted my stuff up off the sand and in some shade if possible. He had no problem with it, and minutes later I was swimming in the cool, calm, and beautiful blue water... I stayed out for a good while. I thought about life and stuff and for a minute, thought about nothing at all... I really don't want to go back home to work and traffic and all the other crap that comprises my life back there...


I could stay in the Caribbean forever, but I don't have the money to pick up and start all over again... I would be heading home soon, another year older, and still not really happy at all about my life. Anyhoo, that's my fiftieth birthday in a nutshell... Back to dinner!


I don't really eat dessert, so I ordered another appetizer. Arancini... I think it's fried risotto?



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Pretty soon, I knew that I would have to start heading back to the ship. Our on board time was 3:30, and it was about 2:45... I dried off and walked up to the little beach side bar to rinse off my feet. Of course, after I do this, in every direction was more sand... I just tried to tread as lightly as I could, and tried to get most of it off with my Carnival beach towel. I got as much as I could, then I just put my slightly sandy feet inside my shoes and walked to the road. I found a driver, and said I was going back to the port. He said $15... I told him I paid $5 to get here. He said that, well I must've gotten a deal... I went to the next guy, who also said $15. I walked away, and he said $12... I told him I would just go to the bus stop.


I started walking, and remember, it's about 3:00 by now... Still, I'm not paying $15 for a ten minute ride. Pretty soon, a bis approached as I was walking. He honked the horn, and I raised my hand. Next thing I know, I'm on the bus heading back towards the ship.



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2 hours ago, sid_9169 said:


I came across this pelican, and he didn't seem to be bothered by my presence at all... I was about three feet from him when I took this picture. I could have gotten closer, but I didn't know if he might attack me.



Then I came across another pelican. Same thing, he just stood there... I tell ya, they're some pretty brave birds... Or, maybe they're not scared cause they could peck someone's eye out or something...






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1 hour ago, sid_9169 said:

I wanted to put my shoes back on, but of course they were covered in sand... I found some shade, and I pulled out a bunch of handy wipes, and tried to get all the sand off... It really wasn't going so well. I finally just decided to go ahead and put them on. There was no way possible that I was going to make it on that hot asphalt.

Put a small thing of baby powder in your survival kit. Takes all the sand off instantly. 

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Hi all!


Wishing you many happy healthy returns of the day, Sid! Happy 50th.🎂

Your pictures are making me wish I had a Carnival cruise booked before Feb. 2021!!

I love their food choices. I mainly sail NCL which I will in 16 more days. I can hardly wait!!


~ Jo ~ 😊



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I like to give people names when I'm on the ship. You've already heard about Captain's hat guy and four wheel drive tattoo lady. Right now, next to me at Alchemy is ZZ Top beard guy... I mean it's all the way down past his waistline...

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