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The while-we-wait-for-river-cruises photo quiz


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Let us play a game! Relieve the boredom and frustration about not cruising. Relive memories and look forward to your next river cruise with photos of past cruising and future cruises - booked, planned or hoped for. This means everyone can play with a photo of a place they have been to or a photo of a place that they would like to go to.


Here is how it works, that means my suggestions for the rules.


Name what is in the photo. First guess the river. After that name the town/city/place. The poster should say how precise an answer they want. You can post any photo of a place on a river or cnanal navigable by river cruise ships anywhere in the world. I would include in that the few inland bodies of water that are suitable. You can make it as easy or hard as you like. Perhaps not too obscure...


The prize: the one who guesses the place right gets to post the next photo!


If you want you can immediately say: I know, I know, it is ...! I have been there!


If after let us say a few days nobody can get it right, post a clue or tell us directly. Then you can go again with another photo and the others will try to name what is in that photo.


Hope to keep this going during the long winter days. Quite a few rivers to explore, so many photo ops.


Oh, yes, when someone has guessed right, and you announce the winner, perhaps tell us a little story around the photo.


"Intermittent comments" welcome :classic_smile:. Keep it fun and not too strict.


I will start off with my photo. Please guess the river you think this might be on:








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21 minutes ago, QueenofEverything said:

Danube, Budapest?


Yes, congratulations! 🎆 


It is the statue of Venus and Amor in the Gellert Baths. I had no idea what I wanted to see in Budapest before my river cruise. My late aunt loved Budapest and Hungary as a whole, so my travel companion and me where excited about going. We checked out the sights online, especially the baths and decided, yes, the Gellert Baths we have to see! We did not have a swim but purchased some stuff, among other things I got a bath towel and a fridge magnet has been on my freezer door ever since.


QueenOfEverything, your go.




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8 minutes ago, Roz said:

Well then, a Cathedral somewhere in Europe. 🤣


6 minutes ago, QueenofEverything said:



Too bad – I was hoping it was a hotel room in Rome, and available at a good price!  [and it must be time to take my meds...]

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1 hour ago, knoxclone said:



Yes!  It is the beautiful pipe organ at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Passau. (Honorable mention to dogs4fun who stated the river and church,  I'll let notamermaid decide who won)


We took a wonderful Danube Christmas Markets cruise and Passau was one of my favorite places.  The market was naturally smaller, but the people were so so friendly and welcoming.  They really shared the Christmas Joy!  Plus, you have the added delight of Simon's and their delicious gingerbread and chocolates! 

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10 minutes ago, QueenofEverything said:

(Honorable mention to dogs4fun who stated the river and church,  I'll let notamermaid decide who won)


Glad to read you are all having fun. Queenofeverything, please, you decide if you want to be strict or go with the first one who mentions the town. I just thought it might be easiest to go via river then town. If one knows the town immediately, that is good.





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Nice idea Notamermaid, over on the Australian and New Zealand page we have a game going as well "Where was I?" - started mid August. It is not my game but in mid September we had covered almost 60 countries around the world - visited many oceans/rivers, national parks, heritage sites. I have no idea what we would be up to know but there are 175 pages now.

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