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Millenium bus accident


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I am so sorry! I did not realize that there were additional pictures..i wouldn't have posted the link!


One of those additional pictures shows them apparently pulling a body from the bus. If you read the caption it is not from this accident but from a bus accident in Turkey last week.

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Wonder if they had a blowout or something. Probably do not have as many guard rails there as we have here in the mountains.


I have always wanted to cruise South America. Looks like a beautiful country. How awful it must be for the passengers and family on that Millenium cruise!

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Horrible news, I imagine the trip home will be somber and different.

In reading the story it indicates that it wasn't a ship affiliated tour. I'll be interested to see if it changes the way the issue is handled. I've never even considered it, but do you release all liability when you go on a ship sponsored excursion? I would assume it’s in your docs somewhere that they aren't responsible for anything at all. Most corporations would do something to make sure it’s handled appropriately - I just wonder if it will be different because they didn't book it.

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My mother in law is from Santiago and my husband was born there. I just called him with the news and we are both deeply saddened and praying for the families of those who lost their lives in this tragic accident. We were interested in taking this very cruise with my husbands parents. Instead we're doing a different itinerary in September. Mary

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That is so sad. My thoughts and prayers will also be with them. Hopefully then can find the strength and support to get through this so far from home.

And to the other passengers on the cruise-I say a prayer for them too. A couple years ago my parents went to Vegas for their anniversary. They were going to do a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. Well, my dad was a little too hung over from a late night of "gambling" - so they changed their 10am tour to the 3pm tour. The 10am tour crashed killing all of those on board. It left us all stunned and in the "what if" phase for a while. I'm sure those passengers on that cruise ship are all in the "could have been me" thought too. It's very sad for everyone.

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First let me say that this is tragic and my heart goes out to the victims and there families. :(


That being said, standby for another round of cruise bashing by the media.


Duck, I was thinking the same thing....it's almost funny because no one will 'bus' bash....:rolleyes:


This is devastating. The Celebrity boards have a list of CC members that are on the ship. I pray none were on this excursion.

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Updated story that reports driver swerved to avoid a collision and lost control of the 16 passenger (capacity) bus.


I didn't post the link because I was concerned about linking to the picture that is included in the story and referenced within the story--hope that its ok to just copy the text here.


Our prayers go with the survivors and also the families of the others.







Bus Crash Kills 12 American Tourists

Mar 22, 9:34 PM (ET)




(AP) Chilean police officers inspect a bus crashed in the highlands of northern Chile near Arica 2,000...

Full Image


SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) - A bus carrying cruise ship tourists plunged 300 feet down a mountainside in northern Chile Wednesday, killing 12 Americans, U.S. and Chilean officials said.


Two other U.S. tourists and two Chileans - the driver and the tour guide - were hospitalized in serious condition following the crash along a rugged highway near the Pacific port city of Arica, 1,250 miles north of Santiago, said Juan Carlos Poli, an Arica city hall spokesman.


"We have confirmed that all the victims were American citizens," Poli told the Associated Press by telephone from the hospital.


The tourists were returning to Celebrity Cruises' ship Millennium, docked in Arica, from an excursion to nearby Lauca National Park.


The driver reported that he lost control of the bus while swerving to avoid a truck approaching on a collision course, Poli said. The bus went off the narrow highway and tumbled down a steep mountainside.


He said the bus, which had a capacity of 16 passengers, "was totally destroyed."


The accident occurred 25 miles northeast of Arica on the road leading deep into the high Andes Mountains, connecting the coast with the Bolivian capital of La Paz.


U.S. Embassy spokesman John Vance, who also confirmed the 12 U.S. deaths, said the embassy was sending consular officers to Arica.


The ship was scheduled to leave for Peru early Thursday, but the departure was postponed in the wake of the accident, police said. He said it isn't clear when it will leave.


A statement by Celebrity Cruises said the tourists were sailing aboard Celebrity Cruises' Millennium, but it was an independent private tour, not affiliated with the cruise line.


The ship was sailing a 14-night South American cruise that departed Valparaiso, Chile, on March 19 and was scheduled to conclude in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on April 2.

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Updated story that reports driver swerved to avoid a collision and lost control of the 16 passenger (capacity) bus.


I didn't post the link because I was concerned about linking to the picture that is included in the story and referenced within the story--hope that its ok to just copy the text here....


Thank you for your sensitivity. Your post is fine.

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I'm a Cunarder and not a regular on your forum but I just had to come to offer my prayers for the families affected by this great tragedy. My heart goes out to them and to the passengers and crew of the Millenium who now share in this terrible loss. I hope all your cruise critic friends are safe. Penny

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Just finished watching CNN with Anderson Cooper, and they showed video from the scene of the accident ,with scattered bodies in full view. I've never seen this type of insensitivity before on the news. It's so unsettling to me. I hope familly members didn't tune into this broadcast. Again, my prayers to and for the families. Mary

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How horrible. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.


Yes, we will hear about the dangers of cruising, not riding in a bus in a foreign country.


In Nassau last July I wondered about our safety. We took a ferry to Pardise Island and we were loaded lilke sardines on the "city ferry". I looked for life vests, and of course, could not see any. Then when we were very full, they had people sit on top of the boat in PLASTIC POOL chairs! ( The chairs were screwed on with "Westlake" 10 cent screws)

I was so glad to reach land!

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That's good news for our Cruise Critic family.


Please note that this is a unique situation for us with Cruise Critic. Please continue to respect the emotions and privacy of those Cruise Critic members who may have been affected by avoiding any and all unfounded speculation.


It's fine to post links to legitimate news source URLs that provide updated information but please do NOT post any speculation such as, "I know that Host Walt talked about how he wanted to go on that excursion so he may be one of those killed."


Thank you all for your great consideration, respect and dignity in your posts in this thread.


Thank you Walt for your consideration and handling of the thread.

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First, I offer my sympathies to the families of those killed and injured in this terrible bus accident.

Second, I offer my sympathies for all the ship's passengers & crew. They will all be sadly affected by this tragedy.


We were on a cruise where a previous trip's passenger had died in a motor-scooter accident in a port. The CD on our cruise warned everyone at every port talk to stick with organized tours & avoid the motor-scooters. He so wanted to avoid anymore tragedies. I know this isn't exactly the same type of accident, but the crew still showed they were grieving over this incident from 10 days/ 2 weeks before. And as some of you have already said... other passengers will carry this in their hearts. All the what if's,... I met them at dinner,... we played Bingo together,... etc.


So very sad....



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I was on the same cruise as Dileep, from Bueno Aires to Santiago; we returned three weeks ago.


I'm feeling quite sick about all of this, but one thing I can say unequivocally: The staff on board Millennium will do everything possible to make the guests feel comfortable and safe. They are some of the nicest, most generous and caring crew and officers I have ever met (even if the Hotel Director was switched in the middle of our cruise).



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Celebrity has established a toll free number for families in the US to call, and for non US family members they are instructed to call Miami collect.


We have been asked not to post the numbers publicly.


John Krousouloudis, VP of Marine Operations is leading a Special Assistance team down to Arica.


Millennium will stay in Arica until further notice.


Millennium was carrying approx 1536 passengers and 920 crew members.

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