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  1. Brent and Lisa Since it stops in Gibraltar - which is not an EU country - there will be no VAT if you wait until the Reflection makes it into international waters. See ya in September. Larry and Nan
  2. Point is that there was no real price drop since presumably your originally booked refundable fare with perks was less that the current refundable fare with perks. What you saw was a newly created zero-perk, non-refundable fare rather than a price drop.
  3. Totally agree with 9105 as the best of those available. We were in the angled balcony cabin 9038 a few years ago and enjoyed it, but thus know that 9040, 9042 and 9045 are still available because the window cleaning equipment is often parked in front of them!
  4. Booked an Aqua cabin on Millennium for July 2020 at less than a balcony on Princess - with 2 perks. X still sometimes a good deal.
  5. Have a wonderful cruise! Love Edmonton - visited there for a few days prior to taking the train to Vancouver with a stop in Jasper. Only problem was the 15 hour train delays! Enjoy
  6. My apologies to the OP - this is the first I have heard of this change in policy - is it now fleetwide?
  7. The doors to the cabin hallways are closed and off limits to passengers until the announcement is made.
  8. Celebrity Special Needs may be able to help. Another source is the info on cruisedeckplans.com. It includes pictures of the insides of some of the cabins which often show how the bed is oriented. From cabins that have such identifiable bed positions, you can then deduce the orientations of other cabins since cabins are paired with alternating orientations.
  9. Deck 5 port side is one of the smoking areas, so you might wish to stay on the starboard side for that reason. 6238 in not an obstructed view cabin per se. If you look directly downward you will see the walkway of deck 5 and the bow of a smaller lifeboat; but every midship or aft cabin not on the flat portion of the hump has the same downward view of the deck 5 walkway, or a view of the top of a large lifeboat - which is not the case with your cabin.
  10. Agreed - much better to spend your time getting the most out of your beverage package 😎
  11. No Royal 2020 cruises to Glacier Bay scheduled yet. Perhaps to be granted in 2020 for use in 2021?
  12. Nanci and Harley Neither of you have mentioned anything about the fact that both 9070 and 9112 are A2 Aqua Class cabins with Blu as your designated dining restaurant for dinner (also open for breakfast.} If the Blu Restaurant is important to you, please be aware that the cabins on lower decks are NOT Aqua Class cabins and unless you were to upgrade to a Suite, your assigned dining area would be the Main Dining Room rather than the dedicated Blu Restaurant. If you wish to remain in an Aqua Class cabin, but avoid being under the overhang from deck 10, your only alternative would be to upgrade to an A1 cabin on deck 11 aft assuming any of them are still available. The deck 11 cabins have open balconies without any cover, so you can look straight up to the sky, but thus also have no shade. No matter what, enjoy your cruises. Sorry, just realized that this is an old thread from 2010 that WI replied to - hope your cruises were in fact enjoyable.
  13. Unfortunately, I believe the free saunas in the men's and women's changing rooms are no longer there after the addition of 13 new A1 cabins on deck 10 forward starboard (the changing rooms appear to be less than half the size of what they used to be.) The LLP doth taketh away!
  14. Just to clarify, you can rebook at any time up to your official final payment date - even if you chose to make your final payment earlier.
  15. Agree that there is no wrap around either the front or back and that it is easy to cut through inside to complete the loop. But note that the Theatre is at front of the ship rather than the back. Restaurants are at the back.
  16. Keep the cheap bottled water on the counter top, but not the premium water in the mini-bar.
  17. Suggest you check your credit card providers and see if at least one of them has a zero foreign currency exchange fee. You can also use your debit card in ATMs to get local currency. Some financial institutions waive ATM fees if the ATM is in the VISA network and some have 1% or less foreign currency exchange fees.
  18. My old company used to have a raft float party on the Chattahoochee every year. A lot of giant squirt guns! And of course beer!
  19. Gratuities for 7-night are $203 per cabin for up to a standard balcony cabin. So $503 vs. $532. Even if you could care less about the wifi or beverage package and were to choose OBC and gratuities, the additional $14.50 pp is a cheap way to move from NR to R - certainly much less than previous NR vs. R differentials.
  20. Agree that is generally the case. But I got to thinking that it might be different for shorter cruises since the value per night of $150 OBC increases as number of nights decrease. Found that for some 5-night cruises (e.g. 1/3/20 Infinity) the cost difference between NR 0-perk and R 2-perks is only $190 pp for both inside and at least the cheapest balcony versus the value of $150 OBC and $72.50 Gratuities = $222.50; a savings of $32.50 pp. And of course there is the added value of R vs. NR.
  21. Looking back at prices in September 2018 for my September 2019 cruise for both 1B and A2, refundable fares were about 105% of non-refundable fares ($150 difference for 1B and $200 for A2.) So as a rule of thumb, you might consider 105% of your non-refundable 0 perk fare as an estimate of a refundable 0 perk fare. You could then look at the difference between your refundable 2 perk fare and the estimated refundable 0 perk fare and see whether or not your value received for OBC and Gratuities would be greater than that difference. As an example, when I looked on April 4, the Reflection 13N TA on October 20, 2020 had an A2 non-refundable 0 perk fare of $2805 and A2 refundable 2 perk fare of $3299. Using 105% of $2805 = $2945 as the estimate for a refundable 0 perk fare, the difference for 2 perks would be $3299 - $2945 = $354. Gratuities of $195 (13 x $15) + $150 OBC would have only a value of $345 which would not be justified by the $354 estimated cost of 2 perks. Perhaps your cruise will have better numbers! One other thought is that you might find the value of the Classic Beverage Package to be worth more than the $150 OBC if you enjoy several specialty coffees per day. Three of them would have an alternative cost of about $18 including gratuities so 13x$18 = $234! Happy cruising.
  22. I could be wrong, but it is my understanding that Prestige Select is $59.95 per day and House Select is $39.95 per day; and since House Select is included when you choose it with Olife, then the upgrade to Prestige should be $20.00 per day.
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