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  1. I chose would not take it and none of the above for 2 & 3 because 2 had no option to say no preference for a ship for suites since having never been in a suite I have no basis for a preference.
  2. Which makes the M-class CC & AQ cabins slightly smaller than the regular cabins on S-class.
  3. Just a minor correction. You can have your TA change your reservation to a different cruise and retain your rights to an on-board-booking bonus OBC; however the amount of the bonus OBC will depend on the cabin class and cruise duration of the new cruise and can increase, decrease or remain the same.
  4. Yeah, we were in a similar cabin with the same largest balconies on the slant and found the two loungers and two chairs a bit of a space challenge. But we enjoyed both the chairs at the table for drinks & room-service food and the loungers for relaxation, so found ways to work around this "first world" problem. Glad you had an enjoyable cruise.
  5. In my opinion, there is no difference between paying for the package along with the associated gratuities or receiving the perk as part of an increase base cost of your cruise. I have no way of knowing whether or not Celebrity provides the same share of the associated gratuity to their staff for both purchased and perk packages; but it they choose to share differently then that is between the company and their employees. I provide the same additional tips to my frequent bartenders regardless of whether it is a purchase or a perk.
  6. Yes, you can use the package for the Tuscan Grille for all 3 nights. With the package you cannot make reservations until you are on board. I do not recommend the 3-night package unless you are able to get it when it is on sale. At $43 per night it is only $2 less than the standard $45 price. Since you wish to book your reservations before boarding, just book Tuscan online through your cruise Planner at the regular price and reserve the days and times of your choice.
  7. We ate in Murano twice in September on the Reflection. The first evening wife and I shared the Chateaubriand and I also ordered the lobster. The second evening I was debating between ordering the lobster again or having the veal entree instead. My helpful waiter suggested I have both!
  8. Definitely agree with all of the above. But in addition, if there is a specific cabin you are interested in, you can temporarily lock it in by placing an online 24-hour hold on that cabin without any risk and subsequently talk to your TA or PCC about it.
  9. Did not say it makes much sense - just that it's not about the OBC. Speaking of OBC, I guess it's really a net of $870 to protect $900 🤔
  10. I would recommend a land excursion up to Denali plus the south-bound one-way cruise that goes to both Hubbard Glacier and Glacier Bay rather than the RT that visits 3 of the same ports.
  11. You keep talking about the "free" $200 OBC, but it's really about the fact that they have dramatically bumped up the cost of Non-Refundable vs. Refundable.
  12. You definitely misread the website - per their website each elite is entitled to: Two complimentary pressed items One complimentary dry clean item One discounted bag of laundry (wash, dry, fold) for cruises of 12 nights or more Complimentary bag of laundry (wash/dry/fold) So you will have 2 free bags per cabin regardless of the cruise length.
  13. The Main Dining Room is open for Concierge Cabin passengers for lunch.
  14. Problem is, those half dozen are the desirable locations that will probably be booked before the guarantees are assigned!
  15. Celebrity, at least their future cruise staff, have no problem with booking a placeholder cruise. When we told their staff that was what we wished to do, they quickly found the furthest out cruise for us to book.
  16. Glad you and your parents had a great experience despite the diversion.
  17. Have never had the opportunity to use two FCCs, so do not know if or when there was a change in policy. However, for anyone considering purchasing a FCC as you did, I recommend instead simply booking a placeholder cruise. When new cruises are released, you can simply transfer your placeholder reservation to an actual cruise of interest without losing any on-board booking bonus OBC. Then if you happen to receive a FCC as compensation for a problem on a previous cruise you can apply that FCC to the new reservation without any FCC stacking.
  18. Doubt very much that Future Cruises would have any pre-release info. Just book a place-holder cruise to get the on-board-booking bonus OBC and then at home have the reservation transferred to your actual cruise of interest on the 26th.
  19. Similarly, if your group does go to the theater, only one person should go up on the stage - just need to take all of the group's tickets with you to get everyone stickers for the same bus.
  20. You can also get a burger, hotdog and/or fries at the Mast Grill or some light fare at the Spa Cafe - all included in your cruise fare.
  21. Couldn't you have gotten both the $150 on-board booking bonus OBC and your TA's 2 bottles and $200 OBC by first booking on board and second transferring the reservation to your TA?
  22. Having dinner at the Tuscan Grille on the Reflection last month we had a beautiful view of a pod of dolphins jumping in the wake as we left Cadiz.
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