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  1. No. Celebrity counts each portion of a b2b as a completely separate cruise.
  2. No one can really answer that without knowing what you paid and how much upgrading is without moving up. If you do a mock booking to see how much Aqua would be versus what you paid, you’ll get a decent idea as to whether it’s a good deal to use move up or just upgrade.
  3. Agree with chemmo. Not all suites get a reach out from the shoreside concierge. Don’t worry at all if you don’t. Anything they would do, can be done be the Retreat concierge or the butler once your parents get onboard.
  4. The fact that Blu is a restaurant for Aqua passengers has nothing to do with her question. Celebrity often holds events in spaces outside their normal use times. Blu would be nice because of all the light. Tuscan Grille would also be nice overlooking the ships wake.
  5. I always take the posts complaining about ship conditions with a grain of salt. Rust happens on a ship. Railings get dull. I read the post concerning Eclipse and I must have been on an alternate Celebrity Eclipse ship for my 2 week cruise this last November as I thought it was in great shape and wouldn’t hesitate to go in her again. Staff were constantly cleaning and making sure everything was tip top. You can find something on even the newest shops if you want to.
  6. On sailings from the UK, Australia, and NA (maybe a few others) Celebrity adds the gratuity into the price and increases the drink package limit to also include gratuity.
  7. I've only seen the large table in Cellarmasters used for group tastings (wine, whiskey, or scotch), not actual meals.
  8. Two weeks or less is the norm. We’ve been contacted as far out as 8 weeks and up to a week before. Also, some shoreside concierges are way better than others for sending requests to the ship. We’ve had every request sent, some, and sometimes none at all. I know you said you prefer to have it done before, but don’t stress because even if shoreside contacts you, you may still have to go over everything with the butler or retreat manager.
  9. We got off May 6 from Summit and the hot tubs in the Solarium were warm, but no bubbles.
  10. Some airlines do not let you select seats unless you’re ticketed (meaning your ticket is paid for).
  11. I’m sure this is the opposite of many, but I don’t really care to sit by the window in Luminae or Blu. It’s not a clear view out because the windows distort things and after it gets dark, it’s not like you can see anything. Give me the best server any night over a window.
  12. Checkout dayuse.com. I’ve searched for hotels there when we have time like you.
  13. We have used Bodden Tours (boddentours.com) three times in Roatan (which is where I'm assuming you're going in Honduras. They are great to work with and can hire a private driver to take you to any of their options.
  14. You need a new TA because it seems that they are not aware of how it works. Flights by celebrity is an additional line item for the cruise. It adds into the cruise fare to make one total.
  15. You should be able to pay the entire amount with your agent. It’s not a separate payment as ours have been all part of one final amount owed. Once that happens I would call FBC up who should be able to see this and ask for it to be ticketed. They will usually wait until closer to the cruise to ticket, but I don’t like that.
  16. We were on the cruise and had Pratik and Moniek. We also brought along Catan and Splendor to play with our friends. Too bad we didn’t connect for a tournament. And yes, that group was quite loud (we were the ones always sitting at the far end of the banquette where they were).
  17. Good thing you called back. The first agent was wrong. When we've added a 3rd to our room, it's never affected the 1st/2nd passenger pricing.
  18. When we were on Eclipse in November it was $35 for dinner when we brought friends in. Always had been $30 before.
  19. If you booked through a TA, I’ve often found that the email gets sent there. You can call FBC and have them change the email to yours and have them resend.
  20. Actually it depends on a number of factors. You shouldn't have any trouble at all joining them in the MDR if they have select seating. If they are in the fixed time dining, it may be tough for the MDR to add more seats. You should, at a minimum, have your friends request this from the MDR Maitre'd the day before as they would normally be seated at a 6 top. They'd need to have an 8 top available to fit everyone. As for bringing in 5 to Luminae, I've never dreamed of asking for more than 2. There's really only one spot that can accommodate (at least on S class), unless they push together tables. But maybe if you agree to go at 9pm, who knows what they will say. Your level of suite may also come into play (They may give more leeway for the PH than a Sky suite). Dinner was $35 pp for Luminae when we invited friends this past November.
  21. No. She's not been updated. We were just on Eclipse in November and is still looking amazing.
  22. Hi all. We have booked a 14 night in Dec 2024 to go from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso. Some of the cruise goes through Patagonia, which was a major reason we booked. We got an email yesterday with the following info: We're reaching out to inform you that Celebrity Equinox sailings departing December 7, 2024, December 21, 2024, February 15, 2025, and March 1, 2025 have been redeployed due to operational issues in Valparaiso and will now sail round trip from Buenos Aires. They haven’t yet posted the new itineraries. I’m sure they will in the coming days, but I’m curious to know from folks that have done any RT from BA and whether you’ve gone to Patagonia as part of the cruise. It’s a 14 night and I’m not sure if that lends it self to be able to go. I know they do Antarctic, Falkland Islands, Rio, etc from BA, but was curious specifically about Patagonia.
  23. No issues at all with bringing food like that onboard. You may not be able to bring it off, but that should not be a problem as I’d assume you would consume all of it pretty quickly on board v
  24. I posted this a few months back. Avoid the Riu. We went and it was a horrible experience all around. Chair hogs that make cruise ship hogs look like amateurs. Their liquor is below well quality and most are poured out of bottles with masking tape listing what they are. The food was also of low quality. The pool was nice though.
  25. You basically can look up flights from any airport to any airport using Celebrity air's website or phone as long as the flights will get you to the cruise. For example, if you are sailing out of Southhampton, England, you could put Heathrow, but you could also put Paris if you want to fly in a few days early and stay in Paris. Play around with the Flights by Celebrity website to see what makes the most sense for your schedule, the cost, and the timing of flights that Celebrity can offer.
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