"LIVE" from Norwegian SPIRIT / June 5, 2009

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Dallas, Texas
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Radio, I was so excited to see your post! We were on the Spirit in March/April 2009 and loved her. But we have never been to Bermuda and so I am looking forward to your posts about Bermuda. We will be there in October on the Majesty. Bon Voyage, Radio!
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Coral Springs, Florida
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Good to see you Radio and will be watching all week for your excellent reports and pictures.. will you be doing a video? can't wait to see and experience the new pier area .. smooth sailing...

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Hey Radio!!

Be sure to take plenty of pics while in Bermuda!! Remember, our first trip there will be next year

As always, looking forward to *Live* post!!

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I have always enjoyed your live reports. Am looking forward to this week with you. Thanks!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am going in August and can't wait. We are in our very first balcony cabin. This is my 6th cruise with NCL. Have a wonderful time!
Hudson MA
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Hi Radio,

Have a wonderful trip! We will be looking forward to your reports - it is always fun to "Sail" along with you!! We will be boarding her when you return so your reports will just add to our excitement!!

Take Care
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Hello everyone. . This morning in Boston, it is cloudy and cool (61 f), and the forecast is for showers later this afternoon.

I had to find a Starbucks while in Braintree today. There is one very close to the hotel. Thank you thank you !

I should be leaving for Black Falcon Cruise Pier by around 1130 this morning. There shouldn't much much traffic heading to the pier.

I made a video from my trip on Norwegian Majesty last summer to Bermuda. It can be viewed HERE.

I seem to have been sailing with NCL alot recently. My last cruise was with Norwegian Gem (March 2009). That video can be viewed HERE .

I will post again once onboard ! Thanks for tuning in. . .

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I am so looking forward to reading your Live reports. We are die hard RCCL trying NCL Spirit in June 2010. Have done a land vacation to Bermuda but never a cruise. Can't wait to read about your trip...
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Summerville, SC
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Oh boy! We're cruising with Radio again!

Its like getting a cruise for free!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by weary traveler
Good to see you Radio and will be watching all week for your excellent reports and pictures.. will you be doing a video? can't wait to see and experience the new pier area .. smooth sailing...

Paul, the new pier area (Heritage Wharf) is very attractive and the facilities in the entire Dockyard area have been noticeably upgraded over the past year or two. You should notice a tremendous improvement with the replacement of the Majesty with the Spirit, and while it isn't RCI or the Jewel, it is a very enjoyable cruise experience on a very attractive ship. Casino was actually very rewarding towards the end of the week, not that this information would be of much interest to you.LOL
Evansville, IN
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We are leaving Sept 4 th on the Spirit. Looking forward to your reports
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can't wait!

when are you on the Pride in November?? We're on the 11/29 sailing! Would be neat if you're on that one too!
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illegitmi non carborundum kmt
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Hello everyone ! I made it onboard. . . . I left the hotel right at 1130AM, and made a short drive (10 mi) up to the Terminal.

There wasn’t much traffic. There is a parking garage that is about a block away from the Terminal ($15/Day). There are many police officers to show you where to go and what to do.

As previous reviews reported from other CC members, there was a long line to wait in to get your luggage checked in. I am not much for waiting in lines so I decided to just bring my luggage in the terminal and get is x-rayed there. I was able to carry my own luggage on board. I only had 1 bag, and a small roll-on, so it wasn’t any trouble.

I was onboard by a little after 1PM. I dropped off my luggage, and grabbed a bite to eat. My first opinion of Norwegian Spirit is “Very Classy”. I can’t wait to tour the whole ship, and will have many photos to share with Cruise Critic.

I toured this ship while it was in New York last summer, but it seems that I must have missed a lot. When you are sailing on a ship you get a better “feel” than if you are just getting a 2 hour tour. There is so much to see. This should be a fun week !

We will be sailing away at 4PM, and I must get to the Muster Drill by 330PM.
I will try to get some photos from our sail away later tonight.

Here are a few pics from my arrival! Thanks for tuning in . . .


Norwegian Spirit and Black Falcon cruise Terminal (From the Garage)

The Luggage Line was very long. . .

The Terminal was packed

I am almost onboard. . .

I made it !

Lets get this ship packed up. . .We are ready for Bermuda ! !

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Winston-Salem, NC
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I have been looking forward to your cruise as soon as I saw that you were going on another one.
The ship looks very nice. I can't wait to see more of your pictures of her. If you have any looking back at the Boston port, can you post one or two of them?
Thank you so much for allow all of us to cruise "virtually" with you. It's the next best thing to being there.
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Boston, MA
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Glad to see you're live posts from the ship. Am excited to see what else you've got to tell/show us.

I'm going to Alaska 6/20 on the NCL Star. I won't be able to do live posts from my cruise like you're doing, but on port days when I'm not paying crazy data charges on my phone I might be able to post some things to my blog. I love your idea of "posting live from."

Can't wait to see more.
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Alaska: NCL Star 6/20/2009
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Hi Radio!
We're sailing 7/24/09 on the Spirit to Bermuda and I have been soooo excited! Now I feel like I'm going with you! Enjoy! I will be waiting anxiously for more...more...and more! Sue