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Hi we are looking for a river cruse or small ship cruise.
We would like one that has evening entertainment and pool but more daytime sailing. Rather than night sailing and all day in port as we are not that keen on guided tours.
Any advice appreciated.
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I have had over 20 river cruises on 4 continents and multiple small ships (which to me means less than 50 passengers [certainly less than 100]) on 3 continents. One factor in the relatively high costs of these cruises is the usually included tours; you don't have to take the tours but you will still be paying for them. Some rivers have no nighttime sailing due to lack of navigational aids. Rivers that come to mind with daytime only cruising are Douro, Irrawaddy and Zambezi. Amazon and Nile have night traffic, but cruising is generally daytime only. Even with daytime only cruising, there will still be extensive daytime stops for tours. Evening entertainment is usually limited, and most people are asleep by 11.
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TravelerThom is right on target about river/small cruises. These trips as on large ocean trips are port oriented. You might want to look into barge travels in either France or the UK.
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Thanks guys just returned from a southern France river cruse that was all nightime sailing and double berthing so slightly spoilt as we didn't enjoy full days in ports as trips were mainly walking for 2 hours plus.
So just fancied more sailing