"LIVE" from Carnival Splendor -April 2, 2014

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Hello everyone! I am very happy that tomorrow morning I will be sailing from New York City on Carnival Splendor. This winter has been very cold, and it will be nice to get away for 8 nights for the Bahamas. We will be visiting Port Canaveral, Nassau, and Freeport. This is the same itinerary as I just sailed on Carnival Pride in January 2014. This cruise has an extra sea day, and I am very happy to be sailing for 8 nights.

Carnival Splendor was built in 2008 and is a one of a kind for “Splendor Class” She was originally designed for Costa Cruises but during construction she was transferred to Carnival. This ship was the largest ship in the Carnival fleet before Carnival Dream (2009)

This is my first sailing on Carnival Splendor and I will be looking forward to seeing her first hand. I have read many reviews and watched many videos about her public areas and cabins. This is the ship that lost power in 2010 while on a cruise from Long beach, CA. This is also the first ship to introduce the new “Seuss at Sea” affiliation for Carnival Cruise Lines. . .

My “LIVE” post will include daily commentary of my views while onboard. I will try to have photos posted daily of various ship views, public areas, and cabins. I really hope the Royal Flush Casino will be Radio “friendly”. Of course my posting will be dependent on my ability to maintain a valid wireless connection. I have read that the connections have been very fast . . .

This winter has been very cold and snowy here in Maryland, and I could really use a relaxing Cruise. . . Sit back, and relax . . .This should be a fun Cruise !
I thing I might be able to make a stop at Starbucks on the way the to the Manhattan Cruise terminal in the morning. . .

Thanks for tuning in . . .


Carnival Splendor

©Carnival Cruise Lines

Seaside Theater at the Splendido Pool

©Carnival Cruise Lines

Seuss at Sea should be fun !

©Carnival Cruise Lines

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looking forward to meeting you onboard!!

also looking forward to reading your review once I get back!
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BON VOYAGE! We have sailed Splendor twice and are going again in May! Have a BLAST!
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We have been on the Splendor last April and November and going back this April.Would love to know what movies they are showing and how the piano bar is.

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I know you will have a great time, and I am looking forward to being there with you from my desk at work!
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Enjoy your cruise on the Splendor!! Looking forward to your "live" reports!!
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Looking forward to your review!

We are sailing 4/10/14 when you get back

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Yes! Another Live Radio thread! Can't wait for the rest of this!
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I am looking forward to your review, Radio. We will be going on the Splendor in May - different itinerary but I am totally going to enjoy your review.
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Hooray, I'm subscribing! 25 days to go until it's my turn!
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I'll be on too i hope 1 of the movies is The Monster That Devoured Cleveland
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My first Carnival experience was so much fun that I had to do it again!

Just sailed on the February 13 and March 17 sailings. Had a great time on both but a better time on the second one due to the wonderful mix of people that kept me laughing for 8 days.

I was almost going to do the April 2 as well but figured I needed a break.! I would like to sail once more from NY before Splendor leaves from there...

Looking forward to LIVE...I'll be there once again in spirit!!!!!

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Can't wait to read another of your very interesting reviews!
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Safe travels, excited to read another "live" report. Be interesting to know how Carnival has changed (for the better) after all the issues they have had. We live up north so know all about cold winter but we have to wait till Oct to travel south.
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Originally posted by disneyfan68
Looking forward to your review!

We are sailing 4/10/14 when you get back

Hi disneyfan - I will be on the Splendor with you!
I am super excited to go someplace hot.
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Love the Splendor! Looking forward to your review. Have a great cruise!
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Excited for another great Radio "LIVE" review!
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